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Best Welding Helmet in Australia

If you are a welder, it doesn’t really matter if you do it as a hobby or for a living, I’m sure that you are well aware that it comes with a lot of health risks. Safety should always be a part of your consideration when you are going to apply for a job or you are going to try out a new hobby. One, since there is fire and electricity involved, then this means that there’s always the risk for getting burned or being electrocuted. This is the most serious and immediate risk that a welder faces, because this can immediately cause death, and severe injury. Employers, and also you yourself, should be well aware of the safety precaution that comes with the job. Electric shock happens when a person accidentally touches two metal objects that currently has a voltage running through them. The higher the voltage or the current that was passing though the two objects, then the higher will be the severity of the damage to the person’s body.

Did you know that even 50 volts or less is enough to injure or even kill a person?

In order to avoid this, the welder should always wear dry gloves that is in good condition. Always remember to never touch the electrode or metal parts with your skin or though wet clothing.


Second, there’s also the risk of getting poisoned – slowly or abruptly – by fumes and gases that is being emitted. I’m sure you understand that this is hazardous to your health. Most of the time, employers make sure that there is enough ventilation such as a fan, and also a local exhaust to allow fumes and gases away from the breathing area. If the air you are breathing seems weird or if you are breathing uncomfortably, immediately inform a supervisor so he or she can get the air and the ventilation system checked to prevent further damage. And don’t forget to have yourself checked by a physician. This is important if you are welding stainless steel or hard-facing products. To prevent this, you can wear a mask, maybe a one with filter so that the air you are breathing will be clean.
The third one will seem connected to the first one because in a way, it is. As I said, this work involves fire and electricity, there could be a freak accident that involves an explosion. You will be needing something that will protect you from being burned. It is important that your employers, or yourself, knows how to keep your self away from any hazards.


If you live in the Land Down Under, there’s a lot of online shops you can choose from if you are looking for a sturdy welding helmet. I’ll be giving you a couple of choices so that you can compare.

  1. CALIBEX – // Calibex is a part of Nextag, and it’s trademark. If you are not familiar with what Nextag is, it is somewhat the same with Amazon and Bestbuy. It aims to provide the best sales for it’s costumers since 1999. Of course, CALIBEX  also has this kind of goal since they belong to one company only. They aim to give the costumers more power, information, and control in comparison shopping. The website will offer you lots of selections that you can choose from, but you will be buying from eBay.

    Think of it like an online catalog, because it sort of is. calibex2

  2. ALIEXPRESS – // What I like about this website is that it gives the customers a view of the price trend for a certain product. Like this for example, which is a graph for welding helmet prices.

    aliexgraphYou can find a huge selection in Aliexpress for your needs, plus there’s categories so the navigation around the site is easier. Another thing that’s great about this website is that it’s almost free shipping on all products. Aliexpress ships to over 200 countries.

  3. AWSISPEEDGLAS – // Speedglas has been one of the world’s leading brands when it comes to personal protective welding helmet. They were the first to introduce auto darkening welding shield. Next on the list was the elimination of tunnel vision, and they made breathable auto darkening welding helmets. Their helmets keep on evolving that now they can offer a helmet for welders that protects their eyes, face, head, hearing, and respiratory.
  4. EWELD – // When you head to their site, the first thing that they will throw at you is the question: Is your welding helmet Australian standards compliant? Eweld claims to be the number one Australian shop when it comes to purchasing Speedglas auto darkening helmets, Adflo powered air welding respirators, Speedglas spare Parts and welding Personal Equipment (PPE). They want their costumers to have online savings, support, and a peace of mind for Australians. They believe that you can’t get that when you buy from overseas. Since they manufacture their helmets in Australia, they claim that they can provide helmets that can withstand the Australian humid weather. For them, the price that you see on their website, is the price that yo will pay.
  5. CIGWELD – // This website offers a lot of products that is connected to welding. They have welding machines, Gas cutting and welding, Welding consumables, Plasma cutting machines, Accessories ( you’ll find the helmets here), and DIY products. Cigweld is a part of the famous Victor Technologies, and they are headquartered in Preston, Victoria. Cigweld has been known to be a major brand of cutting and welding products by Victor Tech. in the Asi Pacific. They boost their superior customer care that extends far beyond their offices and manufacturing facilities.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find the shop for you! Oh, if you are planning to buy, it would be best if you can find reviews about the product from those who have already brought it. Why don’t you join a forum so you can discuss and compare it with real people? You could also browse online, and then head over to a local shop that sells welding helmets. Remember, a person’s safety and well-being is important no matter what job he or she does for a living.