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Best Welding Helmet For Beginner

Welding is the act of joining two materials (usually metal or steel) with the help of either fire or electricity, or both at the same time. Welders were most often called as “Blacksmiths” centuries before. They often welded in order to make weapons such as swords, knives, and also shields and armor to protect themselves from enemy attacks. Before, welders didn’t really have something concrete to protect them from harm like a spark landing on their skin, getting accidentally burned, the brightness of the fire, and the heat of it. Today, welders are lucky. There’s a lot of materials in the market that were especially made with protecting them in mind. We have rubber gloves to protect the welder from getting electrocuted in case he touches two metals that presently has electric current running through it. There are also fireproof suits to protect the welder from heat and accidental explosions. And of course, there are welding helmets available these days.

You can get a lot of things from welding helmets. They not only protect your eyes from too much brightness, but also from the quick transition of light to dark. Also, it protects your face plus your head and neck from any injury caused by a stray spark. There are also some helmets that are equipped with a special coating to protect the wearer from Ultraviolet rays and infrared rays. If you wanna get started on welding, the first thing you should do is to shop for safety gear. So if you are looking for an efficient helmet, here’s a couple of examples:



– considered as one of the top-of-the-line helmets in the market today
– This helmet comes with a perfect optical clarity rating and quite a huge viewing line
– It is a bit heavy though with a weight of 3.1 pounds
– With this helmet, you will be able to have an excellent shade control.
– The pivot style headgear is suited for comfort


– If we are talking about a helmet’s screen, then this one is considered to be advanced and exceptionally powerful. The viewing area is a wide 7 square inch and it has 3 sensors to further articulate the helmet’s performance.
– It comes with an automatic switch off point that cuts down the batter meltdown levels.
– very easy to use and effective all the time.
– It is light in weight so it’s comfortable and not straining to wear for long periods of time.
– This helmet has some cooling features for the user.
– The helmet is equipped with a intelligence to automatically adjust the lens’ shade for the wearer thus saving time and effort.


– Considered as one of the best auto darkening welding helmets if we base it on the customer reviews.
– This helmet has been equipped with a solar panel that helps the helmet run despite any power break ups.
– In the helmet you will also be able to find adjustable knobs that can change the setting required or wanted shade and light by the user.
– With this helmet, your whole head is covered. Believe it or not though, there’s still free air circulation when it is worn. Another plus is that this helmet is really hard to break due to the plastic material it has been made from.
– Even if it’s features seem to belong to helmets which are more expensive, this helmet is a bit on the cheap side.


– This helmet has been designed from carbon fiber which is quite an expensive and rare material in the market.
– This helmet also has a built-in solar panel that enables it to continue working even if there is no electricity (i.e. power outage).
– It has 4 sensors that somehow increases the helmet’s ability to get a very wide view, plus this helmet can be used for welding different materials such as MAG, MIG, TIG, plasma arc, and carbon arc.
– The helmet has an adjustable knob that allows you to limit or expand the features that has been incorporated in it.
– This helmet has a on and off button
– This helmet has been equipped with reflexive modes of darkening when sparks are produced during welding in order to protect the eyes.
– It also has a magnifying lens
– This helmet has a washable and reusable sweat mask.
– This helmet has been proven to be one of the most bought and it has been able to give full satisfaction to it’s owners.


– This helmet has an automatic darkening ability when there are sparks or any form of ray from the wearer’s welding activity.
– This helmet is able to readjust it’s shade in the span of DIn 9 and 13 particularly for welding and 4 for gridding.
– This helmet also has the complete ability to protect the head, eyes and the neck of the person wearing it from sparks, ultraviolet, and infrared arc rays.
– The helmet is quick to respond to these rays and it’s auto darkening rate is at 1/25000 of a second.
– Has an on and off power button that allows the user to be in total control of the helmet
– The helmet has a replaceable lithium battery

Of course, there’s quite a lot more helmets that you can choose from in the internet. These but are a few, personally handpicked from the bunch. If you don’t really like the selection, you can head over to since they have a wide set of variety there. You just have to remember to consider the material the helmet was made from, it’s weight because this will affect your performance, the type of lens that it has, if you can see properly with the size of the lens, so if the helmet will be able to properly protect you from ultraviolet rays or any harmful rays that could affect your health. The time of the auto darkening shade is also important so you’ll be able to fully protect your eyes from a bright intensity.