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Best Welding Boots

There are many brands out there that will claim that their work boots or to be more specific, their welding boots, are the best among the rest. While I personally have no problem with this, it however causes a slight bit of confusion for others who are on the task to buy their very own welding boots. The purpose of this article would be to and give the reader the top three welding boots in the market today. Hopefully through this, the time that you have allotted to browsing page to page will be cut down, and you will be able to make a decision faster and easier. Of course, I understand that my top three may not be the top three for you, because each of us has different preferences.

best welding boots - Mens Steel Toe Work Boots

Choosing the best welding boots for you is essential as this can somehow have an impact on the quality of work that you render, and of course, your safety. If you are comfortable with the shoe that you are using, you will be able to concentrate on the task at hand. Ideally, you will be able to stand for extended periods of time without any unexpected and unnecessary feelings of pain. And safety is included here because if you are at a work site, sometimes it is unavoidable for something to heavy to fall and land on your foot, or you could step on something sharp and cause harm to you (i.e. tetanus).

The kind of boot that you should be looking for will be one that feels comfortable for your feet even after more than eight hours of standing and walking around. It should also be able to withstand extreme temperatures whether it’s cold or hot. I’d also suggest that your boots should be waterproof as well. It should also help the wearer to not slip every time he or she steps on a slippery part of a surface. I’d always tell my friends that if a more expensive brand can last for a long time, then you should buy that one instead of getting something cheaper. In the long run, you will see that the product will pay for itself. With a much cheaper brand, you may need to buy again from time to time.

The first brand of boots I’d always suggest would be CAT Footwear! This has been personally tested and proven by my dad who has been a loyal buyer of CAT. The shoes he bought would be able to last years without looking old and worn out. Right now they have a lot of new arrivals that you can choose from in their website if you want to. I’d suggest going for JENKA WATERPROOF COMPOSITE TOE WORK BOOTS. Although this boot will cost you almost 200 US dollars, CAT guarantees that it will be able to last for quite a long time. This boot comes with a tall profile which really means that it is able to provide more coverage for your feet in case something happens. These babies have been made from only the highest quality leather so you’ll be able to feel a lot of comfort and protection when wearing it. With this boot, you’ll also be protected from any sort of electrical hazards and waterproof construction. This one is for men.

CAT also has work boots for women. For this category, I especially love CAT’S KENZIE STEEL TOE WORK BOOT. You can buy this at about 135 US dollars. What caught my attention was that it wasn’t a plain work boot that you see all the time. It kind of had some sort of style or design with it’s plaid covered cuff. It has that trendy stylish appeal that most women are looking for in a footwear, but it also has the toughness of a classic work boot. The steel toe that protects your feet is also plus points.

Next up is TIMBERLAND PRO METGUARD STEEL TOE BOOTS. This pair is made up of leather but they come with rubber soles. Timberland likes to refer to this as their, “all-encompassing protection”. Although they may look tough, when wearing it, you’ll be surprised to find out that it is actually breathable. It’s comfortable, and lightweight. And not to mention, it is also quite flexible so you won’t need to be worrying about blisters. However, someone advised that the boot is not made for running up and down inclined planes. Oh, by the way, this is also a high ankle boot so if you have any problems with boots like this, or you’re worried that it might hurt your ankles then I’d advice you not to go for high ankle boots. High ankle boots are great for an added protection though.

Other boots you may want to check out would be:



I understand the excitement when buying something new; stop yourself if you haven’t gathered enough information about a product first, especially if you are going to purchase online. There’s nothing wrong with purchasing online. In fact, online shopping is great because it isn’t as time consuming compared to physically going to a shop downtown or in the city. You will just have to find a stable internet connection and browse through products. A clear disadvantage about online shopping is that you can’t see the product in real life. You can’t try it on to see how it feels or if it looks good with your feet.

Also before buying online, be sure to know about the proper measurements of your feet so you’ll be able to choose the best fit for you. Measuring your foot length through centimeters or inches would be great. Don’t forget to also measure the width of your foot, and not just the length. Please make sure that the product you are choosing is what you are comfortable in, and not just because it looks great or it’s a great brand that you can boast to people about.

There are lots of shops with discounts so don’t worry.


best welding boots - Mens Steel Toe Work Boots

Best Welding Boots

The reason why I think Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull-On Steel Toe Boot are the best welding boots around is simple! They work! I am excited and thrilled to share my personal review with you because I had some just like them and they lasted for more than a year and a half before I actually saw some wear and tear. As a welder I saw many things that could of happened to my toes and they were some real threating stuff because I could of really messed my feet up.


I dropped many things from sheet metal to some really heavy stuff on the boots. If it wasn’t for the steel toe boots that I had on in the work place I would have to many toes missing. With these boots you get the protection you need for your feet. Not only that they were comfortable after I got used to them. Of course they are heavy when you first start off wearing them.

You would have to get used to them but it won’t take long before you do. The other advantages that these boot has are that they prevent you from slipping in oil or other hazardous material in the work place. I also like how they prevent your laces from catching a fire because they have a zipper instead of laces. I had a problem with laces from the start though.


My first pair of steel toe boots had laces. I thought it was pretty cool, but after time my laces would burn up because of the sparks. I soon would have to replace them was the thought and I really had too on one occasion. I soon made the switch to steel toe zipper boots and I was really happy I did because it no longer took me minutes to tie my boots. I was done zipping them in a flash! If you own a pair boots with laces, try switching up to a pair of zipper boots, you would be amazed at the difference. I also think that they look better as well.

All in all both are great boots. If you don’t wish to replace your strings every year, would recommend that you get a pair of these zipper boots. You will see te difference for yourself once you step foot in them. If you have and questions about these boots leave it in the comments below. I would love feedback as well.

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