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Best Auto Dimming Welding Helmet

If you don’t have a clear picture or direction of the welding helmet that you want, then you could be browsing online shops or websites for hours trying to find the right one. The problem with buying online is that you can’actually feel or try on the product right then and there. You would have to rely on the hopefully high resolution pictures and detailed product description. Oh and let’s not forget about the very helpful tips and reviews about certain helmets from those who have used it, recently purchased, or those websites who do honest to goodness product reviews. We need all the help we can get from them all if we decide to buy it online. Be sure to also check if the shop offers some kind of warranty or replacement in case it arrives to you damaged or is not exactly fit for you.


When you are browsing through a lot of choices, you have to have that set expectations on what you want from the product you are looking for. Doing this will help narrow down the choices that you have to choose from, cutting the time you have been idly browsing from page to page not knowing which one is right for you. Of course, I always say this advice to those who ask for it: “Buy according to what you need.” By following this mantra, you’d most likely feel more satisfied with your purchase and much contented with it.

Sometimes that flashy neon auto darkening helmet that costs 500 US dollars is not the helmet for you, no matter how great it looks or how advanced it is, or no matter how much you want it. We can’t always get everything we want in life, but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing even greater that’s waiting for us around the corner.

So how exactly will you be able to find the best auto dimming welding helmet for you? It doesn’t really matter whether you are a professional welder or just someone who does it as a hobby or who does it to  beautify their home, you will need a helmet because it will be able to give you basic and advanced protection from a lot of things.

Sometimes the brightness that a welding torch or gun emits is just too hot so the helmet shields us from this heat, especially if it’s a cool and breathable helmet. Aside from that, torches or guns also produce mega bright lights that can cause damage or stress to our eyes that why a welding helmet’s lens is tinted. There are two types of lenses available in the market. We have the passive lens. These are the lenses that have a fixed dark shade, and then to use them, you will have to push the lens over your eyes or snap your neck to get it into position. However, more people are now turning to automatic lenses for the simple reason that these are more convenient. There will be no need to change position after positioning your torch or gun or snapping your neck which could cause you neck strains in the long run. A great thing about automatic helmets is that when it is not detecting any bright light (thanks to it’s built-in sensors which are usually two or three in number), it turns to a much lighter shade which allows you to see your surroundings. It can be compared to wearing a sun glass.


A helmet does not only protect the wearer from too much brightness and heat but also from stray sparks that could land on the welder’s neck or face.

When you are welding a certain material, it could emit harmful fumes and toxic particles that are not really good for the health. The most dangerous particles that could potentially cause damage to your body system are those molecules that are small enough to be able to pass through the blood and brain barrier. That’s why the helmet that you should go for is the one that is able to give protection against these fumes. You should be able to breathe comfortably. There are helmets in the market which comes with screens or filters to make sure that the air you are inhaling is free of dangerous fumes.

Of course, with welding there is also the risk of being exposed to ultraviolet or infrared radiation which could cause harm to your body, most especially to your nerves or your immune system. Thankfully, these new automatic helmets and some selected passive lensed one, have been incorporated with special coatings that allow them to somehow protect the wearer from such rays. There are also some helmets that are able to continually protect the wearer from rays even if it isn’t plugged to a power source or if there is a power break out.

I believe that a helmet’s ability to keep it’s owner or wearer safe is what makes it the best helmet in the market. Of course, you also have to consider things such as the response time to bright light or to sudden darkness. The weight of the helmet is also something that you should forget to consider, too. If a helmet is too heavy and you are using it for long periods of time, you may soon experience neck strains or neck pains which could be dangerous to your health and also it could affect the quality of your work. However, if you are comfortable with your safety gear, this could hopefully improve the quality of your works.

As we end, I’d like to say that it is important to learn what you can about the product you are going to buy, especially if you are not going to buy it personally from a shop. Do not disregard costumer reviews, especially verified ones, because these can be really helpful to you. There are lots of articles about products these days so it’s easy to find maybe two or three articles about the product you are currently eyeing.

Best Auto Dark Welding Helmets

If you are a professional welder, or just someone who simply enjoys welding things for personal use and reasons, it can’t be denied that you will need to have a welding helmet. In fact, this is probably the most important safety equipment you should purchase for yourself, and loved ones. If you have money to purchase the helmet with the automatic darkening feature, why don’t you do so? It has a lot of benefits.

Unlike the passive or standard type of helmet, you won’t have to flip down the lens when you are ready to use it. The problem with lenses with a fixed darkness is that if you are still not an expert welder, you may not know how to properly position your torch or gun when all you can see is darkness due to the lens. Okay, so you can position your hand first, but if you are not careful, you could move a little bit to the left or to the right and miss your mark. With an automatic helmet, it will be easier for you. When you put on an auto darkening helmet, the lens is set to a much light shade when it is not in use. You can almost compare this shade to that of a sun glass. You can still move and see what you are doing. You can successfully position your torch and everything else that you need while the helmet is already in your head. No need to click a button or flip down the lens! Auto darkening helmets have sensors – sometimes two, three, or four sensors according to the helmet that you will buy – that will automatically adjust the darkness of the lens once they detect a certain radiation way from a welding activity.
Another factor to think about when buying an auto darkening helmet is it’s response time. When I say response time, I’m talking about the speed of the sensors to react to the light energy cause by a bright light or welding light. Experts suggest that you choose the helmet with a response time that is lower than 1/20000 second. Also make sure that the helmet that you will buy has a delay and sensitivity feature, and that the shade is adjustable between shades 9-12. You have to take note of the helmet’s weight as well. If you are going to be using the helmet for an extended period of time, or if you are welding almost everyday, you may get neck strain if the helmet that you choose is too heavy.


A good example of a helmet that should buy is ANTRA AH6-260-0000.


This helmet has been specifically created for Arc Welding or cutting processes such as MIG, TIG, MAG, SMAW, and Plasma Arc. A great thing about this helmet is that even if the power is out, it still has the ability to protect you from any exposure to ultraviolet or infrared rays that could be harmful to your health. It’s a helmet that cares. You don’t have to worry if you put it on and forget to because the switch is also automatic. The helmet itself can help you in your work since it’s kind of a “cheater” lens since it is able to somehow magnify your work, allowing you to see better thus a higher quality outcome.

Of course, as you continue working, the brightness of your torch may change from time to time. No need to worry about this since with this helmet, you will be able to keep up with it. It comes with a feature that allows it to continuously adjust to it. If you need to use it for extended periods of time, you also won’t need to worry about any neck or upper back strain since the material from which this helmet has been made is very light. Believe it or not, this helmet only weighs 435 grams!

The helmet has a viewing area of 98 mm x 44 mm or 3.78 inches x 1.78 inches. With a permanent shade of DIN 16, you are sure to be protected from any radiation (UV and IR) rays. As I said above. This helmet’s light shate is at DIN 14, while if it is in it’s dark state, DIN 5-9/9-13. This helmet’s switching time from light to dark is lower than 0.00004 seconds which is amazing! This helmet also has a dark to light delay time at 0.1-1.0 seconds allowing enough time for your eyes to adjust.

The material this helmet has been made from is a high impact polyimide nylon. When you decide to buy this helmet, and it arrives at your door, keep in mind that you will have to assemble it first. The good thing is that it’s really easy to assemble and will possibly only take you less than a minute if you follow the instructions correctly. The battery of this helmet is replaceable.

Here is a great review from Amazon:

“The auto darkening features work very well and the helmet is very comfortable and light. The view port is well placed and I don’t have any trouble seeing out of it. I also like the easy darkness adjust knob on the side; it’s very easy to manipulate.

Two downsides:
1) The lightness means that I’m not sure it would take very much abuse, but taken care of I think it’ll last fine.
2) The other problem I have is that the plastic nuts that hold the helmet up are a bit cheap and keep loosening. I also get the feeling that it would be very easy to strip them out. I could probably replace them with steel bolts and wingnuts if necessary, but I haven’t tried that yet.

Bottom line, for the price I’m extremely happy.” – Jmatt, Amazon.

I think it’s very important that you read the reviews left by some costumers. You’ll be able to learn more about the product and anticipate any possible problem that might arise if you do decide to purchase a product specifically. It would also be great if you could read up on articles about the product from multiple websites, and not just from one. Asking people who have been welding for quite a while is also a great choice, and so is going to a hardware store to ask a clerk.

Best Welding Mask Brand

There’s so many welding masks available in the market these days that it’s a bit hard to decide which one is the best for you. You see, when choosing a welding helmet, I believe that a person should base his decision in buying according to what to he or she needs. This way you will feel more satisfied with your purchase because it is able to meet your needs. Here are some things that you should consider before you buy:


    There are two types of lenses. We have the Passive, or what others call as the Standard lens, and the auto darkening or auto shade lens. You might get an idea about their difference with each other just by their names. So the passive lens is not automatic, meaning it doesn’t adjust it’s shade according to the current brightness that it is faced with. It already has a “fixed” shade. You will have to snap your neck or push the lens down your face before you welding to have protection for your eyes. Many say that this causes a bit of a neck strain in the long run because of the repeated movement. Many also complained that when you weld in cramped spaces, it a bit hard to snap the lens down when you need it. Since it’s shade is permanent, it’s a bit hard to see your surroundings when you do not need it.

    The auto darkening lens is – you guessed it – automatic. It is a self adjusting lens. You put the helmet on and then it will adjust itself when a bright light caused by a torch or welding gun begins. This is all thanks to the sensitive sensors that have been embedded in the helmet. If you are going to buy the automatic lens, you will have to consider it’s speed when changing from light to dark and vise versa. If it has a slow adjusting speed, this could cause damage to your eyes or hopefully just a strain since it isn’t completely being protected.


    The weight of the helmet you decide to buy greatly matters. I’m guessing that you’ll be using the helmet for long periods of time so you may want to avoid getting neck strains. A lighter helmet means a lighter strain added to your neck. It can also added comfort for the user and thus increases the user’s productivity in the long run.


    The helmet you choose should be able to protect you – not just from the bright light. Welding comes with a lot of health risk. I’m sure you know about them, but if you don’t, let me tell you. Since you are dealing with fire and/or electricity, there’s always the risk that you’ll get burned or electrocuted, or stray sparks could land on your face accidentally. Your helmet should be hard enough to prevent any of these from reaching your face. There are also some helmets that have respiratory filters. When you are welding, poisonous fumes may be emitted from the material you are welding which may be harmful to your health. The smaller the molecule, the more harmful it could be for you. You see, their small size allows them to pass by the blood and brain barrier of a human, and could potentially cause harm. Also in welding there’s also the risk of being exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays and infrared rays. A good welding helmet should be able to shield you against all these, and maybe a bit more.

So which brand can I suggest in order to help you?

Why don’t you try JACKSON  SAFETY HELMET BH3? It’s an auto-darkening helmet. This helmet possesses the best EN379 ratings for optical quality, diffusion of light, variation of luminous transmittance, and angular dependence. It has a wide range of variable shade from 9 to 13 that is able to protect the wearer’s eyes from radiant light. The helmet has been equipped with sensitivity and delay settings to enable it to adapt to the environment and task durations.

The helmet is able to protect the wearer’s face, forehead, neck, and ears from weld sparks and splatters.  The best thing about this is that this helmet comes with a three headgear adjustments that allows the user to change the configuration of the helmet to suit his or her needs in welding and welding tasks. The helmet is also compatible with magnification filters and hard hats. Some say that Jackson is the best welding helmet there is in today’s market. And I’d have to agree! Aside from everything said above, Jackson helmet is able to give the welder a clear view of what he is doing. This improves the welder’s accuracy and productivity. Jackson has been known to give their customers safety and comfort at the same time. The company also produces Nemesis safety glasses, gloves and auto darkening helmets to respiratory, eye, and face protection. You can really count on Jackson Safety to give the best for your self and for your employees.

Here’s a very nice review about it on Amazon:

“At first I thought the helmet was DOA, because I couldn’t get it to turn dark while holding it up to the sun. After calling Kimberly Clark, they told me that it’s wave-length specific, so it won’t go dark with the sun, but it will with a welding arc (also does go dark with a regular light bulb, so that’s how you should test it, with a light bulb). Which is pretty neat if you ask me. No more having the helmet go dark when a bright glint of the sun hits the metal when welding outside.

I’ve used it for a few hours tonight, MIG, TIG and flux core. It works great. I don’t know how, but I really do seem to see quite a bit more than with my old helmet, both in light and in dark mode (old helmet is a run-of-the-mill cheap auto-darken helmet). I find myself flipping up the helmet alot less, and while in dark mode I can clearly see the joint ahead of my weld, as well as the puddle itself at the same time. And the head band is very comfortable, works flawlessly (easy to nod the helmet to come down) and it adjust easily. I could wear this all day.

The one thing that I don’t like about the helmet, is that there isn’t a TEST button, or even an on button. You just have to trust that it’s going to go dark when it needs to, even after sitting for a long time. I’ve gotten so used to hitting the test button on my old helmet, just to make sure that it’s actually working after sitting for a few days. I like the peace of mind of a test button, or at least an on switch. But, if this thing is reliable as it’s supposed to be, then I guess there’s nothing to worry about. So far, no problems.

In short, it’s comfortable, very easy to see ( both in light, and dark mode), it works very well and is adjusted very easily. As a weekend garage warrior, it is a bit more $ than I wanted to spend on a helmet, but as nice of a helmet as it is and as well as it seems to work, I think I can probably live with the cost.” – BUCK, AMAZON

Before we close this article, I’d like to remind everyone that it is important to read up on reviews about the product as this informs you more about it – if it really does what it says it will do.  Whatever you choose, I hope you are happy with your decision!

Best Welding Mask To Buy

The best thing about living in today’s generation is that you have a lot of choices for everything.  There’s a lot of pizza flavors to choose from. There are different kinds of soft drinks – regular, diet, or special flavored ones. Of course, there are a lot of welding mask for today’s welders to choose from. Due to this, choosing a mask for yourself gets harder and more time consuming than it was before when we only had a limited number of items to choose from.

In fact, if you take a good look around the famous online shop – Amazon. You’d find out that there are four available categories you can choose from for face protection. We have the Beard Covers, Safety Face Shields, Safety Masks, and Welding Helmets. Let’s discuss each category, shall we?


I think from the category name itself, you will already have an idea what it’s purpose is. However, if you look at it, they look a bit weird. Here’s an example of a beard cover:

51CmgHVRIdLWell, I think they look weird if you don’t. Weird as they may be, these face protection is quite cheap. The prices vary; the cheapest being 3.06/bag US dollars, and the most expensive is at 26.12 US dollars.

The one in the picture is a simple beard cover by Cole-Palmer. You can buy these on Amazon, as I already said above. You have to add an additional 9.30 US dollars for the shipment of this product.

Most people like this because it perfectly fits – not too tight, and that it wraps around your head, not behind your ear. This product is mostly bought together with a 3M disposable hair net.

Of course, you can’t use this when welding though but it’s nice to see your options, I guess.


I believe these are mostly used by police offers during a riot to avoid getting their head or face hit by a rock or whatever the mob decides to throw at them. This cannot be used for welding since it doesn’t provide a shade to protect the eyes. Here’s a picture of a cool looking Safety Shield:

71xTFT7yVuL._SL1398_This one is called the UVEX S8510 BIONIC SHIELD. As you can see in the picture, it is a black matte face shield with a clear polycarbonate material anti-fog or hardcoat lens. The headgear of this one is highly adjustable to fit your head. You can tilt the visor nearer or farther from the face, depending on your preference and application. This helmet is also very eat to set, comfortable, and it has a secure fit around your head.

This face shield only protects you from air debris, not from brightness or UV rays.


The safety mask category is mostly focused on well, respiratory safety. Most of the masks in this category are N95 (that hardcore medical mask that makes the wearer look like a duck), and respirators. Of course, it’s understandable that these cannot be used for welding related activities. However, these are great if you are welding something whose smell isn’t really what you’d call pleasing to the nose.

Here’s an example of a safety mask:

This safety mask is called the 3M Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator 6900. Main purpose is respiratory protection. You can buy this one at 117.13 US dollars.  This particular mask has been made from Silicone or thermoplastic elastomer. As you can see from the picture, this mask has a large viewing lens which allows an easier visibility for the user or wearer. Thanks to the wide field of view! This increases the wearer’s productivity and safety. Despite it’s look, the mask is actually quite easy to carry around since it’s lightweight and the design is well-balanced. It is able to enhance comfort, durability, and an ease of cleaning.

This mask is available in air-purifying and supplied air respirator modes. The center adaptor was designed like that to allow it to direct exhaled breath downward and reduce the fogging of the lens. Sadly, this item isn’t available for international shipping at the moment.

This mask if recommended for you if you are doing assembly, chemical clean-ups, chemical handling, chemical splash, chipping, chiseling, cleaning, furnace operations, grinding, laboratories, machining, masonry, painting, pouring or casting, sanding, sawing, and welding.

And now, the last but not the least… Definitely the most important one…


Unlike the three before this category, this helmet is most especially made for welding activities. Most helmets in this category offers the factors, you need if you are welding. It’s lenses are shaded so it is able to protect your eyes from too much brightness which could damage it or strain it in the long run. The lens and the mask itself protects the wearer from any stray sparks that could land on the wearer’s face or head. Most also has respiratory filters to make sure that the wearer isn’t inhaling any chemicals that can cause harm to his or her health. Most fumes that are considered dangerous have small molecules which allows them to easily pass through a human’s brain and blood barrier. Here’s an example of a welding helmet:

You can buy this helmet at 45.95 US dollars. This is called the ANTRA AH^-260-0000 Welding Helmet. It is recommended for ARC, MIG, TIG, PLASMA APPLICATIONS WITH GRINDING FEATURE. Despite the picture at the side, it actually has a large viewing size 3.86 inches x 1.78 inches with four premium sensors that will be able to detect brightness.

The lens also has a magnifying feature that makes it easier for you to see. The helmet only weighs a pound so it won’t cause much strain to a person who is using it for extended periods of time.

Of course, the most important thing when buying something in the end would be it’s ability to satisfy your needs. It should be able to give you what you are looking for in a helmet and more. You may search for different helmets in Amazon, but be sure to read the reviews at the end of the page. They tell more about the product.

Best Welding Helmet To Buy

There’s so many choices if you are looking for the best welding helmet for you. I can’t exactly force you to buy a helmet which I think is personally a great buy, because we might not have the same preference. What I can do for is though is gather helmets with the best reviews and sales, so you can view all them in one place. You won’t have to go through different pages to make sure that you are given the best. Of course, I will not be giving you an entire catalog, but only the top welding masks for this month.

Without further adieu:


What I like about this welding helmet is the fact that nothing is covering your face but a transparent lens. Take a look at the picture:

81DAAdNmnCL._SL1500_It may look delicate, but it isn’t. The lens has two coatings that protects it from harm. There is a coating on the inside and another coating on the outside. As you can also see from the picture, this welding helmet offers a full face protection. There were people who said that the lens is misty or cloudy, but there were a lot more who contradicted this and said that the lens is very clear. I like the fact that the lens doesn’t limit the wearer’s view of his or her surroundings. Sadly since the lens is made out of plastic, it will most likely diminish in time. Good news though! You can easily replace the lens with only a five dollar budget. If you want, you can also buy a new one at only 25 US Dollars!

Here are some more information with regards to this helmet:

– Weight: 2 pounds
– Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 9.8 x 9.2 inches

This helmet possesses an enhanced protection from airborne debris and has quite the noticeable optics that has been combined with an increased visibility. This helmet has been designed with the thought of allowing the user to use it for an extended period of time. Thus, this helmet was made with light weight materials and it has a balanced ergonomic design. To add more comfort, this helmet has a cell foam at the back of the headgear. This helmet is breathable, removable, and washable.

Here’s an interesting review from a verified customer:

“This face shield is awesome and a great deal! It does its job and feels comfortable. There are a number of adjustments you can make so it fits perfect. I wear it with goggles and a respirator with no issues. I do have hearing protection that fits over my head, and although they don’t fit perfectly over this shield, I can still get them to fit with it on. I’m very happy with this purchase!” – Amazon Customer, Amazon.


This helmet is Amazon’s number one best seller. This helmet has been specifically designed for Arc Welding and for cutting processes such as MIG, MAG, TIG, SMAW, and Plasma Arc. A thing to note about this helmet is that if there is a case of an electrical failure, the welder will still remain protected from UV and IR radiation despite this. This is with accordance to shade 16. It also offers a large viewing size of 3.68 x 1.78 inches with 4 premium sensors since this is an automatic helmet.

71Dovw71pjL._SL1500_This helmet has been made from high impact polyimide nylon, so you can be rest assured that it is strong and won’t collapse easily. There’s a switching time from light to dark in 0.00004 seconds. And also, a dark to light delay time of 0.1-1.0 seconds Step-less Knob adjustable.

You have to manually assemble this welding helmet though, but no worries, it’s easy and takes only less than a minute.

Here’s some more information:

– Weight: 1 pound
– Product Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 12 inches

Here’s an interesting review from a verified customer:

“Love my helmet so far. It may not feel as fancy as more expensive and heavier welding helmets but it absolutely gets the job done and comes with a ton of features. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking to pick up a well priced but functional welding hood.” – Justin Lewis, Amazon.


There’s not much to say about this helmet, but this product really boasts about it’s ability to protect the wearer from UV and IR light rays. It also has a large 2 inches times 4 1/4 inches lift front viewing area with the shade of number 11. What makes this helmet comfortable to wear though is all thanks to the two way adjustable headband it has been equipped with.

This product meets the ANSI z87.1 standards, certifying that it truly is equipped for usage. However, unlike the first two I showed you, this helmet is not auto darkening or auto shake. This type of helmet is what we call the “Passive” helmet. You have to flip the lens down when you are about to start welding and you have to flip it up again after.

Here are some more information:

– Weight: 12.8 ounces
– Product Dimensions: 1105 x 9.5 x 7.6 inches
– ASIN: B00015JQ10

Here’s an interesting review about it:

“I like this helmet a lot, once I got it adjusted correctly to stay on my head at the critical times. I know that the ANSI approval is supposed to mean something but in this case, it really did. At no time, did I feel in danger or awkward. As someone who is really just learning to weld, the helmet had to be adjustable to fit my big old head and it had to stay put. Staying put is a big deal.” – Terri Lynn Shanahan, Amazon.

Hopefully, from these three examples you have been given an idea on what time of helmet you want. If you noticed the three helmets were very different from each other, in the end the helmet you should go for should be the one that fits into what you do. Do not go for a helmet that isn’t appropriate for the type of job that you are doing or else, you aren’t going to get the full capacity of the helmet. You’ll just be wasting money.

Best Welding Helmet For Beginner

Welding is the act of joining two materials (usually metal or steel) with the help of either fire or electricity, or both at the same time. Welders were most often called as “Blacksmiths” centuries before. They often welded in order to make weapons such as swords, knives, and also shields and armor to protect themselves from enemy attacks. Before, welders didn’t really have something concrete to protect them from harm like a spark landing on their skin, getting accidentally burned, the brightness of the fire, and the heat of it. Today, welders are lucky. There’s a lot of materials in the market that were especially made with protecting them in mind. We have rubber gloves to protect the welder from getting electrocuted in case he touches two metals that presently has electric current running through it. There are also fireproof suits to protect the welder from heat and accidental explosions. And of course, there are welding helmets available these days.

You can get a lot of things from welding helmets. They not only protect your eyes from too much brightness, but also from the quick transition of light to dark. Also, it protects your face plus your head and neck from any injury caused by a stray spark. There are also some helmets that are equipped with a special coating to protect the wearer from Ultraviolet rays and infrared rays. If you wanna get started on welding, the first thing you should do is to shop for safety gear. So if you are looking for an efficient helmet, here’s a couple of examples:



– considered as one of the top-of-the-line helmets in the market today
– This helmet comes with a perfect optical clarity rating and quite a huge viewing line
– It is a bit heavy though with a weight of 3.1 pounds
– With this helmet, you will be able to have an excellent shade control.
– The pivot style headgear is suited for comfort


– If we are talking about a helmet’s screen, then this one is considered to be advanced and exceptionally powerful. The viewing area is a wide 7 square inch and it has 3 sensors to further articulate the helmet’s performance.
– It comes with an automatic switch off point that cuts down the batter meltdown levels.
– very easy to use and effective all the time.
– It is light in weight so it’s comfortable and not straining to wear for long periods of time.
– This helmet has some cooling features for the user.
– The helmet is equipped with a intelligence to automatically adjust the lens’ shade for the wearer thus saving time and effort.


– Considered as one of the best auto darkening welding helmets if we base it on the customer reviews.
– This helmet has been equipped with a solar panel that helps the helmet run despite any power break ups.
– In the helmet you will also be able to find adjustable knobs that can change the setting required or wanted shade and light by the user.
– With this helmet, your whole head is covered. Believe it or not though, there’s still free air circulation when it is worn. Another plus is that this helmet is really hard to break due to the plastic material it has been made from.
– Even if it’s features seem to belong to helmets which are more expensive, this helmet is a bit on the cheap side.


– This helmet has been designed from carbon fiber which is quite an expensive and rare material in the market.
– This helmet also has a built-in solar panel that enables it to continue working even if there is no electricity (i.e. power outage).
– It has 4 sensors that somehow increases the helmet’s ability to get a very wide view, plus this helmet can be used for welding different materials such as MAG, MIG, TIG, plasma arc, and carbon arc.
– The helmet has an adjustable knob that allows you to limit or expand the features that has been incorporated in it.
– This helmet has a on and off button
– This helmet has been equipped with reflexive modes of darkening when sparks are produced during welding in order to protect the eyes.
– It also has a magnifying lens
– This helmet has a washable and reusable sweat mask.
– This helmet has been proven to be one of the most bought and it has been able to give full satisfaction to it’s owners.


– This helmet has an automatic darkening ability when there are sparks or any form of ray from the wearer’s welding activity.
– This helmet is able to readjust it’s shade in the span of DIn 9 and 13 particularly for welding and 4 for gridding.
– This helmet also has the complete ability to protect the head, eyes and the neck of the person wearing it from sparks, ultraviolet, and infrared arc rays.
– The helmet is quick to respond to these rays and it’s auto darkening rate is at 1/25000 of a second.
– Has an on and off power button that allows the user to be in total control of the helmet
– The helmet has a replaceable lithium battery

Of course, there’s quite a lot more helmets that you can choose from in the internet. These but are a few, personally handpicked from the bunch. If you don’t really like the selection, you can head over to since they have a wide set of variety there. You just have to remember to consider the material the helmet was made from, it’s weight because this will affect your performance, the type of lens that it has, if you can see properly with the size of the lens, so if the helmet will be able to properly protect you from ultraviolet rays or any harmful rays that could affect your health. The time of the auto darkening shade is also important so you’ll be able to fully protect your eyes from a bright intensity.

Best Welding Mask Brand

There are lots of choices to decide upon or consider now compared to how the welding market was decades ago. I believe that this is great news for consumers or welders since they don’t have to settle on a helmet or brand they don’t like just because they don’t have any other options on the table. The only downside I can see from this is that the time it takes to settle on a decision takes a whole lot longer than it did before. There are so many things that one considers before finally settling on what brand and product to buy. The first one would of course be the product’s price. I’m sure nobody wants to spend too much for something they can get at a less expensive price. However, if you have been around the welding world for a while, you’d find out that the more expensive a certain helmet is the better quality it is considered to be.

Underwater Welding

Luckily, we are already done with half of 2015 so a lot of “Which Is The Best Welding Mask or Helmet” has already been done. The question remains however:

“Do you really have to spend a lot?”

I’m not discouraging you to buy the most expensive one if that’s what you want. If you want to save though or if you have a limited budget at the moment, I’m sure you’d want to get a helmet with almost the same quality as the most expensive one. Before we get to that, I think that if you have enough money to buy the best helmet that you can afford, then go do it. After all, a helmet protects you from a lot of things – stray sparks, too much brightness, UV and Infrared rays, plus it can protect your head and neck in case an accident happens. To get to the point of this article, here are some of the what the internet considers as the best helmets for 2015.

Take your pick! One of them could be the right one for you!


– Best thing about this helmet is that it has the ability to protect the welder or user from any types of ray effects regardless whether it is on or off. According to a certain website, it is because of this quality that has made it as the ‘most preferred choice for most customers both commercial and individual’.
– Auto darkening
– It’s superficial crystal panels on the lens enable it to diffuse the arc rays
– Capable of offering top security and protection to eyes and head from different angles and can work in different positions.
– Adjustable settings
– Owner can readjust it’s sensitivity and darkness shade for other functions
– Helmet is designed to prevent discomfort in place of work
– It’s intertwined shade filters are able to increase the helmet’s point of view.

This product is ideal for professionals or who are busy workshop operators. Reviews have shown that this is one of the top leading brands when it comes to welding helmets.



– This helmet only weighs for about 1.2 pounds so this is great if you constantly prefer to wear a helmet as it does not cause too much strain on the neck.
– It has two independent and redundant arc sensors.
– It is solar and battery operated.
– It comes with ultraviolet and infrared protection.
– Although it is not suitable for laser cutting.


– The thing about this helmet is that it fully covers the head and ensures more protection from physical harm from workshop activities.
– It has a vast glass pane lens that helps in magnifying the vocal view point and enlarges the workable area. This aids the user to see what he is doing more clearly, thus resulting in a higher quality of work performance or product.
– It is solar powered with an incumbent removable back up batteries to ensure mo power break up when in use.
– Unlike the others, this helmet is equipped with four sensors to increase the coverage area of the helmet.
– There’s a glass sensor
– You can easily adjust the shade according to your preference.
– It is also heat resistance.


– This helmet has been said to be greatly advanced and exceptionally powerful in terms of it’s screen. With a viewing area of 7 square inches and has three sensors, it is able to provide the best articulate perfomance.
– It is very easy to use and is always effective and precise to its function.
– This helmet has been made from polyamide material. It is a material that gives the helmet it’s astonishing shape and reasonable weight for the user to be comfortable in it.
– Enhanced with some cooling condition for the user – eliminating any heat ups and uncomfortable feeling when the user is using it.
– It is cheap.
– Durable so it can stay for a long time if you take proper care of it.


– This helmet has been design from carbon fiber so it is very expensive. Carbon fiber material in helmets is new in the market.
– This has an auto darkening feature with a built-in solar panel that allows the helmet to work even during power break ups.
– The design of this helmet is for the purpose of completing it’s duties and stand in for the position of a welding partner to the user.
– This helmet has 4 sensors that increases the coverage area
– Also has a wide wider coverage
– This helmet can be used for different purposes like MAG, MIG, TIG, Plasma Arc, and carbon arc activities.
– It has an adjustable knob that limits and expands the features of the helmet.
– It is comfortable and fitting with head and face protection.
– On and off button for that feeling of control
– very very easy to use
– This helmet has reflexive modes of darkening when sparks are produced in order to protect the user’s eyes and face.
– Also has a magnifying lens
– Has a removable and washable sweat mask

Hopefully with this small selection, you have an idea of what you are looking for in a helmet. These are but a few examples. You may find some more on the internet. Don’t forget to read up on reviews (costumer reviews are great) about the product. Before you go, don’t forget to click on the share buttons.


Best Welding Helmet Available

There are lots of welding helmet available on the internet nowadays. There’s so many choices that it’s kind of hard to choose which one is really the best among them. I think it will still go back to what a specific person wants or is comfortable in. Each of us has different preferences, but there are times where we like something to find that it isn’t really suitable for us. No matter how much we want it. So how will you really find the one for you?

Here is a short guideline to help you find the best helmet for you! Although, it has been known in the welding market that the more expensive a helmet is, the more comfortable it is. But do you really have to spend a lot just to acquire that comfort you require? If you  think about it, using something that you are comfortable in will increase the work quality that you are giving which could also equal to a high quality of the welding products you are doing. And you are sure to be safe. You could save up for a helmet if you currently don’t have the funds yet. If the time comes that you can buy a quality helmet for yourself, here are some things that you should consider when purchasing.


This is important because this will be the part of the helmet that will protect your eyes, sometimes even face. Not just from the bright light but also from sparks that can injure your eyes or face. You should ask yourself: WHICH TYPE OF LENS IS RIGHT FOR YOU?

The first lens is the STANDARD or what it is mostly known as PASSIVE. They have been around for almost 50 years and people are still continuing to use them. These are the cheaper once with a budget of only 20 to 30 US dollars, you can buy a passive lens. What are these? These are tinted special glass usually with shade number 10, and they can already protect the wearer against ultraviolet rays and infrared rays. This is thanks to a special coating that this type of lens has. How do you use this? I’d like to call this the manual lens. It is attached to the helmet, but you have to do a quick nod or snap of your neck in order to bring down the lens over your eyes. You have to do this before you start welding or else there will be nothing to protect your eyes. When you are done, you can simply push the lens upward so you can see your finished product.

Just like everything else, these have their own disadvantages:

  • For beginners who are still not used to a shade, you may a hard time positioning the gun or torch correctly before you begin welding. This doesn’t apply to everyone though.
  • If you are welding beneath a car or in places with restricted movements, it may be harder to flip down the lens.
  • Repeated movement of the neck may cause strain and discomfort after a long work day.
  • If you are doing a tack welding, lifting and lowering a helmet is inefficient.

A way to solve this would be to go for the second kind of lens which is the AUTO DARKENING or sometimes also called AUTO SHADE. From the word itself, it’s automatic. It will go dark when it needs to. These helmets are made with a special electronic filer lens and often have adjustable features that make the job easier. The lens, you see, have a special LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) that is similar to a digital clock. There are several light sensors near the lens in order to detect a welding arc. When the lens is not activated, it usually has a number 3 or 4 shade, which almost has the same shade as a sunglasses. When you aren’t working, there’s no more need for you to remove your helmet if you don’t want to, because you will still be able to see things around you clearly.

Once you begin welding, the sensors will know and automatically darken the lens to a shade suited to the work you are currently doing. The shifting of the shade is so fast. You don’t have to worry.

This type of lens also has UV and Infrared coatings to protect you. You will no longer have to snap your neck to begin. The helmet stays in your head before,during, and after.



The next thing that you should consider is this. If most of what you are welding consists of steel or something similar to steel (same thickness, same welding process, same amperage), then what you will most likely need is a fixed shade of number 10.

As I said above, the passive or standard lens has a fixed shade of number 10. There also some auto darkening lens – the least expensive ones – which have a fixed shade.

However, most people welding different materials, so you may need a lens that adjusts to the different brightness of the arc. To properly protect your eyes, you should get a welding helmet that adjusts the shade to the brightness. You can find these adjustments inside the helmet or sometimes, outside. Most adjust from number 9 to number 12 and 13.


Of course, when buying a helmet, you shouldn’t forget to consider this. This is very important and this usually applies to auto darkening helmets. If the reaction time of your lens is slow, you may injure your eyes right from the start. The ability of the lens to react to brightness is very important. Light is very fast so the lens should be super fast as well in order to properly protect the eyes. It is also known in the welding market that a more expensive lens has a much faster reaction time.

So why would you buy something expensive? Well, it’s more comfortable and you are sure that it has the ability to protect your eyes as soon as needed.



I think this is self explanatory. If you cannot handle the heaviness of the helmet, then your neck will be straining at the end of the day. Choose the helmet with a lighter weight.


Of course there’s a lot more that you should consider when choosing what helmet to buy, but these four are important. Hope you make the right choice!




Best Welding Helmets Auto Darkening Reviews

When it’s a person’s first time to buy a product, the usual first line of action would be to ask. One would go to friends and ask if they had tried a certain product and if it really lives up to it’s advertisement. I think second would be to find a second product to compare the first product to. Through this, the person feels like he or she has exhausted all the possible choices. You see, when a person buys something, he or she doesn’t want to regret it. A perfectly reasonable train of thought since the money you will be spending is something that you have worked hard for. Of course you want to make sure that the product will be worth it.

I think most online shops have reviews but if you want to read a lot from those who have already brought it. I think Amazon is a great source for reviews. I chose a couple of Auto Darkening Welding Helmets and some reviews about them. I like reading reviews about products because it somehow give me an idea if the product really works. Let’s start with:

1.) 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100

Amazon sells it for 452.95 US dollars and it comes with free shipping.  The features of this product:
– Helmet is able to give additional protection from UV rays and Infrared radiation
– Gives a better optical quality to the worker with a precise view of the work area
– It’s very comfortable to wear because of the presence of foams around the neck area
– Has an auto darkening filter that goes from light to a dark shade in approximately .1 milliseconds after a welding arc is detected by it’s built-in sensors
– weighs: 2.09 pounds

Here’s a costumer review about it:

JCrain said:

I was in the air between the XXL and the XL- just over battery life mostly, ended up going for the XXL and so happy I did, the side views make this helmet ideal for confined space, you can see the guy next to you while you’re welding, and have just enough light coming in so you don’t have to lift the hood. The hood fits really good with the Miller LPR-100 respirator, and just barely fits the 3M half mask respirator with the organic cartridges- kind of squeezes the cheeks a little, but keeps the helmet at a good angle for overhead. All the parts are replaceable too, which is my last point, the front grey cover gets burned up pretty quick, and with the large lense you get a lot of use out of it before you have to change clear lenses.

2.) RHINO Large VIew + Grind Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Unlike the first one, Amazon sells this at only 99.88 USD and it comes with a free shipping. Does a cheaper price mean a cheaper quality? Not necessarily. This welding helmet has a superior carbon design and an over 10 square inches of welding vision. The features of this product are:
– Light and/or dark shades of shade # 4 and grind mode / Shades # 9 – 13
– Reaction time: 1/25000 millisecond
– Has a low battery indicator
– Power sources of 2 replaceable CR2032 batteries and a solar panel
– Headgear: Ratchet style with headband

Here’s a costumer review about it:

Thisguy said:

I bought this because I was tired of using fixed shade welding helmets. It was definitely a great buy. I like the large viewing window a lot because you have lots of different angles that you can see with it. I have read a lot of reviews that say these masks are flimsy and they do feel flimsy but it can take a beating. I have hit a lot of things while wearing this and apart from some scratches it is perfectly fine. I have used a $270 auto dark and I say save your money and buy one of these.

3.) Jackson Safety BH3 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet With Balder Technology

This one is a little pricey but it has great reviews about it. It is being sold on Amazon for 300.86 USD but just like the other two, this comes with free shipping. I think any product that’s being sold above 35 USD is offered with free shipping. Anyway, the features of this product are:

– Weight: 2.75 pounds
– Claims to have the best EN379 ratings (1/1/1/1) for the best optical clarity, diffusion of light, variation of luminous transmittance, and angular dependence.
– It is lightweight, high density plastic shell that protects the wearer’s head, neck, forehead, and ears from sparks and splatters.
– has a variable shade of 9 to 13 to shield and protect the eyes from radiant energy during welding.

Here’s the most helpful review about it:

I figured I’d choose the best review since you’d probably want to know if this product is really worth that price.

Buck said:

At first I thought the helmet was DOA, because I couldn’t get it to turn dark while holding it up to the sun. After calling Kimberly Clark, they told me that it’s wave-length specific, so it won’t go dark with the sun, but it will with a welding arc (also does go dark with a regular light bulb, so that’s how you should test it, with a light bulb). Which is pretty neat if you ask me. No more having the helmet go dark when a bright glint of the sun hits the metal when welding outside.

I’ve used it for a few hours tonight, MIG, TIG and flux core. It works great. I don’t know how, but I really do seem to see quite a bit more than with my old helmet, both in light and in dark mode (old helmet is a run-of-the-mill cheap auto-darken helmet). I find myself flipping up the helmet alot less, and while in dark mode I can clearly see the joint ahead of my weld, as well as the puddle itself at the same time. And the head band is very comfortable, works flawlessly (easy to nod the helmet to come down) and it adjust easily. I could wear this all day.

The one thing that I don’t like about the helmet, is that there isn’t a TEST button, or even an on button. You just have to trust that it’s going to go dark when it needs to, even after sitting for a long time. I’ve gotten so used to hitting the test button on my old helmet, just to make sure that it’s actually working after sitting for a few days. I like the peace of mind of a test button, or at least an on switch. But, if this thing is reliable as it’s supposed to be, then I guess there’s nothing to worry about. So far, no problems.

In short, it’s comfortable, very easy to see ( both in light, and dark mode), it works very well and is adjusted very easily. As a weekend garage warrior, it is a bit more $ than I wanted to spend on a helmet, but as nice of a helmet as it is and as well as it seems to work, I think I can probably live with the cost.

Another thing I like about checking the reviews on Amazon is that under a person’s name you will be able to see there “Verified Purchase” so you know that these people who are leaving reviews for a certain product are not pulling your leg. These reviews are legit. And with the product description alone, it’s a bit hard to be convinced that this is the product that you should be buying so the reviews, especially the detailed ones, are helpful indeed.

Happy Shopping! Oh, yeah, don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

Best Automatic Welding Helmets

The art of welding has been around for many millenniums now, but back then it was called forge welding. When I say forge welding, I am referring to the solid-state process that joins two pieces of metal by heating them at a very high temperature then hammering them together. The temperature during forge welding is usually at 50 to 90 percent of the melting temperature. When welding metal, you have to be cautious not to overheat it too much that it reaches the point where it gives off sparks from rapid oxidation. Today, welding is defined as the fabrication or sculptural process that joins materials which is usually metals or thermoplastics. Unlike before, there are now a lot of energy sources that can help in making the process easier and faster. There’s an electric arc, a laser, an electron beam, gas flame, friction, and ultrasound. You have a lot of choices now. Plus, it is possible to weld in just about anywhere now – open air, under the water, and even in outer space. Welding has evolved a lot since then. As an effect of this though, welding has also become dangerous. You have to take some extra precaution to avoid getting burns, vision damage, shock caused by electrocution, inhalation of poisonous gases or fumes, and exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

*** BURNS ***

In the kind of work that you do, whether you do this as a hobby, for personal reasons, or for work, there may come a time that you might accidentally burn yourself.  When this happens you should do:

  • Assess what the degree of burn is. It’s easy, don’t worry. First degree is the lowest and it is characterized by red skin and local pain. Second degree has blisters and it swells. The skin may peel – let it peel on it’s own. Do not forcefully peel it as this exposes the wound to bacteria. And the third degree is when you can see white or black skin and there’s no pain because the nerve on your skin are already damaged. Head to the hospital immediately if you acquire a third degree burn.But if it’s only first or second degree, you could run it in cold water or let it submerge there for a while. Take a look at this picture below.
* from Google Images

Of course, there’s a way that you can prevent this from happening in the first place. You could wear gloves, and clothing that doesn’t easily burn. Also since you are dealing with fire and electric current, there might be explosions or fires. Make sure to always have a fire extinguisher at the ready or a water source near you.


*** OTHERS ***

For the other health risks, such as vision impairment, inhalation of fumes, and even exposure to ultraviolet radiation, you could hit three birds with one stone with a great welding helmet. Here’s a good example of one:


This one is 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100. It comes with an extra-large size and an auto darkening filter. It is a bit pricey though at 452.95 at Amazon, but you’ll be able to save on your shipping fee because the shipping is free. This helmet weights 2.09 pounds and has a UNSPSC code of 46181711. This product features an auto darkening filter (ADF) that allows you to transition from light to dark shade in about .1 milliseconds after a welding arc is detected by it’s sensors. The optical quality of this helmet allows the viewer or user to have a precise view of his or her work area. The side windows comes with a dark shade 5 filters that increases the peripheral field of view. This helmet can be used if you are welding Stick (Arc Welding), MIG (Metal Inert Gas), and TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas).

Some more good things to notice about this helmet is that:

  • There’s a padded front headband that is designed specifically to distribute pressure. The human head is filled with nerves and arteries. Sometimes, if you apply pressure to the wrong points a person may feel fatigued or sleepy, which of course leads to sloppy work. You can easily adjust the fit of the helmet around your head for more comfort.
  • Welding helmets protect the eyes. They prevent sparks or spatter from reaching your face or your eyes. Not only that, your eyes are also protected from too much brightness and rapid changes in brightness to prevent stress and harm to your eyes.
  • It is recommended for people who work in automotive, construction, food and beverage manufacturing, manufacturing alone, metal production and fabrication, military maintenance, repair and operation (MRO), mining, oil and gas, and transportation.
  • There will be no need to flip the welding helmet up and down. The effect of this is that it boosts the productivity of a person by lessening the stop and start time needed for passive lens welding helmets. This could also reduce the feeling of neck strain from too much nodding.


If you want more helmets to choose from, you may do so at websites such as Amazon, eBay, or Bestbuy. If you are from another country, you could try an online shop that’s rooted in your country so you won’t have to pay too much for the shipping fee. A word of advice though, please make sure that the site you are going to buy from is legit, and not a scam. Always be careful about this since the welding helmet isn’t really what I’d consider cheap so if you get duped, you’d be losing a lot of money. It is also advisable that you do a bit of reading about the product you are going to buy before you go on and buy it. Through this, you will lessen the possibly of regretting your purchase. Asking your friends or people you work with what they can suggest also greatly helps, plus you can try out the helmet for yourself.

If you are going to buy at Amazon, you will see that there are reviews on the bottom part of the page. You can read these as reference.