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Welding Backpack – BSX Welding Backpack Review

Before You Waste Your Money On A Welding Backpack Read This Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack with Helmet Catch Review!

Working and travelling to different places with so many things will surely make your day stress and tired. Carrying your things together with your helmet will not be that stressful if you have with you the Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack with Helmet Catch. This will enable you to carry your things as well as your helmet safely and with ease. You can just carry it at your back and you can now go to your work place with complete equipment. Mostly, this gear pack with helmet catch is used in order to carry the helmet safely, gloves, jacket, tools, grinder and many more.

This Backpack Review will enable you to realize how important this gear packs with you. If you are working on far areas and you don’t want to go back at your house to get all of your things, you can make use of this. The following are the features, pros and cons as well as the ratings and reviews given by some customers.

Product Features

  • This product features BSX backpack that contains padded back and reinforced pockets on the sides.
  • It also contains a quick-action helmet catch that enable you to hold your welding helmet and other tools safely.
  • It has the capacity to hold your welding helmet, gloves, jacket, grinders and other tools tightly.
  • It only weighs 3.5 pounds so you can still carry it even though you are working on far areas.



  • Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack with Helmet Catch is very lightweight so you can carry it at your back together with your working equipment like gloves, grinders, jacket, tools as well as your welding helmet. All of your important things will be brought by this backpack.
  • This backpack is made of high quality materials so that although you put your tools on this bag, it will not easily be fail. This bag is designed in order for you to carry heavy materials like grinders, helmets and other tools.
  • This bag is very durable and strong that it can hold your tools tightly and also it contains pockets at the side so you can still put some of your things. Your tools and your helmet will surely fi in to the space of this backpack. This bag contains extra spaces that will enable you to carry other equipment for your work.


Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack with Helmet Catch is very efficient when it comes to carrying you welding equipment however you have to be careful of the things you put. The helmet catch is fitted only for welding helmets, if you will try to put your motorcycle helmet, it will not fit then.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack with Helmet Catch was able to receive a total of 4.7 rating based of the score given by the customers. Many of them said that this bag is of great quality, well made and their tools and welding helmet are safe and well fitted.

This Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack with Helmet Catch Review will encourage you to also try this backpack so that your tools, equipment as well as your welding helmet will not be lost and you can carry it comfortably.

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Dickies Men’s Raider Steel Toe Work Shoe Review

Read this Review of Dickies Raider Steel Toe Work Shoe before you buy! Men are fond of wearing shoes which are made of high quality materials, popular and branded. They like shoes which will last for a longer period of time and can be worn even when the climate keeps on changing. Shoes have different brands however one of the most famous and mostly worn by most men in their work is the Dickies Men’s Raider Steel Toe Work Shoe. This type of shoe will enable them to keep their feet protected from any danger.

Dickies Men’s Raider Steel Toe Work Shoe can be worn by men on and off their respective jobs. Know more about this work shoe base on it features pros and cons and customer reviews.

Product Features

  • This shoe is made of 100 % pure leather for longer lasting performance.
  • It contains padded tongue and collar that will enable you to feel comfortable while wearing it.
  • It is purely lined with a moisture wicking textile to keep your feet always cool.
  • It is made through the use of electrical and hazard-rated outsole and with steel toe.
  • It also contains slip and oil resistant rubber.


  • Dickies Men’s Raider Steel Toe Work Shoe will always keep you protected on and off your job. The terrifying features of this Raider Work Shoe will enable you keep your feet cool and comfortable. Your feet will not meet any pain while doing your job because this shoes is inclined with foam cushions so that though you wear it from morning until night, your feet will still be supported and protected.
  • This Work Shoe is made of strong materials that can stay tough even if worn for heavy duty jobs. Dickies always make sure that they are manufacturing shoes that are as tough and will last for a longer period of time despite how long it has been used.
  • This Raider Work Shoe ensures that you are wearing a shoe that is comfortable and is greatly fitted to your feet. You will not be bothered about your shoes if you are wearing it on tough areas because it is made of durable and high quality materials.


  • Dickies Men’s Raider Steel Toe Work Shoe is perfect to be worn either on and off your job and it is extremely comfortable however you should make sure that your shoes is well fitted to your feet to avoid certain pains. You have to choose the boot that is fitted to your size.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Dickies Men’s Raider Steel Toe Work Shoe was able receive five stars from the customers who liked its durability while some have given only four. The customer said that this shoes is really great, very comfortable and with great value. The boots he bought is well fitted to his feet and has nice look.

Dickies Men’s Raider Steel Toe Work Shoe Review will enable you to choose and wear for the perfect boots that fits well to your feet. This boots will ensure that your feet will stay protected all day of working. The Dickies Men’s Raider Steel Toe Work Shoe Review will also benefit you in choosing for a long lasting boots that is durable, comfortable and affordable.

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Reader’s Safety Glasses Review

Do not buy any safety glasses until you read this review of 3M Reader’s Safety Glasses, +1.5 Diopter, Clear Lens Bifocal lens. The use of an eyeglass for every individual has its own reason why it is being worn. It is either the eyes are already having problems, or it is just for the additional thing to classify your own statement of fashion. If you are looking for a glass that will support any of those two given purposes, the new 3M Reader’s Safety Glasses, +1.5 Diopter, Clear Lens Bifocal lens is the eyeglass that is what you are looking for.
In this 3M Reader’s Safety Glasses,+1.5 Diopter, Clear Lens Bifocal lens Review, you will be able to know how this will help you to achieve your purpose for using an eyeglass.
Product Features
• The lens angle is created to become adjustable.
• It has the full length adjustable temple.
• The nose bridge of this lens is also adjustable.
• It meets the safety standard by the CSA Z94.3 and the ANSI Z87.1
• It is made from the polycarbonate lenses with the purpose of protecting the eyes from the Ultra Violet rays or the UV Rays for shorter term.
• You can adjust the length of its sliding temple and the lens for the desired length.
• This is a standard lens for protecting eyes from the possible effect of the heat of the sun or dust carried by the wind.
• It also protects the eyes form getting unclear eyesight.
• This can be good for any purposes that each people needs.
• Some of the customers find the adjustments or adjustable features as hard to manage.
Costumer Reviews and Scores
Customer reviews and scores are very helpful in making the product to be more recognized. In this 3M Reader’s Safety Glasses, +1.5 Diopter, Clear Lens Bifocal lens Review, you will also be able to find out how the other customers had a great time using this lens. As for the total rating of the people who have already tried this, they had given the total score of 4.3 out of 5 stars. This only means that people who have used this are already satisfied with the service of this 3M Reader’s Safety Glasses. For further exploration that you can make on this review, here are the following views by the customers:
• According to one of the customers who gave five stars for total rating, it is the reading lens with the functions that are really helpful and very ideal especially for him who has a profession which he needs to protect his eyes form the harmful things in the surrounding. That it is also the reason why he hardly recommend this for those who are also looking for the quality protective eye lens.
• Adjustment is quite difficult and that statement is one of the downside that other users are also taking consideration of. But then for him it is the lens which really protects the eyes of the user and gives you the chance to take your work easy and safe.
• Another had also shared his experience for this product. For him, this is the product which is really excellent because he find it to be the most appropriate lens that he can use while doing his job.
These given statement are only few and they are very helpful for the people who are also looking for a quality eye lens. As you use this 3M Reader’s Safety Glasses, +1.5 Diopter, Clear Lens Bifocal lens, you can have the assurance of using a great and quality product for protecting your eyes.

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Cellfood Review

Don’t buy cellfood until you read this review. People always want something which is very effective in giving energy for the life. In the recent years where everything are invented easily with the use of advanced technologies, people can already have the help of a certain food supplement to get healthier than before. If you are looking for one of these food supplements, you can choose the Cellfood which is a liquid food supplement.

Cellfood has its help for giving the formulation of a concentrated colloidal mineral. In this Cellfood review, you will be able to know how does it helps or works.

Product Features

  • FDA licensed and manufactured by the Lumina Health Products which provides quality products.
  • Detoxifying ingredients good for the body.
  • High level Hydrogen and Nascent Oxygen.
  • Energy boosting food supplement.
  • Food supplement made from mineral springs, sea waters and fossilized plants.


  • It is very helpful in detoxifying the body.
  • It is very affordable than any other food supplements.
  • It boosts up the physical energy as well as the mental energy of the user of this product.


  • There have some cases that this has no effective result to an individual.

Customer reviews and Scores

A person who buys products has their own impression after buying this. These impressions can be positive or negative. In this Cellfood Review, you will know how people had experience the good or the bad side of this product. The customers had given their total score of 4.4 out 5 stars which means that this is a good product for the supplement to be used for the better health achievement of an individual. With the following views of the customers about this product, you will be more encouraged or not:

  • According to one of the customers of this food supplement, it is worth every penny that you spend. This is a statement created by one of the customers. As she has already used this food supplement, she got the result of enhancing her feeling of being active as well as with her mind which is very clear. That is the reason why she gave the total rating for this food supplement of five stars.
  • Also, one of the customers had a great impression about this Cellfood product. He or she has been looking for the best supplement and to her surprise after using this food supplement, he or she considered this as one of the best that is why his or her total rating is five stars.
  • Another customer had given her view. For her, this is the product which works excellently as it gives the natural ingredients for a safe and secured use of a food supplement. This is the reason why her score is five stars.

In this given views of the customers above, you will be able to recognize how effective it is for most of the customers. Because of the great effect of this food supplement, more people are being encouraged to buy and also try this for their wellness too. If you are also looking for the food supplement s in the market, do not hesitate to try one as you have read and realized how can this product will help you to be stronger and more healthier.

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