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Best Auto Dimming Welding Helmet

If you don’t have a clear picture or direction of the welding helmet that you want, then you could be browsing online shops or websites for hours trying to find the right one. The problem with buying online is that you can’actually feel or try on the product right then and there. You would have to rely on the hopefully high resolution pictures and detailed product description. Oh and let’s not forget about the very helpful tips and reviews about certain helmets from those who have used it, recently purchased, or those websites who do honest to goodness product reviews. We need all the help we can get from them all if we decide to buy it online. Be sure to also check if the shop offers some kind of warranty or replacement in case it arrives to you damaged or is not exactly fit for you.


When you are browsing through a lot of choices, you have to have that set expectations on what you want from the product you are looking for. Doing this will help narrow down the choices that you have to choose from, cutting the time you have been idly browsing from page to page not knowing which one is right for you. Of course, I always say this advice to those who ask for it: “Buy according to what you need.” By following this mantra, you’d most likely feel more satisfied with your purchase and much contented with it.

Sometimes that flashy neon auto darkening helmet that costs 500 US dollars is not the helmet for you, no matter how great it looks or how advanced it is, or no matter how much you want it. We can’t always get everything we want in life, but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing even greater that’s waiting for us around the corner.

So how exactly will you be able to find the best auto dimming welding helmet for you? It doesn’t really matter whether you are a professional welder or just someone who does it as a hobby or who does it to  beautify their home, you will need a helmet because it will be able to give you basic and advanced protection from a lot of things.

Sometimes the brightness that a welding torch or gun emits is just too hot so the helmet shields us from this heat, especially if it’s a cool and breathable helmet. Aside from that, torches or guns also produce mega bright lights that can cause damage or stress to our eyes that why a welding helmet’s lens is tinted. There are two types of lenses available in the market. We have the passive lens. These are the lenses that have a fixed dark shade, and then to use them, you will have to push the lens over your eyes or snap your neck to get it into position. However, more people are now turning to automatic lenses for the simple reason that these are more convenient. There will be no need to change position after positioning your torch or gun or snapping your neck which could cause you neck strains in the long run. A great thing about automatic helmets is that when it is not detecting any bright light (thanks to it’s built-in sensors which are usually two or three in number), it turns to a much lighter shade which allows you to see your surroundings. It can be compared to wearing a sun glass.


A helmet does not only protect the wearer from too much brightness and heat but also from stray sparks that could land on the welder’s neck or face.

When you are welding a certain material, it could emit harmful fumes and toxic particles that are not really good for the health. The most dangerous particles that could potentially cause damage to your body system are those molecules that are small enough to be able to pass through the blood and brain barrier. That’s why the helmet that you should go for is the one that is able to give protection against these fumes. You should be able to breathe comfortably. There are helmets in the market which comes with screens or filters to make sure that the air you are inhaling is free of dangerous fumes.

Of course, with welding there is also the risk of being exposed to ultraviolet or infrared radiation which could cause harm to your body, most especially to your nerves or your immune system. Thankfully, these new automatic helmets and some selected passive lensed one, have been incorporated with special coatings that allow them to somehow protect the wearer from such rays. There are also some helmets that are able to continually protect the wearer from rays even if it isn’t plugged to a power source or if there is a power break out.

I believe that a helmet’s ability to keep it’s owner or wearer safe is what makes it the best helmet in the market. Of course, you also have to consider things such as the response time to bright light or to sudden darkness. The weight of the helmet is also something that you should forget to consider, too. If a helmet is too heavy and you are using it for long periods of time, you may soon experience neck strains or neck pains which could be dangerous to your health and also it could affect the quality of your work. However, if you are comfortable with your safety gear, this could hopefully improve the quality of your works.

As we end, I’d like to say that it is important to learn what you can about the product you are going to buy, especially if you are not going to buy it personally from a shop. Do not disregard costumer reviews, especially verified ones, because these can be really helpful to you. There are lots of articles about products these days so it’s easy to find maybe two or three articles about the product you are currently eyeing.