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Best Brand of Boots For Welding

There are many brands in the market today who would shamelessly claim to be the best brand of boots when it comes to welding! It’s so hard to believe people today, but here are actually a few brands that have proven themselves time and time again. I guess the true brands that have the best products can be tested through time. Take a look at these welding boots for men:



    The Caterpillar brand or more known as CAT has been around since I was still a little girl, and it has been trusted by millions of people worldwide until today. Capture
    he boot is made from genuine high quality leather material that doesn’t fade or peel away over time. Do you see that thick rubber sole? That is sure to provide you with the protection that you need when you are walking on doubtful grounds. You may have also noticed that not only are your toes protected but also you metatarsal. The metatarsal guard protects your feet in case something heavy falls on it. The boot is also able to resist impact, heat, and chemicals.

    You can purchase this for 114.99 USD to 172.00 USD. If you buy from Amazon, you get to avail the free shipping promo for products that exceed 35.00 USD, and you also get free returns – only for this product.


    Another wonderful product from CAT. This boot was also made from genuine high quality leather that doesn’t easily fade or peel away. What makes this boot special is the man made sole it has. You can be sure that it has been given that extra attention and love from CAT. The heel of this boot measures approximately 1.25 inches, while the platform measures approximately 0.75 inches. It comes with a steel toe so you can be sure that you feet is well protected from accidental falls. Your ankle is also well protected with this boot. Your feet will feel very comfortable thanks to the padded ankle collar. The out sole of the boot is also oil resistant.

    You can purchase this boot for only 59.99 USD to 124.99 USD. You get free shipping and also free returns!


    You can purchase this boot for  166.95 USD to 186.95 USD. Yep, it’s a little expensive than the first two, but that’s because it’s from Timberland, which is also a well known and trust brand worldwide. It’s made from imported leather that will be able to last for a long time. The shaft of this boot measures approximately 4.5″ from the arch. The boot was constructed with a full grain leather. And this boot has proven time and time again that it’s a durable product and it can withstand harsh conditions.

What makes the best brand of boots for welding for you? If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to message us or leave us a comment! You can also browse around the website for more information!