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Tillman leather Welding Jacket

For today’s review, we are going to be exploring the Tillman brand for your leather welding jacket. This company was founded in the year 1928 by John Tillman. Their purpose was to provide personal protection solutions for welders and other workers in the field. Their products include welding gloves for Stick, MIG, and TIG welding, High Heat, Clothing whether it’s made from leather, lightweight, or flame retardant. You can also find welding blankets, curtains, screens, and accessories. It seems like this brand is complete for all your welding needs. It’s certainly one of the brands out there that you can trust.

Here are some of their products that you can check out!

1.) NEW 9730 DUALTEC FR/WESTEX FR7A Flame Retardant 30″ Jacket

– The good thing about this jacket is that it’s lightweight, washable, cool, and tough. It offers a permanent flame resistance, comfort and moisture management. This fabric has been said to be able to self-extinguish and it will not shrink, melt, or drip when it catches fire accidentally. In the inner part, you will also be able to find a 30 inch length spacious pocket for your small storage needs. Just in case you need to keep your wallet or phone close to you. This product is available in sizes M, L, XL, 2X, and 3X.

2.) 3826

– This dark brown stylish leather jacket has been made from premium side split cowhide that’s 26 inches in length. You will be able to find a soapstone pocket on each sleeve, and also a wide outside pocket in the left side for item storage. You won’t have to worry about the end of the sleeves of the jacket getting in the way of your work because the raglan sleeve and satin lining has made it easier for the user to move about. This product is available in sizes M, L, XL, 2X, and 3X.


3.) 3930

– The third one is a mix between killer style and heavy duty protection. What’s better than looking like you just came from a fashion event while being protected during work as well? This has been made from black premium top grain cowhide. It’s really tough and durable against your everyday wear and tear. The satin lined sleeves makes it easier for the user to move around, and also to take off the jacket. You will find underarm gussets that give maximum free of movement. You can also find soapstone pockets for that extra storage needs.

4.) 3960

– And for the last one, this has been made from an all gold, premium top  grain cowhide jacket. It\s 30 inches long, and you will be able to find one soapstone pocket on each sleeve. And just like the first three, there’s also an outside pocket for storage at the left side. There’s still the satin line for easy removal and putting it on. Available in sizes L, XL, 2X, and 3X only.  Sorry, M guys!


Why don’t you take time and browse around Tillman‘s website so you can find the leather welding jacket that’s right for you? Stay tuned tomorrow cause we will be talking about something informative! Feel free to browse around our site and find something that you like. Do you have a favorite brand that you’d like to read about? Comment or leave us a message! We’d love to hear from you!

Winter Welding Coat

When the cold weather comes, welding will be a little harder than it was during the summer months and that is exactly why you will need a winter welding coat or jacket. I understand that even during these months when we’d all rather be sleeping in our blankets, we have to get up and do our jobs. Welding is hard, but don’t make it anymore harder than it has to be by not getting yourself the right gear. Getting the right and suitable gear is important as learning the skills in welding. Even if you have the best skills, how will you be able to work properly if you can’t even move your arms because it’s too cold? When working, it is also important that we consider our comfort and safety.


While working, if we are comfortable, don’t you agree that we can be more focused on the task at hand? We won’t be feeling so bothered about the temperature because we feel warm and snugly. You will literally lose nothing if you invest in a great welding jacket. You can try checking out Lincoln Electric’s products. This company is an expert in the field of welding so their products are quite good. Aside from welding clothing, they also sell welding gloves, safety glasses, caps, doo rags, and welding bags.


– This jacket is mostly colored black, but it has a red part in the back. It has been made from high quality cowhide leather in the chest and sleeves which can now provide superior protection for stick welding.

– It weighs for about 9 ounces. The material is really nice as it can provide protection against fire. The flame retardant cotton in the back can help keep the user cool compared to when it’s full on leather in the back part.

– You can buy this jacket for about 101.03 US DOLLARS in the market.


–  This one looks like a laboratory coat except that it’s black and made of a hundred percent flame retardant material so you can be protected from your welding activities.

– It can reach until your knees for protection. This is recommended for supervisors, and instructors.

– At the sides, you will be able to find two hip pockets to keep chalk, grease pens, or other items that you want. It’s very comfortable to wear as it doesn’t cling much to your body.

– You can purchase this item for only 48.52 US DOLLARS.


– It looks good and it feels good. This product has been made from a hundred percent 9 oz flame retardant cotton. A good thing about this one is that it’s pockets are inside for that protected storage. It’s also quite easy to wash. You can even use a washing machine on it.

– If you are worried about the sleeves getting in the way while you work, you won’t have to worry about this product because it has form fitting cuffs.

– You can purchase this product for 30.00 US DOLLARS to 37.00 US DOLLARS. It depends on the size you will be getting.


Hopefully you will be able to find the winter welding coat or jacket for you! Remember, your comfort is important in choosing a product. Stay tuned for our next article about this! Don’t forget to share with your friends!

Mens Welding Winter Jacket

As the famous Stark’s saying goes “Winter is coming!”, so men who weld for a living or as a form of a hobby will most likely be needing a warm jacket to keep them warm. Comfort is very important when you are doing something because comfort will be able to add to your ability to concentrate on the task at hand.  I understand that it’s a bit harder to work during the winter times because of the harsh condition, but that is exactly why you will need a jacket to keep you warm. There are many types of winter jackets that men can choose from. You can choose form a general-purpose softshell or what is more commonly known as the fleece jacket. This type of jacket can handle mildly cold weather. The other types: The insulated jacket and what they call as the three in one jacket can handle colder and harsher conditions.


Let us first discuss the insulated jacket. If you feel easily cold or you have a low tolerance to cold weather, this is the jacket that you should go for. You can check if how heavy the insulation of the jacket you are going to buy is, because this usually means that it’s warmer. For an added protection, you can further cover up with a wind proof and waterproof jacket. An important thing to remember when buying would be to make sure that the jacket isn’t flammable, because this could cause problems for you. Welding usually involves the use of heat or fire, and electricity so it’s best to be careful. Some materials used are either synthetic or natural, however the ones which are made from natural materials are more expensive than the other one.


Next, non-insulated jackets are usually composed of the fleece jacket, softshell jacket, and the shell jacket. We’ve often heard or used fleece jacket. They are made from loose knit synthetic fibers and they will be able to offer the warmth you need based on your weight. That’s what makes them comfortable. The jacket will usually adjust to you. Despite this, you can only use the fleece jacket in mild conditions. They can’t stand colder conditions. Softshell jackets have been made form stretch woven materials, which usually results to them being lightweight and comfortable to wear. This is great if you want layers of clothing, but I’d discourage you putting on too many layers as this could get in the way of your welding. I think it would be a much better choice to choose one super thick jacket than to use a light material jacket and put on lots of layers. The shell layers are only single layered so they aren’t really that recommended. They can simply serve as a basic protection for wind and moisture.


The three-in-one jacket includes an insulated liner – which means it is able to provide a warmer coat. It is also water resistant. It’s a great tool against cold. It has two layers which you can zip together as one or unzip so you can use them separately. It is because of this that this type of jacket is considered to be versatile.


Men welders, whatever your choice for you winter jacket may be, I hope that you choose the best one that you are comfortable in and that it suits your work conditions. Nothing is better than being able to work in comfort. Which of the three types of jacket appealed most to you? We would love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below.


If you are trying to find the best iPhone 6S Plus case, then it won’t be a simple walk in the park. There will be lots of cases that will be out in the market by the time the iPhone 6S Plus have already gone out as well. You may find yourself confused and unable to decide what really is the best case of them all that is worth it, but no worries, you will just need to have a check list of some sorts. Each case is different but there should be something about this case that makes you want to go for it, something that makes it different from the others. This is what makes a case special and makes it stand out.

Here are some things that you should look for in a case:

How tough is it? Will it be really able to withstand the amount of damage it says it can? What is it made of? Personally, I like cases with a little bit of combination in with like steel – maybe aluminum – and a little bit of rubber. I’m not into hard plastic because it’s not really tough. It cracks after some time… I think rubber and aluminum are a great choice. Rubber because it’s elastic, and it helps you hold your phone properly too, especially if your hands are a little sweaty or wet. Aluminum because it’s one of the toughest metals out there, and it has the ability to absorb impact. The case should be durable. When I say durable, I mean that the case should be able to stay strong and in a very good condition over a long period of time. It should be destroyed or damaged just because of a few impacts or drops. That’s not really a long lasting case if it does.

The case should also be stylish. It should have a lot of color choices or it should at least look good and presentable. Admit it or not, you will be able to tell something about a person based on the choices they make. For example, if a person likes neon color, you will most probably think that the person likes being the center of attention or being seen. He or she doesn’t enjoy blending in with the crowd, because he or she wants to stand out. Or if the person chooses black then he or she might not like standing out or just prefer safe colors. You should also consider the price, and the protection that it can give to the phone. If you want it to have waterproof, sand or dust proof. If you want a case that comes with screen protection.

The best iPhone 6S Case will be the one who will fill all that you require from a case. If you want more information, you can read here at: It’s a website that aims to assist you and provide you with the latest information when it comes to phone cases for your new 6S Plus.