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Best Work Boots For Welders

Today, we are going to be discussing about the best work boots for welders – men and women alike. A good welder knows the importance of having a great work boot. He or she knows that the first thing to look for in a boot would be comfort, next would be it’s toughness or durable against all possible environments that the boots will come across with, and the last would be value. Is the boot worth the price you are going to be paying for it? There is nothing worse than paying more than a hundred bucks for something, expecting it to be the best, then after a month, it just fails you.


Here’s a work boot for men that you will appreciate:

Say hello to Dr. Marten Men’s Ironbridge MG ST Steel-Toe Met Guard Boot! You can purchase this for only 119.52 US DOLLARS – 150.99 US DOLLARS! It’s made of only top quality leather, but what makes this boot a little bit special is because the sole is manmade. You can be sure that the making of this boot was given a little tender loving care.  The boot is water resistant with a full-grain leather ballistic mesh padded collar.

212121212This boot has been equipped from being resistant to fat, oil, and alkali. You can work with a peace of mind that you will be safe.

Here’s a short review about it from a certified buyer form Amazon:

I’ve tried several other brands of safety boots, and these Dr. Martin Ironbridge ST Met boots fit the bill better than the other brands. the boots are lite for Steel toe which id a plus when your wearing the boots for a long work day. I appreciate having the extra plate to cover the top of my foot for the just in case I or someone else drops something on my foot. The boot has a nice look too. – Michael Bettenhausen

For you ladies out there, you are not forgotten, here’s a sturdy yet stylish boot for you:

If you want something that’s girl, you should check out Safety Girl II’s Steel Toe waterproof boots. Who says you can’t be fabulous at work? Here’s an image:


You can purchase this boot for only 42.95 – 48.95 US DOLLARS AT AMAZON! You have a nubuck upper, and an adorable double colored rubber sole. This boot is also waterproof so you will be able to work in murky, wet, and moist places with no problems. Not to mention that your toes will be completely protected because of it’s steel toe protection.

– Made of genuine leather
– Slip resistant

Here’s a nice review about it:

I love these boots! Very comfortable and easy to walk in. I feel very protected also when participating in Community Emergency Response Team events. Good looking too, I always get compliments on them.   – ccorden



That’s one of the best work boot for welders – men or women. I hope you make the right choice in choosing the boot for you. If you have any questions feel free to ask us by sending us a message or leaving a comment!

TIG Welder Jacket

If you are a TIG welder, I’m sure you understand the importance of owning or having a quality jacket that will protect you while you are welding. What are some of the qualities that you should look for when you are looking for a welding jacket? First, I believe that you would want your jacket to be comfortable to wear. This means that it fits you perfectly – not too tight, not too loose – and it allows you complete range of motion of your upper extremities. Second, the jacket should have the ability to protect you from the risks that comes when you are a welder. The jacket should not catch fire easily, and it should also protect you from the heat that is being emitted by the torch. That’s not all, a great jacket should also be able to keep you warm if you are working in cold environments.


Now where will you find this type of jacket? Since there are lots of TIG jackets available in the market now – whether it’s online or locally – it won’t take you that much time to find one. However, with all these choices, you might be confused about what specific jacket to get.  So here are some recommendations from us. You may want to check them out!


  • MILLER 247118 WeldX Performance Welding Jacket

    You can purchase this jacket for 154.50 US DOLLARS, and if you buy from Amazon, you will be able to get free shipping because it exceeds the minimum of 35.00 US DOLLARS! And I also have to mention that you will also be saving 11.93 US DOLLARS because the original price of this jacket is at 166.43 US DOLLARS.The jacket is comfortable to wear and it’s quite breathable so you won’t feel hot while you are working. The material this jacket has been made from is cotton. Here is a picture of it:

    The jacket is also flame-resistant that has lined sleeves for that added protection. As I said above, the jacket is breathable because of the material it’s been made from, and also because of the vented back. It has a stand up collar for that extra protection for your neck area.


    Now this one is a little cheaper than the first one at only 29.11 US DOLLARS. It’s original price was 30.00 US DOLLARS so you will only be able to save 0.89 cents. It doesn’t come with free shipping because it hasn’t exceed the minimum price of 35.00 US DOLLARS, but it’s very affordable so you may want to really consider it. Here’s an image of it:41mY5ADmvAL._SX425_

    Lincoln Electric is a known brand so you can be sure that this jacket is not just some cheaply made product. It was made with the ability to protect your arms, torso, and a little bit of your neck from spatter and the heat from welding. The material used to make this jacket is also cotton so it’s quite breathable as well. I have to mention that this cotton has been sprinkled with flame-resistant material so rest easy. There’s an inside left pocket for storage. And the snap sleeves of this jacket form fitting cuff that not only looks good, but it also prevents the sleeves from sliding down to your wrist.

These jackets are a perfect match for a TIG Welder like yourself! If you want more jacket suggestions, you can either browse around our website or you can subscribe to us to get e-mail alerts whenever we have posted something new! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment or send us a message! We’d love to hear from you! See you again!

How To Get Rid of Pin Holes In Welding

So, you have noticed the little holes in your finished product and that’s why you are here to know how to get rid of pinholes in welding. Don’t worry! It’s easy to get rid of those pesky holes. But what exactly are these little holes and what cause them? To get rid of something, it would only be understandable that you know about what causes them. so that you can prevent them from coming back. First we are going to be defining some terms:


  • Welding – “to weld”; This is a process of fabricating or sculpturing that aims to join two materials together, which are most of the time metals or thermoplastic products, with the use of fusion.
    Anther meaning would be “to join pieces of metal together by heating the edges until they begin to melt and then press them together.”Welding is a permanent process. The materials you have joined together will stay together unless some external force forces them apart.
  • Welder – this refers to a person whose job is to weld materials together; one that welds
  • Pinhole – “is a very small hole that is made by a pin or in some other way”;  “a welding defect that has been cause by high welding temperatures. If the temperature is too high, tiny holes that resemble a pinhole, that can be seen in fabrics, can be seen.”


Thank you to Google and Merriam-Websters for the word meanings. As you have read, pinholes are considered to be a “weld defect” because they aren’t supposed to be there but they are. Sadly, you cannot prevent pinholes because they will be happening in one way or another. What you can do would to reduce them and them erase them from your finished product.

Here are some of the cause of Pinholes:

1.) You better check you gas solenoid at the wire feeder or in the GTAW machine if it’s defective or not. This could be a possible contributor to pinholes.

2.) You should also check the GMAW gun liners if they are contaminated or not, because if they are, they might introduce elements that you do not want to you weld pool. Stainless steel and high-nickel-alloy are some of the elements that are susceptible to attracting these contaminants.

3.) Check your welding gas because it could be contaminated as well. You will need to call the gas supplier so they can thoroughly check your gas supply.  You can also check because maybe it’s already out of gas, that’s why there’s a lot of pinholes appearing.

4.) Check if there is moisture. This could be just water or morning dew, but it could also come from the process of condensation because of welding on a heavy plate and lap joints. This may occur when the temperature is below fifty degrees Fahrenheit. To combat this, you will have to preheat the metal up to 200 to  220 degrees Fahrenheit to be able to evaporate the moisture. You can wipe it to but just to be super sure, you can just heat it up.

5.) There’s some kind of air or draft that disturbs the shielding gas delivery during the welding. Fans near you or even fans as far as 25 feet away can have an effect on the gas delivery. Keep note of open doors or windows.

6.) If the metal you are welding has a paint, grease, oil, glue, or sweat release large volumes of gas during welding and they are exposed to arc welding temperatures.



So those are some of the causes of pinholes, now, how will you get rid of them?

Here’s one solution: CLEAN the metal on both sides. Make sure that the air flow in your shop is only about 25 CFM and that there’s no breeze, fans, etc. Ventilation is important but it doesn’t have to disturb the gas distribution.

Another solution would be to just cover the holes since they are already there, right? If you failed to prevent them, then you just have to go do the next best thing which is to cover them and make them disappear.  To do this, you will need to buy an epoxy from a hardware store or at Amazon if you are lazy and you just want it delivered to you. Epoxy has two meanings but in this situation, the meaning: “to glue, fill, or coat with epoxy resin.” is the one applicable. Here is an example of an epoxy:

J-B Weld 8267-S SteelStik Steel Reinforced Epoxy Putty Stick -2 oz


You can buy this for only 6.00 US DOLLARS! That’s quite cheap right? It is able to repair anything that is made out of metal. Feel free to use it on wet or dry surfaces. You can even use it confidently in places that are completely submerged in water, or even in gasoline. You can drill it, fill, tap, machine, or paint it.  This product can be mold or used to patch things, for this situation, we will use this product to patch the pinholes. After apply, the product will be set in approximately 5 minutes, but you can’t touch or modify the area first. Give it at least an hour or so before you drill, tap, or whatever else you have to do. This will ensure that the product has done it’s job. The product can withstand high temperatures so don’t worry, it will not melt away.


Here’s a review about it:

Like 45 billion other people, I saw the Mighty Putty commercial on TV and thought it sounded great. My husband sighed and said, that’s been around forever, and a lot cheaper, too.

So I looked around and lo and behold, J-B Weld IS “Mighty Putty,” minus the horrific shipping and ‘processing’ fee.

I bought this at a local hardware store to test it out (around $3 if you can get find it; my husband suggest an auto parts store.) It does work like the commercial says. I wanted to put up a towel rack in a guest bathroom without drilling through the tile.

Well, it worked. Set up in a few minutes. Next day you could hang Billy Mays from it, and I don’t think it’d break.

I’d highly recommend the J-B brand, unless you’ve got a lotta spare cash and you want to make sure Billy Mays retires in style! — Katy Lake

So now that you know how to get rid of the pinholes in welding, you can confidently show your finished products to the world without any defects. Don’t forget to subscribe to us! Leave us a comment! And share this article with your friends and family.



Where In The Bible Did Ramesses Threatened to Cut Off Moses’ Sister’s Arm

If you find yourself wondering about where in the Bible did Ramesses threaten to cut off Moses’ Sister’s arm, then let me tell you that in the Bible, it did not happen. There wasn’t any threat to Moses’ sister named Miriam. If you have watched the movie “Exodus: Gods and Kings”, then that scene happened there when Moses found out that he wasn’t an Egyptian Prince. Miriam was called to the court to be interrogated about the matter, but she refused to be agreeable to the Pharoah, who in the movie was Ramesses. So then the Pharaoh, Ramesses, threatens to cut off her arm but Moses immediately came to her rescue and revealed to everyone that he was indeed a Hebrew. He was exiled from Egypt.

In the Bible the story of Moses began under the rule of an unknown Pharaoh, who was threatened because of the abrupt increase in number of the Israelites, who were at that time slaves to the Egyptians. He was afraid because he knew that he was mistreating them, and he was afraid that a revolt would happen. The Egyptians were going to be outnumbered if ever it happened, and it would mean defeat for him. To prevent this, he ordered everyone to kill a newborn Israelite baby if it was a boy, but be allowed to live if it was a girl.


The Israelites have been living under the harsh ruling of the Egyptians for over four hundred years. It was a famine that forced the Israelites to move to Egypt because of Joseph. If you are familiar with your Bible stories, you will remember Joseph as the adviser of a Pharaoh, who had dreams with regards to the said famine. It is because of his dreams that saved Egypt and the Israelites from suffering from extreme hunger. Years passed after Joseph died though, the current Pharaoh didn’t really care about what Joseph did and for his people, so he made the order to rule over the Israelites more strictly because of his fear of being overpowered.  The Israelites were forced to work twice as hard, to build cities, and to give the Egyptians large portions of their crops.


That didn’t stop there, this said Pharaoh also gave order to kill every newborn boy, but to let the girls live. The mother of Moses was a Levite woman, who didn’t want her son to be killed so she tried to hide him inside her home for three long months, before she decided that she couldn’t do so any more. This lead her to make the painful decision of putting the child in a woven basket and taking him to the Nile river. She hid him among the reeds and lilies. The Levite woman had a daughter, Miriam, who was already 12 years old at that time, so she asked her daughter to stick around and see what would happen to the baby.


Then the most unexpected thing happened, the daughter of the Pharaoh decided to take bath at the Nile River. She happened to spot the basket and ordered one of her servants to bring it to her. When they opened it, they were surprised to find a baby. The princess took her as her own. I believe she spotted Miriam, who was standing there at the sides, and ordered her to look for a Hebrew woman to take care of the baby. Miriam immediately went and called her mother. This baby was named “Moses” as “I drew him out of the water.”



Although Moses was sort of adopted by the Egyptian princess, he was raised with Hebrew values and love for God because of his biological mother, who was disguised as a simple nurse.  Moses learned so much as a son of a princess, but he loved the Hebrews and felt strongly that they were being mistreated. One time, Moses was walking around some construction site in Egypt when he saw an Egyptian soldier hurting a helpless Hebrew. Moses immediately ran to help and ended up killing the Egyptian soldier. He buried the body and pretended that nothing happened. The next day, Moses gathered wind that some of the Hebrews were now made aware of what he had done so, in fear of being found out, he ran to Midian.

In Midian, as he was resting near a well, a couple of women came to gather water for their father’s flock. Moses immediately helped them. When the girls returned to their father, they told him of the man who helped them water their flock. Reuel, the father, invited Moses to his home, and in a few days, he gave his daughter, Zipporah, as Moses’ wife. They had a child called Gershom. The pharaoh from who Moses was running away from had died, but the Israelites slavery didn’t. They cried out to God for help, so God decided that it was time to talk to Moses.


Ever heard of the story of the burning bush?

This was when God talked to Moses and told him to go back to Egypt and help free the Israelites from slavery. With his wife and son, Moses obediently went back to Egypt and met with his brother, Aaron, on the way there. Together they faced the Pharaoh. As the Lord has said, the Egyptians didn’t let them go because they couldn’t afford to lose their slaves, and this was the time that Moses performed the Plagues of Egypt.


So yes, that’s the real story of Moses according to the Bible, and the event wherein Ramesses threatened to cut of arm of Moses’ sister, Miriam, happened in the movie – “EXODUS: Gods And Kings”.  Hopefully, this short article has helped clarified your confusion or questions. If you have anymore questions about anything at all, please feel free to send us a message or leave us a comment down below. You can also subscribe to us to be able to get a daily alert in your e-mail every time we post something new! See you again!


What is it about a certain welding boot that makes you believe that it’s the best welding boot you’ve ever hand? Is it because of the inner stitching? If you ask me, the best boot should have these characteristics to be able to be crowned as the best boot.  First, I consider comfort to be a very important thing for a boot to have. If you aren’t comfortable in what you are wearing, your actions are going to be a little different than usual. You won’t be as relaxed or as focused because you are thinking about something else. Something that is totally unrelated to what you are supposed to be doing. If you are going to be spending money on something, why not spend it on something that you are comfortable with? A product that allows you to move and act freely and making you feel like you are capable of doing anything.


Second, since a working boot is going to be used in unfavorable places like a factory where there might be sharp metal pieces scattered in the ground that you may not see so you accidentally step on it, the boot has to be tough and durable. It should be able to come out okay if faced with certain conditions. It should be tough enough to protect your feet when something undesirable happens.



And lastly, a boot should be able to last for a while, at least not lesser than six months or else it will feel like you are throwing your money. A good boot should be able to pay for itself in the long run. That’s why when you buy a boot, I suggest that you take a good look at it’s quality and the price. Take the two together as one. Is it really worth it’s price or will you just be overspending on a low quality boot?


Here are some boots that are worth taking a look at:




It’s a pull-on boot so it’s easy to wear, you just need to put your feet inside. There’s no more need to tie anything, and nothing to trip over. It’s made of top quality leather than won’t easily fade or peel off. And take a good look at that thick rubber sole. Doesn’t that make you feel confident that you can step on a room full of thumbtacks and come out unwounded? Because I really feel like that. The shaft of this boot measure 9.5 inches away from the arch. I know that it looks a little distressed but that’s just the design so the boot can have a little character in it. Do you see that pull handles at the collar of the boots? That’s so you can easily pull the boot up when you are putting it on. The out sole of this boot is also slip resistant, so you’ll be able to use this boot in wet areas with no problem.



It may not look like it but this boot gas a steel toe to protect your feet if ever something heavy drops to directly above your feet. I forgot to mention that this boot is also electric-hazard, so yes, no matter where you are working, you can be sure that this boot has got you covered.


Here’s a great review about it:

“A great price for a full leather steel toed boot. Sizes run big, so you will likely need a half to full size smaller. The exchange process is very simple. Amazon even shipped the smaller pair before receiving the return (just make sure you are ordering from Amazon, and not an Amazon market partner as each partner sets its own return and exchange rules). I wear the boots occasionally, and would probably pay the extra money for redwings if I wore them all day, every day. ” —— Sparky



You can purchase this boot for 63.99 USD to 84.95 USD.  It has basically almost the same characteristics with the CAT boot above. It’s made of high quality leather for a cheaper size. It has a thick rubber sole that will be able to protect the soles of your foot in risky environments without any problems. This boot can take anything. The shaft also measures 6 inches from the arch. It is also electrical hazard approved, so you can use this if you are an engineer in power plant. The noticeable difference between the two is that this boot has an external metatarsal protection. It doesn’t only protect your toes but also the little bones that connect your toes to your ankles. This boot also has a padded collar for a comfortable feel, and inside there is an insole cushion so you willl be  able to relax and have relief all day long.


Here’s a review about it:


“The boots were pretty stiff at first, took a couple days to loosen up. Pretty good quality but the laces are crap. Buy some better laces and save some aggregation. Mine lasted about two weeks. When the boots came there was a price tag on the box of $49.99 They’re a little slick if you work in a wet area especially wet steel grating or deck plate. ” – David Tibbs


What is it about a boot that makes you think that it’s the best boot for welding? What do you think about the two boots we just featured? Have you tried any of the two? What is the best welding boot for you? We’d love to hear from you so go on and send us a message or leave comment down below! We’d also really appreciate it if you can share this page with your friends and co-workers! It is our goal to reach out to different people and help them get the best boot for themselves!  Anyway, if you want to read more articles, feel free to browse around our website. You can even subscribe to us so you can get that daily e-mail alert everytime we post a new article.

Comfortable Welding Boots

If you are looking for welding boots, be sure to choose for comfort instead of style. Honestly, I’m really puzzled about those people who choose to be stylish but are okay with being uncomfortable for long periods of time. At the end of the day, their feet have all these blisters and red spots which could’ve been prevented if they choose out of comfort and a little less because of style instead. I believe that comfort is very important because it also dictates how your work for today will go about. For example, if a conservative woman tries to wear a short skirt for the first time, most likely, she will be tugging the ends of the skirt to go down a little lower. Instead of gathering compliments of how she looks good in the skirt, instead people will notice how uncomfortable she looks in it.


This principle is the same when you are going to purchase a welding boot. Remember, you are going to be using that boot for long periods of time so if your feet aren’t comfortable in it, then how will you be able to concentrate on your work? All you will be thinking about is how much pain the boot is giving to your feet. Sadly, this could result to a decrease in quality of your finished product, which I am sure is something that you strongly do not want to happen.


There are lots of stylish and yet dependable boots in the market today, plus they are quite tough and durable. Here are a couple of boot choices that you should take a look at:



Here is an image of it. That leather sure looks like it’s of good quality right? It really is. It’s an imported product and it’s made of only the top leather materials that are sure to last you for years. And take a good look at that thick rubber sole, doesn’t it look like nothing can get past it? No matter how sharp the object you stop on is, you can be sure that the CAT’s rubber sole will be there to protect the sole of your foot. And since it is a product of CAT, it has been incorporated with the essence of a True Work Protection that can only come from an original CAT product. On the front of the boot, you will probably notice the shield looking addition… This is what they call the CAT Metatarsal Guard. Metatarsal refers to the little bones that connects your toes to your ankles.


If you take a good look at the boot, you will also notice that it features a full grain leather construction. Everything is top quality when it comes to a CAT product. The CAT brand has been around for quite a while, that it has become one of the most trusted boots for men and women because of their comfort, durability, and style. Take a look at the collar of the boot and you will notice that it is padded – the purpose of this is that it provides additional comfort for the user. With this boot, you are sure to be ready for anything that can come your way.

The dimensions of this product are 12 x 8 x 4 inches, and it weighs about 5 pounds. If you don’t live in the United States, don’t worry because this product is also available for you.


Here’s nice review about it from Amazon:

“I ordered these boots for the first time and have not been disappointed. Very comfy work boots and they take a beating and keep on going. The only downside of these boots is when you kneel down, the upper armor kinda binds up on you but I adjusted to that issue. Very awesome work boots.” – TJ Hatfield


You can purchase this boot for 114.99 – 172.00 US DOLLARS in Amazon. Plus it comes with free shipping.





Take a look at this yellow boot. It’s rubber soles are even more thicker than the boot above. The shaft of this boot measures an approximation of 6 inches from the arch.  And it may not look like it, but this boot is actually waterproof, plus it has an anti-odor treatment and of course with the well-known Timberland PRO 24/7 comfort suspension arch support. The toe of this boot is also insulated so your toes are toasty and warm even if the weather outside is freezing.


The dimensions of this product is 12 x 9 x 6 inches. This boot is a little lighter than the one above at 3 pounds. Sadly, this product can only be shipped within the US and APO/FPO addresses. The brand TIMBERLAND has also been around for quite sometime.. I think since 1999. They have also been known for making top quality boots for men and women that are safe, durable, and comfortable.

Here’s a nice review about it from Amazon:

“I have owned these shoes for about 6 months now and am absolutely pleased with the make and quality – its a BMW of the shoes!
Great styling is why I bought the shoes for but it surprised me in other perfornamce avenues – for e.g. its simply great in the snow. Its very light for its size and very comfortable to wear for long hours. It is water resistant like they claim.
Overall, expensive shoe but you get what you pay for, a great buy for those who need it or want it just for the styling.
By the way, I bought the shoes at Sears and it was a great experience, they even exchanged the shoe for a different size few days later without issues. – Shishir Bhatia”


You can purchase this boot for 129.95 US DOLLARS. Yes, also comes with free shipping if you buy from Amazon.



As we come to an end, I hope that you will be able to find that comfortable welding boot that’s specially made for you. If you want to read more articles like this one, feel free to browse around our website, or better yet, subscribe to us so you can get daily alerts in your e-mail whenever we have posted a new topic. We’d also love to hear from you! if you have any comments, or products that you wish to be reviewed, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment or send us a message.


What Cause Pinholes In Welds

Hello there! Today we are going to be discussing about pinholes and what causes them to appear in welds. Every welder has probably encounter what we call commonly call as a “pinhole” or sometimes it is referred to as type of porosity. Of course, it would only be right to begin this article by defining all the terms that we will be using here so that you won’t be confused as you go and read until the end. So here’s a short definition of terms:

  • WELDING – (v.) “to join pieces of metal together by heating the edges until they begin to melt and then pressing them together.
    – “to join or bring (people or things) close together
  • WELDER – (n.) “a person whose job is to weld materials together.”
  • PINHOLE – (n.) “a very small hole made by a pin or in some other way.”

Thanks to Merriam-Websters dictionary for these meanings, but I’ll further explain what a pinhole is – just in case you are still confused. If you are a welder, you have most probably seen these in your finished products. Here’s a photo of it:



Can you see the small holes that look like acne scars on some person’s face? There by the glare of the light. Yep, those are what we call as pinholes. These are considered to be a bad thing… In fact, these are a welding defect. Often times, pinholes can be cause by too high welding temperatures. This is because there is a trapped gas inside and when it tries to push out of the surface, it forms into these little holes which aren’t really nice to look at. Seeing pinholes during welding is a common occurrence and problem that every welder has to face. Pinholes are sometimes called as “spherical porosity”. But wait, before we continue – what is posority? We’ve been using the term but we forgot to define it.

  • POROSITY – (n.) “is the quality or state of being porous.”
    – “pore”; “the ratio of the volume of interstices of a material to the volume of its mass.”

Even if a pinholes is considered as a “welding defect”, it isn’t taken seriously because it can be easily prevented. Of course, to be able to know how to prevent something from happening, we must first learn what causes something to happen in the first place. We have gathered the reasons far and wide to find out.

  1. AIR or a draft is getting in the way of the shielding gas during the welding. This could come from fans or overhead fans or air conditioner. It would be an important task for welders to be aware of their environment and not just work work work their asses off.
  2. Sometimes it’s because of the distance between the weld nozzle from the weld puddle. You will have to bring it a little bit closer because if it’s too far away, the amount or volume of the shielding gas may be diminished before it has even reached the weld and because of this, there’s a possibility that the shielding gas will mix with the atmosphere gas which in turn may affect the weld
  3. Moisture is a no no. Just like in wounds, moisture is a no no because it can promote the growth of bacteria.. It is also like this in welding. You can preheat the metal, which is actually a great choice, or you could wipe it thoroughly and make sure that everything is already dry and ready to be used. Oh, and by the way, it would also be a great move if before welding you will be able to take some time to clean the two side of the metal you are going to be welding today.  Be sure that the wire you are going to us is free from rust and any dirt.

    Pinholes can really by caused by this. It’s a simple instruction to remember right? By doing so, you are preventing any new pinholes when you’ve just finished using it.

  4. Double check the welding joint if it is open at the root. If it is open, it could suck the air out from the backside and the unprotected liquid metal can be easily absorbed.
  5. The gas hose could also be a contributing factor. Please make sure that it isn’t kinked or smashed because then it’s ability to think properly leaves on with you. It would be best of your hose is only just right… not too short or not too tight,
  6. It could also mean that the gas flow of your far is high. I coudln’t really find any significant information.
  7. Make sure that the wire you are using has been cleaned. Please avoid contamination especially with paint, oil, grease, glue, and oil. These substances all have the ability to let out poisonous fumes.


Of course if you want a much easier route, you can always go for just using a epoxy, like this one:



With this product, you will be able to do more because you won’t have to be too worried about the knees. You can use this product for you china needs, ceramic, automotive, or metal. You can also use this underwater without any problems. You now have a buddy whenever you feel like fixing the bathroom or the tub to be more specific. This product will be able to help you plug holes and keep them plugged. You will just have to wait for at least 20 up to 30 minutes before it’s all ready. You can buy this product at 7.59 US DOLLARS! It was 22.60 US Dollars before so yes, it really a huge discount on the price.  Here’s a great review about it:


“Excellent product, I had a leak in my car and tried to get it fixed at an auto repair facility. The asking price for the leak was around $600 bucks and that was for diagnostics and repair. I located the leak, purchased this item and fixed it myself. A $600 job fixed with an item that costs less than $10. Talk about highway robbery when it comes to getting your car repaired in a shop!” – Nino Marcelin


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Winter Welding Jacket

Today, we are going to be talking about the importance of owning a winter welding jacket. You don’t have to buy a winter jacket separately from the jackets that you use during the hot season. In this article, you will be reading about the characteristics of a good winter welding jacket and also, we will give you examples of jackets to buy and where you can buy them. Hopefully, with the help of this article, you will be able to realize whether a certain jacket is for you or not.  Remember that when buying a jacket, comfort is one of the important factors to think about when you are buying a jacket.


J. Tillman 3930 Review


Name: John Tillman 3930 Welding Jacket

Price: 144.27 US DOLLARS. It comes with free shipping if you order from Amazon.

Owners: J. Tillman

Overall Rank:    09 out of 10


J. Tillman 3930, Product Review


You’ve probably heard about the J. Tillman brand once in your life, right? It’s such a popular brand when it comes to welding related products such as welding jackets, gloves, sleeves, and even boots.  I believe the brand has been around for quite a long time, so long that it has become one of the most trusted brand when it comes to welding accessories. Okay, now let’s talk about one of J. Tillman’s best products the 3930 Welding Jacket. This product has been manufactured from the best cowhide leather that’s available so you are sure that the quality of this jacket will not deteriorate easily. It will not fade, and it will not start peeling. The jacket looks really good. Here’s a photo of it from Amazon:

I know the model looks good too, but that’s only because the jacket looks good. The jacket is in an all black top quality cowhide leather. It is 30 inches in length and it is complete with underarm gussets. What is a gusset? If you aren’t familiar of what a gusset is then let me tell you that a gusset is “a piece of cloth that is usually in the shape of a triangle that is sewn into something (such as the underneath part of a sleeve) to make it wider or stronger.” Another meaning would be that it is “a place or bracket for strengthening an angle in a framework”. From the two meanings, you will realize that a gusset is an added foundation to strengthen something.


The Good and The Bad

The Good


As I said above, since it has been made from the best cowhide leather, then it doesn’t get worn out easily. It won’t peel, and it won’t fade away. The leather is fireproof so you won’t have to worry about getting any sparks on it. The sparks will only slide off it.  The sleeves of this jacket is lined with satin so that it can be easily put on and off, with soapstone and outside pockets. The jacket is entirely kevlar stitched.


The Bad

The jacket is a little hot if it is worn for too long but I guess it’s okay since this means that you can comfortably wear it during the winter season without getting cold. But it doesn’t get to the point of being too hot that you will sweat a lot and even if this is so, the jacket still remains comfortable.


Who is the J. Tillman 3930 Welding Jacket for?

This product is perfect for those welders who want quality and toughness. This is great if you want that one time big time type of buying. Since the jacket is durable and tough, it will not be easily worn out and will last for quite a while without any deterioration.  In the end, the product will pay for itself. Here’s a great review about the product from Amazon:

“I’v[e] been using this Tillman 3930 welding jacket for a little over a year. It’s still 100% intact; no tears, no, holes, no broken buttons.

This welding jacket is really durable and very comfortable. It is a bit heavy, but what do you want? It’s described as heavy duty top grain cowhide. I never feel like I’m going to overheat with this jacket. Even in the hottest weather last summer I felt cool as can be expected. Of course, it was still hot. I mean I was welding and it was like 90 degrees. So, what I’m trying to say is that this jacket didn’t make it any worse for me.

I love this welding jacket. I’d absolutely buy it again. I don expect to be needing one for a long time though.” – JRW



J. Tillman 3930 Welding Jacket Price

I hate to say it but the J. Tillman is a little bit on the pricey side, but as I said above since it is a very durable and strong jacket – thanks to the genuine leather it has been crafted from – it will last you for a very long time. You won’t be needing to buy a jacket maybe for about a year or maybe more, depending on how you use it.  You can purchase this jacket for 144.27 US DOLLARS at If you buy from Amazon, you will be able to avail of their free shipping so that’s a less expense for you.


My final opinion of J. Tillman 3930 Welding Jacket

As we come to an end of this product review for a winter welding jacket, I’d end with an encouragement to you to purchase this jacket. It’s comfortable so you will be able to concentrate more on your task at hand, instead of adjusting and trying to get comfy in the apparel. And even if it is pricey, the important thing is that the product is worth the money that you will pay for it. It will last you years. It is touch, durable, and strong against any external damage. It can be easily worn and it will keep you warm during the cold months.


J. Tillman 3930 Welding Jacket at a glance…


Owners: J. Tillman
Price: 144.27 US DOLLARS
Overall rank: 09 out of 10


Verdict: Legit


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Welding Tips And Tricks

So today we are going to be tackling some more welding tips and tricks that every welder – expert or still a newbie – should definitely know about. Knowing a little something more doesn’t mean that you suck at what you do, but it means that you know a few more things and that can never hurt anyone. So let’s get on with it. Here are some tips and tricks that we have gathered for you. We are not experts but we know a few things.


  • Use proper shielding gas. CO2 is a great choice if you are having a hard time penetrating welds on steel. However, you have to keep in mind that CO2 is too hot for metal. Here are some recommended mixtures for you:

    Thinner Steels
    75% ARGON
    25% CO2

    100% ARGON

    Stainless Steel
    33% ARGON
    33% CO2
    33% HELIUM

  • If you are welding thin metals, it would be best if your use a wire that’s smaller when it comes to diameter. If the metal is a bit thicker, then you should definitely switch to a larger wire and a larger machine as well.
  • Before you begin welding, make sure that all your personal protective equipment are complete and are still in a good condition. It is important that you protect yourself in whatever job you are doing. Check if your helmet is good and is still able to protect your eyes against the bright lights. Also check if the helmet you have has respiratory protection with it. Sometimes, there are metals which let out poisonous fumes as a chemical reaction. These are harmful to a person’s health so you have to have protection against it. Also check the comfort of your gloves, if you can move freely and work properly with it, then that’s a good thing. Make sure that you have all the protective gear – the helmet, the sleeves, a welding jacket, welding gloves, and welding boots.
  • It would also be best if you can check the things or areas you have to weld. The metal you are going to be welding, be sure to clean it to get rid of the rust or dust before you welding it. This will result in a much better quality of weld. Also check the wiring on your tools – drills, torches, etc. This could also prevent any accident from happening like electrocution.
  • As I stated above about the poisonous fumes, it would also be best if you can check the ventilation of your work place before you begin to weld. Make sure that air can go in and out of the place so that the fumes won’t accumulate and won’t poison you.


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Welding BackPack

Every welder needs that sturdy dependable welding backpack to carry the essential and not so essential stuff for every day use. Of course,  you can use the ordinary backpacks but did you know that there are backpacks that have been specifically made for welders like yourself? What makes these backpacks super nice is the face that the details and the pockets are precisely what a welder needs. If you don’t really understand what I am talking about, let’s take a quick look at this backpack.


Say hello to Revco’s GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack with HelmetCatch. You can get this product for 71.00 US Dollars and if you buy from Amazon, since it exceeds the minimum of 35.00 US DOLLARS, you get free shipping. Yay. Some of the nice things about this backpack is the padded back so your back will always feel comfortable and the things inside your back won’t make you feel uncomfortable or put too much pressure on your skin It also has reinforced side pockets so you can hide to keep those little things. Since a welder should never be without his or her helmet, jacket, gloves, grinder, tools, and every thing he or she might need… this bag has been designed to be able to hold all those things and a little bit more. So if you are commuting to work, you won’t have to hold onto your helmet all throughout the ride, but you will be able to put it inside your backpack – securely and in a pocket of it’s own. It won’t interfere with your other things because it’s safety away or separated from them. Here is a picture of the said bag:



The stitches of the bag are tough so they won’t be cut very easily. If you can see that bulge, that resembles the belly of a pregnant woman, that’s the place where you hide your helmet. You can’t see it in the photo but this bag also has internal pockets for more storage space.

Here’s a great review about it from Amazon:

“a very well made product,a true welders bag,all the zips clips and velcro straps are heavy duty long lasting ,but what makes this bag different is that it has zips inside to change the hard plastic that re enforces the walls of the bag well worth the money. – Nageeb”

Having a backpack that’s specifically made for your welding tools and protective gear is quite nice. You know where to find everything and your things don’t get all jumbled together like fruit salad. If there are delicate or fragile things in your bag, then with a welding backpack, you will have the opportunity to separate them and put them in their own pockets. Plus, with this kind of system, you won’t have a hard time looking for your things since each and every little thing has their own pocket.


So why don’t you go and get a welding backpack of your own? It doesn’t have to be expensive. The backpack we talked about here is being sold for 71.00 US DOLLARS, yes, but in the long run, you will come to realize that the product will pay for itself. You won’t need to buy another one every few months because with it’s tough materials… The backpack will surely last you for a while. Do you use a welding backpack too? How does it compare with a normal backpack? Tell us by leaving a comment or sending us a message. We’d love to hear from you. Don’t forget to subscribe to us so you can get daily alerts about everything that is welding related. Be the first to know!