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Best Welding Work Boots

If you are looking for the best work boots for welding online, specifically from Amazon since it is easier to make a purchase there. No need to commute or to drive around. Today, we will be giving you some of the boots that are being considered as the best when it comes to work boots.


Choosing the correct welding boot to protect you is important. You should never trade quality for a low price, but that doesn’t mean that you will have to spend a lot for the boot. Here are some boots that you should definitely check out:



This item is currently on sale now at Amazon, which means that you can purchase it for the lower price that’s available in the select options. The price of this boot starts at 97.35 US DOLLARS to 155.95 US DOLLARS. Here is an image of the boot:

The boot is made from a perfect combination of leather and textile. It comes with a thick synthetic sole, which you can check out in the photo above. Now that’s thick! The shaft measures approximately 5.75″ from the arch, while the heel measures approximately 1.5″. The platform of this boot measures approximately 1″, and the circumference of the boot is adjustable. When it comes to protection, this boot comes with a metatarsal guard and steel toe guards. That’s double protection for the price of one!

Timberland is a brand that is known for it’s standards when it comes to craftsmanship, durability, and protection since it introduced it’s first authentic, waterproof leather boot back in 1973. Since then, Timberland has become a leader in design, engineering, and marketing of premium footwear.

Here is a customer’s review about the boot after making the purchase:

“Uncomfortable when tied tight top hooks do seem weak as if they’d rip
Off if tied to tight. Also could use insole.
Let’s see how they hold up for work. I’ll be expecting at least 6-8 months of durability ? We’ll see. Post to follow

Follow up post wore them to work first day they seem
To hold up nice very comfortable. Well see how they last. Don’t know when last review was but boots are still holding up ok. Laces melted off few times and needed a 3/8 thick insole I got for 5$ for pair and they still getting it done for me. Thanks timberland.” — Mr. Incredible

The boot received an average rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 stars.



Sadly, this boot isn’t included in the sale. You can purchase this boot starting at the price of 63.99 US DOLLARS to 84.95 US DOLLARS. That isn’t so bad! Here is a picture of the boot:

The boot is made from genuine upper leather and with a thick rubber sole. ASTM F2413-05 I/75 C/75 approved. The shaft of this boot measures approximately 6″ from the arch. It is electrical hazard approved with a safety outsole. It comes with an external metatarsal. The natural rubber is rugged, oil and slip resistant.


Here is a customer’s review about the boot after making the purchase:


“Bought these 5 months ago so this review may come i handy for those of you thinking of purchasing. 1st these boots looked really nice when they arrived but they are not made as well as they look. Eye holes for the laces had small sharp pieces of metal around them. Cut my had open then had to take a metal file to them just so they wouldn’t tear my laces. After the first two months, the inside cushion became worn in which is to be expected, but not to the point where you feel a nail or staple in the heel of your foot! I have a callus now where my heel was constantly on that staple. Couldn’t really afford to go out and but new boots right away so I suffered for these past 3 months. Bought new boots yesterday. I should have just spent the extra money for a quality name boot the first time around. The only plus is that the leather stood up to the demands of my welding job but you have to have comfort too, being on your feet all day.” — BijinSue


The boot has been given an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars.


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