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How to stop pinholes in mig welding!

I always wanted to know how to stop pinholes in mig welding and also learn welding tips and tricks for steel. Mainly because I mig weld more than anything. I once thought it was the fan, but then I realized that it was not only the fan. There are many things that can contribute to pinholes. The fan is only one of those things. I am going to give you one of my  free methods that I use later on in this post.


First of all pinholes are unacceptable in any weld. So if you have a pinhole in your weld, you have a defect in your weld. You should fix that right away. I for one usually grind my weld down level to the base metal. I then put another weld on top of it. If this does not work and you are still getting pinholes after you done that, you should remove the weld altogether. If you are still getting a pinhole, there is not much you can do about that. This is one way how to stop pinholes in mig welding.


welding pinholesThere is simply something in the metal that is causing those pinholes. Now when I weld, I do not get as many pinholes I used to get. I learned and I created methods on how to do things when welding. I am going to share one of them with you also. That is about all that I have for now on pinholes. Check out one of my free methods below.



Sometimes when I am welding when I see a pinhole forming while I am welding, I move the puddle back over that pinhole and when I am done there is no pinhole. This method should work because I know the tips and tricks on welding steel!

Simply use this below to cover pinholes!

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