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Ariat Men’s Hermosa Steel Toe Work Boots Review

For today’s product review, we are going to check out another product from Ariat Men’s which is their Hermosa Steel toe work boots. Hermosa in Spanish means that a person is lovely or beautiful, so let’s see if this boot is worthy of being called as hermosa. Here is an image of the boot:



What do you think? I think it looks like some old Spanish boot for generals or governors. It truly is hermosa, in my own opinion anyway. The price of this boot starts at 124.99 US DOLLARS to 194.99 US DOLLARS. The boot is made from high quality genuine leather, and it comes with a hard rubber synthetic sole. The sole will surely keep sharp objects from hurting your feet. Any injury or wound can lead to an infection which is something that you do not want to experience, because that will cost you money to get it treated, and you may have to be absent from work for a few days.


The shaft of this boot measures approximately 8 inches from the arch, and it comes with a premium grain leather for the foot and upper part. You can tell from the photo that it is a really made of quality leather. The boot has also been equipped with a Cobalt (TM) XR technology with temperature management and an advanced support.


Let us read up on some customer reviews about the boot:


“I may have needed to order a wide pair of these. They seemed somewhat more narrower than the previous pair of Ariats I owned. They also took over a month to break in. I kept getting rubbing on the back of heels and had to wear two pair of socks to prevent blisters. Last week was the first week I was able to go with just one pair. Be aware, I do have custom made arch supports which I did not have last time I owned a pair of Ariats so this could have everything to do with the issues stated. That all being said, now that they are broken in I wear them all day every day while doing a lot of walking. As long as they last more than year, which my last two pair of Caterpillars did not, I will be happy.” —- Bryan T. Ash


“I bought these same boots a year ago.. The Store did not carry the EE width.. I was surprised to have found these on Amazon, and more surprised they were in the wide size I really needed.. I’m sure as I break these new ones in they will be more comfortable than the ones I currently wear.. I work in the Mojave Desert and these have lasted the a good solid year of abuse from land scaping and road flagging… Far superior to the crappy boots from Xmart..” — Tim R


“I have just begun to break them in and have only worn them once. I am on a ranch and worked some heifers in the morning and spent the afternoon cutting a downed large oak tree. Boots performed very well. My expectation is that they will be as advertised.” — John K. Scarborough



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