What is it about a certain welding boot that makes you believe that it’s the best welding boot you’ve ever hand? Is it because of the inner stitching? If you ask me, the best boot should have these characteristics to be able to be crowned as the best boot.  First, I consider comfort to be a very important thing for a boot to have. If you aren’t comfortable in what you are wearing, your actions are going to be a little different than usual. You won’t be as relaxed or as focused because you are thinking about something else. Something that is totally unrelated to what you are supposed to be doing. If you are going to be spending money on something, why not spend it on something that you are comfortable with? A product that allows you to move and act freely and making you feel like you are capable of doing anything.


Second, since a working boot is going to be used in unfavorable places like a factory where there might be sharp metal pieces scattered in the ground that you may not see so you accidentally step on it, the boot has to be tough and durable. It should be able to come out okay if faced with certain conditions. It should be tough enough to protect your feet when something undesirable happens.



And lastly, a boot should be able to last for a while, at least not lesser than six months or else it will feel like you are throwing your money. A good boot should be able to pay for itself in the long run. That’s why when you buy a boot, I suggest that you take a good look at it’s quality and the price. Take the two together as one. Is it really worth it’s price or will you just be overspending on a low quality boot?


Here are some boots that are worth taking a look at:




It’s a pull-on boot so it’s easy to wear, you just need to put your feet inside. There’s no more need to tie anything, and nothing to trip over. It’s made of top quality leather than won’t easily fade or peel off. And take a good look at that thick rubber sole. Doesn’t that make you feel confident that you can step on a room full of thumbtacks and come out unwounded? Because I really feel like that. The shaft of this boot measure 9.5 inches away from the arch. I know that it looks a little distressed but that’s just the design so the boot can have a little character in it. Do you see that pull handles at the collar of the boots? That’s so you can easily pull the boot up when you are putting it on. The out sole of this boot is also slip resistant, so you’ll be able to use this boot in wet areas with no problem.



It may not look like it but this boot gas a steel toe to protect your feet if ever something heavy drops to directly above your feet. I forgot to mention that this boot is also electric-hazard, so yes, no matter where you are working, you can be sure that this boot has got you covered.


Here’s a great review about it:

“A great price for a full leather steel toed boot. Sizes run big, so you will likely need a half to full size smaller. The exchange process is very simple. Amazon even shipped the smaller pair before receiving the return (just make sure you are ordering from Amazon, and not an Amazon market partner as each partner sets its own return and exchange rules). I wear the boots occasionally, and would probably pay the extra money for redwings if I wore them all day, every day. ” —— Sparky



You can purchase this boot for 63.99 USD to 84.95 USD.  It has basically almost the same characteristics with the CAT boot above. It’s made of high quality leather for a cheaper size. It has a thick rubber sole that will be able to protect the soles of your foot in risky environments without any problems. This boot can take anything. The shaft also measures 6 inches from the arch. It is also electrical hazard approved, so you can use this if you are an engineer in power plant. The noticeable difference between the two is that this boot has an external metatarsal protection. It doesn’t only protect your toes but also the little bones that connect your toes to your ankles. This boot also has a padded collar for a comfortable feel, and inside there is an insole cushion so you willl be  able to relax and have relief all day long.


Here’s a review about it:


“The boots were pretty stiff at first, took a couple days to loosen up. Pretty good quality but the laces are crap. Buy some better laces and save some aggregation. Mine lasted about two weeks. When the boots came there was a price tag on the box of $49.99 They’re a little slick if you work in a wet area especially wet steel grating or deck plate. ” – David Tibbs


What is it about a boot that makes you think that it’s the best boot for welding? What do you think about the two boots we just featured? Have you tried any of the two? What is the best welding boot for you? We’d love to hear from you so go on and send us a message or leave comment down below! We’d also really appreciate it if you can share this page with your friends and co-workers! It is our goal to reach out to different people and help them get the best boot for themselves!  Anyway, if you want to read more articles, feel free to browse around our website. You can even subscribe to us so you can get that daily e-mail alert everytime we post a new article.