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Ariat Men’s Cascade 8″ Work Boot Review

For today’s review, we are going to explore some more of Ariat Men’s work boots and that’s their Cascade 8″ boot. Amazon is a great online shop because it is convenient and the quality of the products that they sell aren’t compromised. Online shopping has been embraced by a lot of people because it is really easy to do and doesn’t require you to leave your computer. If you are a busy person, it’s really understandable if you don’t have three hours to spare just going around the mall to look for some shoes. However, online shopping is also beneficial for people who don’t like online shopping. Think of it like you are window shopping but online! You can check out what brand and what product you like, and then go check it out in real life. Saves you the time of walking around.


Let’s get on with our review!





The price of this boot starts at 97.58 US DOLLARS up to 139.95 US DOLLARS. Unlike other over priced boots, I can say that this one is actually affordable and also with regards to it’s quality. You just can’t go wrong with this boot. The color of the boot in the picture is Aged Bark. It has been made with genuine tough leather, and it comes with a synthetic sole. The sole is made from hard durable rubber that doesn’t allow sharp objects to penetrate it easily. The shaft measures approximately 8″ from the arch.


I like this boot because of it’s long neck. It does make you look more like a cowboy than a welder, but that’s okay since in exchange, you will get additional area coverage. It isn’t only your feet that the boot keeps protected, but also your ankle and lower part of your leg.


Ariat is a great brand, and to ensure that their boots are truly capable of protection, they have equipped this boot with what they call the ATS or that’s Advanced Torque Stability Technology. What does this technology offer? Somehow the boot helps keep you on your feet and well balanced. The company hopes that this will lessen the strain on your feet and knees and allow you to perform better. When you are comfortable with your clothing, you will be able to concentrate more on what you are doing than being distracted.


Let’s take this review from a customer for example:


These are some great boots. I’ve had them for over 3 years and still gowing strong. I have put them through tons of different work. From yardwork to farm work. I have bought a lot of of different styles of boots since these and I keep going back to these cascades. The original laces did not last too long but replacement laces are cheap. They are stiff to break in at first but it found that if you skip the 5 hole and only use the first hook and wrap the exsess around they fit perfect. The insole is not real comfortable but it is really supportive. The rubber sole is starting to separate from the georgia heat but nothing to worry about. Great boots and look good.” — Country Boy


The boot has been given a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars by 30 reviewers. How about you? What do you think of the boots? Would you purchase them for yourself or for someone else?


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