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Push vs Drag Technique

The push vs drag technique is the position that you hold the weld gun relative to the weld puddle. It is one of the many tips and tricks for welding steel.

Push Technique vs Dragging Technique

Push it to the limit!

This technique usually is the one that makes a good looking weld. I would recommend this technique to you if you are a mig welder. This is not what you should do, it is more of like a option. You could do either technique with mig. I usually tend to do both because I maybe welding steel with a gap that lets say maybe an eighth wide. Mainly the pushing technique works best for me, and I like doing it that way!

Dragging Technique vs Pushing Technique

When someone ever uses the dragging technique it means you would have a narrow bead, but it would have more buildup. Although it gives you deeper penetration, and that is good, it would not be the best looking bead around. I have made tons of weld beads doing the dragging technique. So it does not take a pro in doing this altough you could become with practice.

Push or drag?

This is a very good question and you should know which should be done on what. Most maybe asking what is the best to do? Well there are many things that should be considered like flux core. With flux core you should be dragging at all times. The reason is because flux includes slag. With mig it is more like a either or thing, so it really do not matter.

I hope this answer your all questions you may have about the push and drag technique on the welding steel tips and tricks website! Feel free to comment and share! Thanks!

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Tools Used In Welding

Here I will let you in on some tools used in welding on the welding steel tips and tricks website! So what tools do I need to start welding is a question some people really ask themselves then later on they are in search of an answer to it. There are many tools used in welding today. Many stubble this question of what I need for welding? They maybe totally new to welding. They may want to know how to weld for the most part. They may want to know the tools that are used in the process. Whatever it maybe I can definitely help you!

The first tool you may need as a welder is your welding hood of course. The hood provides a lot of benefits so do take it lightly. It can be used in all processes of welding. So take your time and choose a great looking welding hood. It maybe the best decision you make today.

The next tool you may definitely be needing is a tape measure. Do not go buy some duck tape. It will not hold together what you maybe welding. So you maybe thinking now that I would be, not using a tape measure. What would I need with a tape measure? Well as a welder you will be measuring a lot of things. How do you measure up to that? You will be required to know your measurements.

Another tool you may need is a square. No , I am talking about a square as in 90 degree angle, not a newport or square box. I am talking about a square in which you check to see if everythings squares up or straight 90 degrees. A square looks like a L-shaped ruler for those who do not know.

The last tool I am going to talk about in this article is a wire brush. That is right, a brush with wires. you may not want to brush your hair with this brush. This kind of brush cleans the weld. It is a very strong brush and it really works wonders on what it brush. I must warn you it is not for personal use!

These tools I just went over are needed in most of the welding processes. They are just a few and are not all of them. You may need more. It depends on what you are welding and what kind of welding you are doing. Remember to continue to check my articles out. I will be producing quality conteent. So be alert! I hope these welding steel tips and tricks helped!

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