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Ariat Men’s Workhog Composite Toe Work Boots Review

For today’s product review, we are going to be discussing another boot from Ariat Men and that is their Workhog composite toe work boots. 


This is what the Ariat Workhog Composite Toe Work Boot looks like. It’s a pull on boot so it’s very easy to use. There’s no set of complicated laces that you have to do before you can use the boot. It’s very convenient for people who are always on the good. You will just have to slip your feet in and you are all good.


The price of this boot starts at 169.94 US DOLLARS to 237.99 US DOLLARS. Yes, the boot is a little pricey but I believe that it is worth it. Let’s be honest, a boot of great quality will be able to pay for itself in the long run. This boot could last you years which in a way allows you to save money of having to purchase a new boot. The sole of this boot is synthetic but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be able to protect your feet from getting injured in any case that you might step on a sharp object. The sole is thick and made of hard rubber. The shaft of this boot measures approximately 10 inches from it’s arch.


On the topic on what it has been made of, the boot was made with premium full grain leather for the foot and the upper part both. It won’t easily crack if you take care of it right. Ariat has also equipped the boot to have ATS (which stands for Advanced Torque Stability) technology with a composite forked shank. It comes with a synthetic lining. The boot also comes with an oil and slip resistant out sole.


You also won’t have to worry about your safety. The boot comes with a composite toe protection. The composite material is different from the steel toe boot. They are perfect if you only need a moderate level of protection. Don’t get me wrong, composite toes are still very capable of protecting your feet in case something heavy falls on them. They pass the standards but they are just not rated as high as the steel or the alloy toe. Usually, composite toes are made of non-metal materials like kevlar, carbon fiber, plastic, or fiber glass.


More good news about this boot is that since it has been equipped with the ATS technology (the one we discussed above), it is able to help the wearer have the maximum torsional stability for the reduction of foot fatigue and even proper body alignment. It’s hard to believe that a boot will be able to give that, but this boot can. It is also lightweight and has an EVA cushioning. This boot is definitely the perfect combination of comfort and durability.


Now then, let us proceed to read up on some customer review about the boot:


“These boots are a breath of fresh air. I came into these from a pair of Georgia loggers and let me just say, there is no comparison. This is a top notch boot, from A to Z.

First, the break in. I walk 3mi each and every weekday; that is 15mi a week. These boots were never very hard on my heels or feet, but they did rub while the broke in. This pair took 1 week, or 15mi, to break in about 90%. I did get a couple blisters, but nothing bad or painful. After the first week, the second was just a little more stretching to perfectly fit my foot. Overall I give the break-in 4of5 stars.

Next is the comfort. This boot has it! A very soft insole is included. I usually buy an aftermarket insole because the included ones are usually pretty full of suck; that is not the case for this Ariat. I gotta say though, I don’t think it is the soft insole that makes this boot so comfy. I literally feel like my step is corrected to near perfection when I walk. Not really sure how else to explain it, but everything just feels right. This effect is so desirable that I am probably a life-time customer now as a result of just that factor. My guess is that this feeling is the result of that carbon-fiber forked shank and a new design on the outsole, combined with the EVA mid.

Toughness is so far so good. the full grain leather will scuff easy, but that should be expected. It does work into a fantastic looking piece of leather over time. All the stitching is rock solid so far with no signs of wear. The sole is dirty, but not worn down. Just a hunch, but I think this sole is going to have to be replaced in 6mo or so; it doesn’t seem to me to be tough enough, but I could be wrong.

Overall, I would instantly, without question, buy this boot again and will do so if I ever need to. I’m very glad my friend wasn’t able to successfully talk me into a pair of Justins; these are exactly what I want in a boot.”
– MR. E

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