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Ariat Men’s 8″ Groundbreaker Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boots Review

Today, we are going to be doing a review about Ariat Men’s 8″ Groundbreaker Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boots! Is the brand really important when it comes to choosing a work boot? Possibly. Since the brand says a lot about how will the product will perform. That’s why a lot of companies take really good care of their brands. As a consumer, you should be able to trust the brand that you have purchased so that you will have a peace of mind and you won’t feel that you just threw your money away. Paying for a trusted brand’s product will make you feel like you did the right decision. Now, how about Ariat? Can this brand be trusted?


Let’s check out a little history about Ariat. Knowing the past will somehow give us more confidence about the future. Ariat is a brand that has been founded on two things and those are technology and innovation. Their goal is to make the highest-quality footwear and apparel for equestrian athletes. Oh no, does this mean that their boots aren’t meant to be used by welders or workers? No, it just means that they focus on athletes but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use their boot while you are working. They claim that their boots are made for those people who ride, ranch, and work outdoors. It can’t be denied that equestrian riders and workers face hard situations as well as welders do. They make sure that their apparel will be able to keep up with their consumers daily activities. And you do need a boot that will not easily wear off. Each day, Ariat strives to redesign, reimagine, and reshape the world but all the while staying true to their values and traditions which helped build their company in the first place.


Let’s take a look at this boot from Amazon:



This boot can be purchased from the popular online shop Amazon. I’m sure you’ve heard of that online shop before. You don’t even have to be an American to know about it. The price of this boot starts at 139.99 US DOLLARS to 159.95 US DOLLARS. Before purchasing, make sure that you know what your actual size is or else, you’ll have to return the product so it can get replaced. That’s the problem with buying online, since you can’t exactly fit the product before you purchase it. The boot is made from synthetic leather that looks and feels real. Ariat guarantees that this synthetic material will not peel off easily or discolor. The sole of this boot is also synthetic hard rubber. It will still be able to protect your feet sole from getting injured or penetrated in case you accidentally step on a sharp object. The shaft of this boot measures 8″ from the arch. It also comes with a steel top cap which will protect your feet from being squished just in case something heavy falls over your feet.


Welders who work near a body of water will be happy with this boot since it is waterproof. Now you don’t have to worry about the water damaging your boot and getting your socks soaked. It also comes with a 4LR (TM) foot bed for additional comfort.


Here is what a customer said about the boot after he or she made the purchase:


“I work 6 days a week and there comfortable every day I put them on. I work at a shop and I’m always standing underneath cars and my feet are always great. I wear them dirtbiking, and I wore them to prom. Best boots I ever bought. 10/10 will buy them again.” — Myles VonHolbeck


What do you think of the boots? Are you interested in purchasing it? If you are, you better add it to your cart since the product is still currently in stock.


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