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Women Welding Boots

There are some women welding boots for you if you are looking for a good pair. Since men welding boots are not the idea boots for you. Since women are welding there should be a comfortable pair for her as well. Although women feet are smaller and not as rough as men feet are, women still find a way to get things done. So I will include some images of boots for you and you can click on the image of the boots to see more details.

women welding boots







A lot of women are looking for some style while still having that same protection as regular welding boots. You may also be looking for a pair of ankle boots and still had no luck finding them. All you probably want is that and if a pair of boots are comfortable that would be a plus!

women welding boots1






If they came with a zipper then that would be like a dream come true! Well there is a pair of boots that has all that and more. Introducing The Rampage Women’s Welding Ankle Boots! You can read some of the reviews for these boots if you would like. A lot of women really like them. Besides I really think that they are really cute! So if you like them you should get them.

review of boots
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Well if you are looking for a pair of boots that are easy to just slip on. You can check out Giant Romeo Slip – On Boots. They are made of leather and they are suppose to fit your feet well. They are long lasting and provide good protection for your feet. Most of the time I get tired of sitting down or bending over and tying my boots. Not to mention that your strings in your boots burn. If you are a welder you would know exactly what I am talking about.

Somehow my zipper boots came up missing and I do not know where they are. That is kind of funny right now though because I have to deal with the boots with the strings. My next pair I hope to have a pair of zipper boots though. There is a review for the boots I am talking about below. So now you have a choice between two great work boots. What will your choice be? Feel free to look around welding steel tips and tricks website for more cool stuff! If you have any questions leave them below.

You can find them on Amazon
or just click on the image below!

A Work Home Internet Opportunity

There is a work home internet opportunity for all of you and everyone looking on the welding steel tips and tricks website will get to see it! I know I have shared a lot of interesting things on welding to a lot of people. I hoped that I gave you all some good tips! Now I want to give you all something else that would really help if you need some extra cash on the side. I know that even a person working a full time job still may need additional help.


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So I want to get straight to the point and let you all know that you could make $600 month after month with this opportunity. How if I added this, that you do not have to work hard at all. If you decide to work just a harder you could even make $5,000 month after month with just about not doing a thing.

Now that would be amazing right? Heck yes! It would really change some families lives! I want to help change your life if you are willing to let me. Since I have made this website, I have learned about Internet Marketing. I also have learned so much that I am sure this method would work with just about anybody even a complete newbie! So do not be scared because I am sure you can do it.

a top internet job


I have did a little testing and I am excited to say that you can go from zero to $14,000 in about three months if you do the requirements. Now if that has not blown your mind then what are you looking for? Do you really think that you can make that kind of money at your day job? Well if you were making $20 a hour, you would not even come close to $14,000 a month. You can do the math yourself.

So are you tired of living pay check to pay check? If you are then give Kendrick’s University a chance to make things happen for you! Making that kind of money you will be able to take longer vacations. Since my welding website, I have learned how to take those vacations!

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You will be able to take care of more than just your family. Think of all the possibilities that are in store for you if would like to take me up on this and live the life that was always meant for you. I will help you get there. I offer one – on – support so if anything happens I will be there to make sure it is taken care of. So join me and lets start living!