black stallion welding jackets

Black Stallion Welding Jackets

It is not uncommon for there to be some amount of boredom and dull routine when performing a task that is repetitive in nature. Take the workplace for example. The phrase “thank God it’s Friday” is often heard there, but more than that, it is quite obvious that on a Friday many employees dress to impress and celebrate the end of the work week. At some workplaces there is even a relaxation of uniform requirements on a Friday and semi formal attire is allowed. If you are the kind of professional who likes some swag in your daily routine then keen attention to your dress code may be high on your agenda. In the welding field the Black Stallion Welding Jacket makes every day seem like a Friday.



By combining heat resistant properties with up tempo attractiveness the feeling of protection with finesse is a definite reality. In the first instance a variety of colors are used in the design of a jacket which gives the wearer the feeling of modeling a finely crafted garment. In a strange way this creates a feeling of satisfaction in the person wearing the jacket. With this peace of mind the daily chores seem a little easier to perform. It has even been said by some of the folks who wear it that there is an increase in the attention received from many an admirer. One cannot help wondering if this was part of the strategy used in the design.



The hallmark of a well made Welding Jacket is that it should be ergonomically compatible with the demands of the trade. What is not desired is a stiff jacket which breaks. As for fire protection the best jackets survive the different welding types. The average Joe, having the need to make or repair equipment practices arc welding, TIG welding is practiced by trained professionals doing tasks requiring finesse and great accuracy.  There are also MIG and Oxy Acetylene welding, the latter of which generates great heat, great enough to pierce steel. A good welding jacket should withstand each welding type without holes opening up in it.


Because this jacket is attractive it is often used as a gift. It is made to fit over winter sweatshirts and welding bibs. The high neck collar offers increased protection. While being versatile enough to handle MIG and TIG welding it is lightweight and its durability is admirable. It may be worn for a long period since it may be machine washed.

black stallion welding jackets

It is possible to find safety gear that protects from intense temperatures while at the same time allowing one to look and feel their best whether it is a helmet, glove, boot or complete overall. With this welding attire you can perform the important job tasks and still wear a jacket that is a sharp looking piece of apparel with lots of pockets and snaps for closures. Red flames on the sleeves pay homage to working with fire. Have no fear though, it only mimics the fire, you will not get burnt.

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