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If you are trying to find the best iPhone 6S Plus case, then it won’t be a simple walk in the park. There will be lots of cases that will be out in the market by the time the iPhone 6S Plus have already gone out as well. You may find yourself confused and unable to decide what really is the best case of them all that is worth it, but no worries, you will just need to have a check list of some sorts. Each case is different but there should be something about this case that makes you want to go for it, something that makes it different from the others. This is what makes a case special and makes it stand out.

Here are some things that you should look for in a case:

How tough is it? Will it be really able to withstand the amount of damage it says it can? What is it made of? Personally, I like cases with a little bit of combination in with like steel – maybe aluminum – and a little bit of rubber. I’m not into hard plastic because it’s not really tough. It cracks after some time… I think rubber and aluminum are a great choice. Rubber because it’s elastic, and it helps you hold your phone properly too, especially if your hands are a little sweaty or wet. Aluminum because it’s one of the toughest metals out there, and it has the ability to absorb impact. The case should be durable. When I say durable, I mean that the case should be able to stay strong and in a very good condition over a long period of time. It should be destroyed or damaged just because of a few impacts or drops. That’s not really a long lasting case if it does.

The case should also be stylish. It should have a lot of color choices or it should at least look good and presentable. Admit it or not, you will be able to tell something about a person based on the choices they make. For example, if a person likes neon color, you will most probably think that the person likes being the center of attention or being seen. He or she doesn’t enjoy blending in with the crowd, because he or she wants to stand out. Or if the person chooses black then he or she might not like standing out or just prefer safe colors. You should also consider the price, and the protection that it can give to the phone. If you want it to have waterproof, sand or dust proof. If you want a case that comes with screen protection.

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