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The problem with today is not the shortage of welding safety gear in the market, but the abundance for it. Well, it really depends if you see it as a problem or as a blessing. I am guessing that it only becomes a problem when you allot an absurd amount of time to browsing aimlessly for hours without reaching a decision. With all that time in your hands, you could have done something a lot more productive compared to sitting in front of a screen and clicking from page to page; if only you were able to cut down the browsing time. Yes, I totally understand that, of course, you want to buy the best one in the market because you deserve the very best, but don’t you wish that your choices were at least narrowed down?

That’s what this website is all about – to help you choose the best, to help you reach a decision, to let you in on what’s a great buy and what isn’t. Why would you trust us? Because we know what we are talking about when it comes to welding. You see, choosing the sleeve to use is important. You have to remember that buying the right one will gain you a lot of benefits, like you are being shielded against harmful ultraviolet radiation that could cause health problems in the long run. That is not all, a great sleeve will also be able to protect you from serious injuries and burns.

You have to choose a clothing that won’t easily catch sparks and burn your skin. As I said above, these sleeves can protect you from UV rays, but also from spatter, and slag. It has been proven that the best safety gear are those that come from the following materials:

  • Wool
  • Leather
  • Cotton
  • Denim

NEVER go for SYNTHETIC MATERIALS. You see, synthetic materials can be easily burned and if you are using it during it’s melting phase, it can stick to your skin and cause a severe injury. Most synthetic products are made from plastic materials. So choose the material from any of the four mentioned above. If you are doubting about the cotton material, don’t worry. It’s true that cotton can also catch fire easily, unlike the other three, but cotton will just smolder, and you will be able to snuff it out quickly. If you do it as quick as possible, then no harm can come to you.

Aside from sleeves, you may also try putting on:

  • WELDING JACKETS – Normally, leather material ones. However, they are quite hot to wear when you are welding in a place with a warmer climate.
  • WELDING BIBS – This is for neck, shoulders, and chest protection. It also keeps you arms from restrictions and cools you while you weld.
  • WELDING APRONS – These are able to give you freedom when you are moving. Cooler than a leather jacket.
  • WELDING GAUNTLETS – If you are stick welding, this can be able to protect your arms.
  • WELDING BOOTS – This can save you a lot of pain and aggravation if ever anything you are carrying or what ever thing accidentally falls on your toes.

Since you are going to be dealing with electricity, you need to make sure that your choices are not conductive to electricity. Double check if your clothing is dry and is not a flammable material. It would be common sense for you not to wear wet or even damp clothing because electricity can pass through water especially if there’s a lot of materials mixed together in the water like salt, chlorine, etc. The human body contains a lot of electrolytes, thus water can easily pass through a person’s body.

Moving on to the important part of this article – the sleeves.

If you don’t want to buy sleeves because you are saving money, or you just don’t want to buy, you may want to gather up your old pants and just use that material to create your own sleeve from it. It will save you money, and you will just need someone who will make it for you. That shouldn’t be too hard, right? If you are a woman, you probably know how to do it because women are resourceful. If you are a guy and you know how to do it, then good job! If you don’t know how to do it though, or if you are too lazy to do it, you can find a girlfriend who will do it for you, or you can head to a local shop or the internet to buy. The sleeves, not the girlfriend.

Here are a couple of great products that you can check out:

  1. BLACK STALLION BSX (Kevlar Sleeves)

    – You can get this at Amazon for 17.31 US dollars.
    – This is a product from REVCO INDUCTRIES.
    – As you can see on the picture (below), the product is form fitting thus it won’t get in the way of your movements, and it isn’t saggy to catch flame, and even if it is sagging, you don’t have to worry because it is flame-resistant!
    – This sleeve will be able to protect you from light sparks, heat, cuts, and abrasions.
    – This product is number one in Amazon’s Industrial and Scientific > Health and Safety Products > Personal Protective > Equipment > Hand and Arm Protection > Sleeves category.


– Just like the first one, this sleeve is also made from Kevlar material, which makes it have a 100% hear protection.
– It is able to repel oil, fuels, and other corrosive liquids.
– If you are working in a cold environment, this will also help keep your arms warm.
– You can get it at Amazon for 18.95 US dollars.


3. G & F 58122 CUTShield 14-Inch Long Sleeve Cut & Slash Resistant

– You can get this at only 10.44 US dollars
– I personally like this one because it also protects your fingers! You may refer at the picture below.
– It offers four times stronger protection compared to leather.

Hopefully our short article has helped you. If it did, feel free to share it with your family, friends, and workmates as it may help them too. If it didn’t, leave us a comment so that we can improve.

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