If you are looking for some TIG WELDING TIPS FOR ALUMINUM, then you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to be giving you some helpful advice about TIG Welding and welding overall. If you are a beginner or if you want to pursue welding, welding articles may seem a little scary to read, and not to mention confusing! So let’s take it slow. I’m guessing you already know what welding is so let’s go on with TIG. TIG is short for Tungsten Inert Gas welding, but there’s another name for it which is Gas Tungsten Arc Welding so sometimes it is also being referred to as GTAW.

What type of welding process is this? Well, this is an arc welding process that makes use of a non-consumable tungsten electrode to be able to produce weld. TIG is special since it will require you to use both of your hands! One of your hands will be use to hold the TIG Torch, which will be the one to produce the arc while your other hand is going to hod the filler metal to the weld joint. Yep, TIG is a process wherein you need to add a filler metal. Actually it is because of this that made TIG the most difficult welding process to learn. However, a good thing about TIG is that it is versatile when we are talking about different types of metal. Through TIG, you will be able to produce the highest quality of weld. Most welders turn to TIG when they need to make critical weld joints and in welding metals other than steel (in this case Aluminum).

Tungsten is a hard and slightly radioactive brittle metal. In TIG, the welders turn tungsten to a non consumable electrode to be used to create the arc for TIG welding. You will also find tungsten in light bulbs, heating elements, and rocket engines.




Before you begin welding, you have to make sure that everything is ready. This includes your PPE or Personal Protective Equipment. As said above, tungsten is slightly radioactive so you need your protection. Don’t risk your health for a job when you have ways to protect yourself. Wear that helmet! Wear that jacket! Wear those boots! Also another thing would be to make sure that everything that you need is within arms reach since you will need two hands for TIG Welding.

Okay, TIG requires three things and these are heat, shielding, and a filler metal. Make sure these are complete! Heat will come from the electricity passing through the tungsten electrode. Shielding will come from the compressed bottle of gas that will flow to the weld area. This gas will protect your weld from environmental air specifically oxygen which may cause rusting. And the filler metal is a wire that you are holding with your other hand. You will dip this into the arc and it will melt.


Hopefully, you have easily understood the TIG Welding Tips for Aluminum today, enough to put them into action. It’s short but you can come back next time for more. Thank you for reading until here. If you have anymore questions or you are in need of clarifications, our comment section below is open so don’t hesitate to drop a comment or two. However, you can also send us a message if you like! It would be our pleasure to be able to help you find the answers that you seek. Don’t forget to tell your friends or co-workers about us! Maybe they could use some tips as well. We hope to see you again soon! Enjoy your 2016! Have a happy New Year!