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Best Welding Gloves For Welding

Are you into welding? If you are, then I am assuming that you are aware of some of the health risks involved in the said activity. In whatever job or hobby you may have, your safety and health should have the utmost importance. There’s a lot of protective gear that you can wear in order to ensure your own safety. You can start with a sturdy helmet that is sure to protect your eyes from intense brightness, stray sparks, and even poisonous fumes if the helmet you have bought has a respirator with it. Next you can invest in good welding boots. Choosing the right boots for you is important. You’ll never know when you could accidentally step on something sharp and injure your foot. There might also be times, wherein something heavy will fall right on your foot which could result to injury as well. And of course, since you mostly use your hands in working, you shouldn’t forget to buy gloves for yourself. Gloves are really important. They would be able to protect your hands from any burns that you might acquire, and they would even be a great protection against electrocution.

Let me give you some options to choose from to cut your browsing time a little shorter than it should be. I understand that there’s a lot of brands out there who shamelessly claim to be the best one, so it kind of makes choosing a bit harder than it should be. So in choosing the right kind of gloves, you should always remember to consider the following:

  • The welding gloves that you choose should be comfortable and well-fitted to your hands.
  • The gloves should be able to take high temperatures head on, especially an extremely hot temperature.
  • Choose the right material for the right job.

If you are constantly working with extreme heat, I’d suggest that you go for leather gloves since this material is good for resisting heat. In TIG welding, you must go for goatskin gloves. TIG is the type of welding that produces the least heat. A great glove for this type of welding should be flexible enough that it allows you to pick up a coin from the ground. TIG gloves should also have Kevlar threat that adds an addition heat resistance, just in case. A wool or cotton foamed gloves is much more appealing compared to a mere cotton lined glove.

You could go for TILLMAN GLOVES. You can choose from their collection:

  1. Tillman 25A Deerskin 2″ cuff Tig Gloves at $8.00
  2. Tillman 25B Deerskin 4″ cuff Tig Gloves at $9.00
  3. Tillman 20 Kidskin Tig Welding Gloves at $10.00
  4. Tillman 30 Top Grain Pigskin 4″ Cuff Tig Gloves at $11.00
  5. Tillman 1338 Top Grain Goatskin Tig Gloves at $10.00
  6. Tillman 24D 2″ Cuff Tig Gloves at $12.00
  7. Tillman 24C 4″ Cuff Tig Gloves at $13.00
  8. Tillman 1488 TrueFit TIG Welding Glove – Goatskin at $16.00
  9. Tillman 24C Premium Tig Welding Gloves at $6.50


When it comes to MIG welding, although it isn’t as heat producing as you may expect, there’s a lot of splatter involved. You may get the gloves that were recommended for TIG welding, but don’t forget to choose the one with a much thicker fleece. Since we are looking for a bit of a thicker material, you may look at these gloves:

  1. Tillman 42 Top Grain Pigskin MIG Gloves at $12.00
  2. Tillman 50 Heavy Duty Top Grain Split Cowhide MIG Gloves at $16.00
  3. Tillman 35 Heavyweight Reverse Golden Deerskin MIG Gloves at $15.00
  4. Tillman 32k Heavy Dutyy Top Grain Pitgskin Kevlar Stitch MIG Gloves at $16.00


The most heat and splatter will be produced when you are doing stick welding. The gloves you will need for this type of welding will have to be thicker. You must choose among gloves which have been made from top-grain pigskin, elk skin, and cowhide.

  1. Tillman ONYX -STICK Top grain Elk skin Welder – Model 875 at $26.00
  2. Tillman 945 LG Welding Gloves Wool Gold Elk Skin at $36.00
  3. Tillman 945 XL Welding Gloves Wool Gold Elk Skin at $36.00

You may have noticed that they are a bit more expensive than the ones above, but I guess that’s because they are made from a much more thicker material. However, you don’t really need to spend since there are also gloves that are being sold at a less expensive price.

  1. Tillman 1015 Brown Welding Glove LHO at $4.00 per glove. It doesn’t come in pairs.
  2. Tillman 1018 Blue Welding Gloves at $8.00
  3. Tillman 850N Gold Elk Welding Gloves Nomex Black at $22.00
  4. Tillman 1000 Greay Welding Gloves at $6.00
  5. Tillman 1001 Brown Welder’s Glove – Cowhide at $6.00
  6. Tillman 1010 Brown Welding Gloves at $9.00
  7. Tillman 750N Elk Welding Gloves Nomex Black at $21.00
  8. Tillman 750 Elk Welding Gloves at $21.00
  9. Tillman 850 Gold Elk Welding Gloves at $22.00


Whatever type or brand of glove that you chose will all depend on you in the end. If you are going to shop for a glove or for anything through online, I’d heed you to first know your right size. Measure your hand length properly through inches and centimeters so you’d have an idea about what the size fits you. Also, it is best if you are already familiar with the material you are buying. If you really cannot make a decision about what or which type of gloves to buy, then the next best thing you should do is ask someone who has been welding for quite a while. They have been more likely exposed to a lot of gloves than you are, and will be knowledgeable about the topic. Experience is the best teacher they say. Hopefully their experience didn’t involve a lot of burns and electric shock. Of course, what could be working for them could possibly not work on you so be sure to read up on reviews about the product, and if possible, try on some gloves that your workmate has and find out if you are comfortable using it. The keyword in finding the glove for you is comfort. If you are comfortable with the pair of gloves that you have chosen, ideally, you should be able to produce high quality results. When you are comfortable, you are able to concentrate more on the task at hand, and not get distracted by constantly adjusting the gloves your are wearing.