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Best Welding Gloves For Mig Welding

If you are into MIG welding or welding in general, I hope that you know just how important it is to have the best and comfortable gloves while you are working. Since it is your hands that you will be using during the task, you must put much consideration into the glove that you are planning to buy. There are lots of gloves in the market that claim to be the very best but alas, after a few months they fail or get broken in just a few months or even weeks for some. So, how can you be really sure that the gloves that you are going to buy are tough and comfortable at the same time?

It is important that you research about the product that you are going to buy so as you won’t be wasting money on it. If you think or want to go for an expensive glove, then it’s okay. That’s your choice. But what if there was a glove in the market that costs less but has the same durability as those expensive gloves? Now that’s quite a steal and I’d personally choose that glove. So what’s a glove that isn’t too cheap but is also not too expensive?


You can try going for John Tillman’s gloves. They have built quite a reputation and most welders use and encourage this brand of gloves. Here’s an image of Tillman’s MIG welding gloves:


It looks so tough and sturdy. The gloves has been made from long lasting top grain cowhide palm with cowhide split reinforcements. There’s also a cowhide split back with elastic for best fit. And as you can see in the picture, it has a fleece line for that extra added protection in hot and/or cold conditions. The gloves is really comfortable to wear. Even your wrists are protected, all thanks to the 4 inches cuff for an added protection.

Here’s a very informative review about it.

“Long lasting, very comfortable gloves. I used mine with a wire feed mig and didn’t have any issues holding the torch, working with the material, or burning through the leather. My last pair survived for almost 10 years being used once or twice a week. Highly recommended.” – Matt T.

So what other gloves can you try if you didn’t like this? Well, if you didn’t like this gloves, maybe you could try checking out Lincoln Electric’s traditional MIG or Stick Wedling Glove, US Forge 400 Welding Gloves Lined leather, and some other more. You can buy the Tillman glove at 18.50 US Dollars, while the Lincoln Electric’s is at 15.25 US Dollars, and the US Forge is at 11.97 US Dollars.

There are lot of MIG welding gloves in the market that you should try out to find out which one is the very best, but you don’t have to buy them all. You can read articles like this… product reviews… Hopefully, you will be able to find the gloves that works for you as you go and explore the welding market. Better yet, you can just subscribe to us and we will give you daily information and updates about the gloves, welding techniques, and any welding related news.