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Ariat Men’s Sierra Steel Square Toe Western Work Boots Review

Today we are going to do a review of another product from Ariat men’s which is their Sierra Steel Square Toe Western Work Boots! With this boot, you will feel like you are a cowboy as well. Personally, I like looking at long neck boots because not only do they look good but they also provide an extra scope of protection. Many welders make the common mistake of taking for granted the protection for their footwear because they think that the feet is far from the area of welding. The welding boot is part of your personal protective equipment so you should not take it lightly.


You can find a lot of welding boots at Amazon! Are you familiar with this website? Amazon is a great place to do some online shopping without the need to leave the comfort of your home or your office. You can even get your product delivered to your doorstep. It’s very convenient, fast, and easy to learn. You can also pay online!


So, let’s go ahead and take a look at Ariat’s Sierra Steel Square Toe Work Boot.


What do you think about the boot? Looks like a real cowboy boot, but welders can use it. you can purchase this boot starting at the price of 161.26 US DOLLARS to 179.95 US DOLLARS. Currently, this product is included in the sale that’s happening at Amazon so you can purchase it at the lowest price available in the select options. It is expected to fit about 80 percent so make sure that you get the right size.


The boot is made from high quality leather with a thick synthetic sole. The shaft of the boot measures approximately 10″ from the arch, the heel measures approximately 1.5″, and the boot opening measures approximately 13.5″ around. The boot has been equipped with an ATS Advanced Torque Stability technology with a composite forked shank. It has a wide square toe profile and it comes with mesh lining.


The product dimension is in 12 x 8 x 4 inches. The shipping weight is 2 pounds.


You can put your trust in the Ariat brand, and I’m sure that you will feel comfortable with the boot since it is capable of supporting and cushioning your feet as you move. The boot can also help promote good posture and it will help reduce your fatigue while you are working. Since it comes from Ariat, it has been equipped with a low-friction surface to help protect your feet from heat build-up and blistering. It also has some shock absorbing gel cushion that reduces the skeletal impact stress on knees, hips, and as well as the lower back. Ariat boots were founded with only one objective and that is to provide the most technologically advanced boots. Before it was only used by equestrian athletes, but now a lot of workers or welders have turned to Ariat for protection.


Here are customer reviews about the case:


“I love these boots. They’re comfortable straight from the box, slip proof even with oil or diesel, look great, don’t stink and the square steel toe works great.” — K. Downey



They fit pretty tight then they stretched out quite a bit.” — Zach



 “Nice boots, but the stitching on the upper part of the boot came undone. As I wear these boots every day, I had to make a quick stitch repair myself. Doesn’t look great, but at least I can wear them.” — Craig


The boots were given an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars.



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