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Best Welding Mask Brand

There’s so many welding masks available in the market these days that it’s a bit hard to decide which one is the best for you. You see, when choosing a welding helmet, I believe that a person should base his decision in buying according to what to he or she needs. This way you will feel more satisfied with your purchase because it is able to meet your needs. Here are some things that you should consider before you buy:


    There are two types of lenses. We have the Passive, or what others call as the Standard lens, and the auto darkening or auto shade lens. You might get an idea about their difference with each other just by their names. So the passive lens is not automatic, meaning it doesn’t adjust it’s shade according to the current brightness that it is faced with. It already has a “fixed” shade. You will have to snap your neck or push the lens down your face before you welding to have protection for your eyes. Many say that this causes a bit of a neck strain in the long run because of the repeated movement. Many also complained that when you weld in cramped spaces, it a bit hard to snap the lens down when you need it. Since it’s shade is permanent, it’s a bit hard to see your surroundings when you do not need it.

    The auto darkening lens is – you guessed it – automatic. It is a self adjusting lens. You put the helmet on and then it will adjust itself when a bright light caused by a torch or welding gun begins. This is all thanks to the sensitive sensors that have been embedded in the helmet. If you are going to buy the automatic lens, you will have to consider it’s speed when changing from light to dark and vise versa. If it has a slow adjusting speed, this could cause damage to your eyes or hopefully just a strain since it isn’t completely being protected.


    The weight of the helmet you decide to buy greatly matters. I’m guessing that you’ll be using the helmet for long periods of time so you may want to avoid getting neck strains. A lighter helmet means a lighter strain added to your neck. It can also added comfort for the user and thus increases the user’s productivity in the long run.


    The helmet you choose should be able to protect you – not just from the bright light. Welding comes with a lot of health risk. I’m sure you know about them, but if you don’t, let me tell you. Since you are dealing with fire and/or electricity, there’s always the risk that you’ll get burned or electrocuted, or stray sparks could land on your face accidentally. Your helmet should be hard enough to prevent any of these from reaching your face. There are also some helmets that have respiratory filters. When you are welding, poisonous fumes may be emitted from the material you are welding which may be harmful to your health. The smaller the molecule, the more harmful it could be for you. You see, their small size allows them to pass by the blood and brain barrier of a human, and could potentially cause harm. Also in welding there’s also the risk of being exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays and infrared rays. A good welding helmet should be able to shield you against all these, and maybe a bit more.

So which brand can I suggest in order to help you?

Why don’t you try JACKSON  SAFETY HELMET BH3? It’s an auto-darkening helmet. This helmet possesses the best EN379 ratings for optical quality, diffusion of light, variation of luminous transmittance, and angular dependence. It has a wide range of variable shade from 9 to 13 that is able to protect the wearer’s eyes from radiant light. The helmet has been equipped with sensitivity and delay settings to enable it to adapt to the environment and task durations.

The helmet is able to protect the wearer’s face, forehead, neck, and ears from weld sparks and splatters.  The best thing about this is that this helmet comes with a three headgear adjustments that allows the user to change the configuration of the helmet to suit his or her needs in welding and welding tasks. The helmet is also compatible with magnification filters and hard hats. Some say that Jackson is the best welding helmet there is in today’s market. And I’d have to agree! Aside from everything said above, Jackson helmet is able to give the welder a clear view of what he is doing. This improves the welder’s accuracy and productivity. Jackson has been known to give their customers safety and comfort at the same time. The company also produces Nemesis safety glasses, gloves and auto darkening helmets to respiratory, eye, and face protection. You can really count on Jackson Safety to give the best for your self and for your employees.

Here’s a very nice review about it on Amazon:

“At first I thought the helmet was DOA, because I couldn’t get it to turn dark while holding it up to the sun. After calling Kimberly Clark, they told me that it’s wave-length specific, so it won’t go dark with the sun, but it will with a welding arc (also does go dark with a regular light bulb, so that’s how you should test it, with a light bulb). Which is pretty neat if you ask me. No more having the helmet go dark when a bright glint of the sun hits the metal when welding outside.

I’ve used it for a few hours tonight, MIG, TIG and flux core. It works great. I don’t know how, but I really do seem to see quite a bit more than with my old helmet, both in light and in dark mode (old helmet is a run-of-the-mill cheap auto-darken helmet). I find myself flipping up the helmet alot less, and while in dark mode I can clearly see the joint ahead of my weld, as well as the puddle itself at the same time. And the head band is very comfortable, works flawlessly (easy to nod the helmet to come down) and it adjust easily. I could wear this all day.

The one thing that I don’t like about the helmet, is that there isn’t a TEST button, or even an on button. You just have to trust that it’s going to go dark when it needs to, even after sitting for a long time. I’ve gotten so used to hitting the test button on my old helmet, just to make sure that it’s actually working after sitting for a few days. I like the peace of mind of a test button, or at least an on switch. But, if this thing is reliable as it’s supposed to be, then I guess there’s nothing to worry about. So far, no problems.

In short, it’s comfortable, very easy to see ( both in light, and dark mode), it works very well and is adjusted very easily. As a weekend garage warrior, it is a bit more $ than I wanted to spend on a helmet, but as nice of a helmet as it is and as well as it seems to work, I think I can probably live with the cost.” – BUCK, AMAZON

Before we close this article, I’d like to remind everyone that it is important to read up on reviews about the product as this informs you more about it – if it really does what it says it will do.  Whatever you choose, I hope you are happy with your decision!

Best Welding Mask Brand

There are lots of choices to decide upon or consider now compared to how the welding market was decades ago. I believe that this is great news for consumers or welders since they don’t have to settle on a helmet or brand they don’t like just because they don’t have any other options on the table. The only downside I can see from this is that the time it takes to settle on a decision takes a whole lot longer than it did before. There are so many things that one considers before finally settling on what brand and product to buy. The first one would of course be the product’s price. I’m sure nobody wants to spend too much for something they can get at a less expensive price. However, if you have been around the welding world for a while, you’d find out that the more expensive a certain helmet is the better quality it is considered to be.

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Luckily, we are already done with half of 2015 so a lot of “Which Is The Best Welding Mask or Helmet” has already been done. The question remains however:

“Do you really have to spend a lot?”

I’m not discouraging you to buy the most expensive one if that’s what you want. If you want to save though or if you have a limited budget at the moment, I’m sure you’d want to get a helmet with almost the same quality as the most expensive one. Before we get to that, I think that if you have enough money to buy the best helmet that you can afford, then go do it. After all, a helmet protects you from a lot of things – stray sparks, too much brightness, UV and Infrared rays, plus it can protect your head and neck in case an accident happens. To get to the point of this article, here are some of the what the internet considers as the best helmets for 2015.

Take your pick! One of them could be the right one for you!


– Best thing about this helmet is that it has the ability to protect the welder or user from any types of ray effects regardless whether it is on or off. According to a certain website, it is because of this quality that has made it as the ‘most preferred choice for most customers both commercial and individual’.
– Auto darkening
– It’s superficial crystal panels on the lens enable it to diffuse the arc rays
– Capable of offering top security and protection to eyes and head from different angles and can work in different positions.
– Adjustable settings
– Owner can readjust it’s sensitivity and darkness shade for other functions
– Helmet is designed to prevent discomfort in place of work
– It’s intertwined shade filters are able to increase the helmet’s point of view.

This product is ideal for professionals or who are busy workshop operators. Reviews have shown that this is one of the top leading brands when it comes to welding helmets.



– This helmet only weighs for about 1.2 pounds so this is great if you constantly prefer to wear a helmet as it does not cause too much strain on the neck.
– It has two independent and redundant arc sensors.
– It is solar and battery operated.
– It comes with ultraviolet and infrared protection.
– Although it is not suitable for laser cutting.


– The thing about this helmet is that it fully covers the head and ensures more protection from physical harm from workshop activities.
– It has a vast glass pane lens that helps in magnifying the vocal view point and enlarges the workable area. This aids the user to see what he is doing more clearly, thus resulting in a higher quality of work performance or product.
– It is solar powered with an incumbent removable back up batteries to ensure mo power break up when in use.
– Unlike the others, this helmet is equipped with four sensors to increase the coverage area of the helmet.
– There’s a glass sensor
– You can easily adjust the shade according to your preference.
– It is also heat resistance.


– This helmet has been said to be greatly advanced and exceptionally powerful in terms of it’s screen. With a viewing area of 7 square inches and has three sensors, it is able to provide the best articulate perfomance.
– It is very easy to use and is always effective and precise to its function.
– This helmet has been made from polyamide material. It is a material that gives the helmet it’s astonishing shape and reasonable weight for the user to be comfortable in it.
– Enhanced with some cooling condition for the user – eliminating any heat ups and uncomfortable feeling when the user is using it.
– It is cheap.
– Durable so it can stay for a long time if you take proper care of it.


– This helmet has been design from carbon fiber so it is very expensive. Carbon fiber material in helmets is new in the market.
– This has an auto darkening feature with a built-in solar panel that allows the helmet to work even during power break ups.
– The design of this helmet is for the purpose of completing it’s duties and stand in for the position of a welding partner to the user.
– This helmet has 4 sensors that increases the coverage area
– Also has a wide wider coverage
– This helmet can be used for different purposes like MAG, MIG, TIG, Plasma Arc, and carbon arc activities.
– It has an adjustable knob that limits and expands the features of the helmet.
– It is comfortable and fitting with head and face protection.
– On and off button for that feeling of control
– very very easy to use
– This helmet has reflexive modes of darkening when sparks are produced in order to protect the user’s eyes and face.
– Also has a magnifying lens
– Has a removable and washable sweat mask

Hopefully with this small selection, you have an idea of what you are looking for in a helmet. These are but a few examples. You may find some more on the internet. Don’t forget to read up on reviews (costumer reviews are great) about the product. Before you go, don’t forget to click on the share buttons.