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Best Work Boots For Welders

Today, we are going to be discussing about the best work boots for welders – men and women alike. A good welder knows the importance of having a great work boot. He or she knows that the first thing to look for in a boot would be comfort, next would be it’s toughness or durable against all possible environments that the boots will come across with, and the last would be value. Is the boot worth the price you are going to be paying for it? There is nothing worse than paying more than a hundred bucks for something, expecting it to be the best, then after a month, it just fails you.


Here’s a work boot for men that you will appreciate:

Say hello to Dr. Marten Men’s Ironbridge MG ST Steel-Toe Met Guard Boot! You can purchase this for only 119.52 US DOLLARS – 150.99 US DOLLARS! It’s made of only top quality leather, but what makes this boot a little bit special is because the sole is manmade. You can be sure that the making of this boot was given a little tender loving care.  The boot is water resistant with a full-grain leather ballistic mesh padded collar.

212121212This boot has been equipped from being resistant to fat, oil, and alkali. You can work with a peace of mind that you will be safe.

Here’s a short review about it from a certified buyer form Amazon:

I’ve tried several other brands of safety boots, and these Dr. Martin Ironbridge ST Met boots fit the bill better than the other brands. the boots are lite for Steel toe which id a plus when your wearing the boots for a long work day. I appreciate having the extra plate to cover the top of my foot for the just in case I or someone else drops something on my foot. The boot has a nice look too. – Michael Bettenhausen

For you ladies out there, you are not forgotten, here’s a sturdy yet stylish boot for you:

If you want something that’s girl, you should check out Safety Girl II’s Steel Toe waterproof boots. Who says you can’t be fabulous at work? Here’s an image:


You can purchase this boot for only 42.95 – 48.95 US DOLLARS AT AMAZON! You have a nubuck upper, and an adorable double colored rubber sole. This boot is also waterproof so you will be able to work in murky, wet, and moist places with no problems. Not to mention that your toes will be completely protected because of it’s steel toe protection.

– Made of genuine leather
– Slip resistant

Here’s a nice review about it:

I love these boots! Very comfortable and easy to walk in. I feel very protected also when participating in Community Emergency Response Team events. Good looking too, I always get compliments on them.   – ccorden



That’s one of the best work boot for welders – men or women. I hope you make the right choice in choosing the boot for you. If you have any questions feel free to ask us by sending us a message or leaving a comment!