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Best Welding Helmets on Amazon

If you want to learn more about welding helmets, then you have come to the right place. I understand that your job’s conditions aren’t really that favorable to you. There are risks involved and one of these is getting your eye hurt. The worst thing that could happen would be if you become blind because of it. Welding is the process of fabrication or joining of different materials, usually thermoplastics and metals. A fusion between these materials happens next. The base metal that was use does not melt, and the filler metal is then pooled near the joint that becomes as strong as the base metal. Pressure can be used in this process though heat or only by itself to produce a weld.


EPSON scanner image
EPSON scanner image

There are many different energy sources for wielding, and this includes a gas flame, a laser, an electric beam, friction, ultrasound, and an electric arc. Welding can be done in just about anywhere, whether it be on land, even underwater, and surprisingly in outer space. As I said above, if you like welding things as a hobby or a job, then you know that it comes with risks, so you have to be careful. You have to take precautions to be able to avoid accidents such as electric shock, burns, vision damage, inhalation of poisonous gases, and exposure to ultraviolet light or radiation. Welding started with forging. You’d often see this in old movies or in old books. This is when the blacksmiths join iron and steel by heat and hammering, to produce weapons such as swords (most of the time), axes, spears, etc. The welding industry quickly evolved after the World War I started, and continued until the World War II since there was a sudden increase in demand for reliable and inexpensive joining methods.

Knowing the risk that comes with the job, it pays to have the best protection there is, as this greatly reduces the percent of causality that is associated to the task which is welding. You’d often see welding being involved with either fire or electricity so the possibility of getting burned or electrocuted is likely. Due to this, welding has been classified as a hot work process. In an effort to prevent injury, workers or welders chooses to wear heavy leather gloves and protective long sleeves jacket. But that’s not enough, it is also important to have something that protects your eyes. There is a condition that is most associated with welding and, it is called the “Arc Eye”. This is the condition wherein the ultraviolet light that welding emits somehow burns the welder’s retina. That’s not all, welders are also exposed to dangerous gases and various particle matter. Some of these particles, the small ones, has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier because of their small size.

Of course, if you want to buy a helmet that is just right for you, you should also know what type of job you are supposed to be doing, so you will be able to know just what type of helmet is right for you since there are so many, which makes the choosing process a little bit longer than before. When you choose a helmet, make sure that the lens has a feature that can switch from 1/15000th to 1/20000th of a second. This feature enables the lens to switch to it’s “dark” mode without much strain to the eye. There are also helmets which come with what we call “sensors”. The more sensors your helmet has, the better it is. Although most auto-darkening helmets feature only two sensors. If your helmet has more than two sensors, then good for you. There will be much less obstruction for you therefor, it won’t automatically change to light state in the middle of welding. This is much more effective in protecting your eye. With sensors, the lens will darken when needed, and not before. Of course, your comfort with the helmet is also important. When choosing what helmet to buy, be sure to go for lightweight polyamide nylon shell type and also one with a fully adjustable harness. Asses the helmet that is right for you.

Here are a couple of examples from

  1. Sperian Protection S8500 Bionic Face Shield – You can get this at only 25.98 USD which allows you to save 7.61 USD from it’s original price. With this helmet, you can have an enhanced protection from any type of airborne debris and this has excellent optics (as you can see on the picture below) which allows you to see better. The visor is also quite easy to replace so you don’t have to worry about that. This helmet is also lightweight and balanced, allowing it to last for a long time and you using it for extended periods of time.81DAAdNmnCL._SL1500_
  2. Neiko 53847A Industrial Grade Welding Helmet with Flip Lens – If you want something classic looking, you should go for this one. This is a lot cheaper that the first one, but that doesn’t mean that it offers a lower level of protection. This helmet is perfectly capable of protecting your eyes from UV rays and radiation. It is also comfy to wear that to it’s adjustable headband feature. It weighs about 12.8 ounces. Most people who have already brought this said that the flip lens of this helmet is very handy to use.
  3. 91vAEQdvuDL._SL1500_ iMeshbean® Pro Cool Solar Auto-Darkening Welding & Grinding Helmet + 2 pcs Extra Lens Covers ANSI Certified Model#1034 USA – If you want something cool looking, then this is the helmet that you should definitely go for. This helmet is suited for Arc, Mag, Mig, Mma, Stick and Tig welding, or Plasma Cutting. It’s auto switching time is 1/30000 S and it charges with exposure to welding or sunlight.



If you want more helmets to choose from, there’s a lot of them at very affordable prices on The best thing about Amazon is that if the total price of the item you bought are greater than 35.00 USD then the shipping is free! Oh, be sure to read up a bit on the item you are planning to buy so you won’t regret it when you have it.