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Carolina Men’s Logger 8″ Steel Toe Work Boots Review

Today we are going to focus our product review on Carolina Men’s Logger 8″ Steel Toe Work Boots! Another day, another brand! As we have said in the previous articles, finding the perfect work boot is an important step that you shouldn’t skip. If you want to save time and energy in looking for a boot – because there are a lot of brands and boots out there – you should try and narrow it down to what you need from a boot. Usually a welder would go for a boot that is sturdy, comfortable, and will be able to protect him or her from the risks that he or she could face in the welding area.


As a start, you can try and check out today’s featured boot from Carolina. Here is an image of the boot:



What do people have to say about this boot?


“At the time of this review, I have worn these boots a total of 15 hours. They are comfortable and the arch support is good. Quality speaking, the boots exceeded my expectation. Time and wear/tear are the true test and those evaluations are not included in this review. I am well pleased with both the comfort and quality.” — George Alley


“It is great finding a pair that fit my husband’s wide feet. He takes a 4e and says his piggy toe just touches the side. He wears them all day for work and says they are comfortable. Just wished it came that width in other colors too.” — Amazon Customer


“Nice comfortable boots so far. My only complaint is they put an eye at the very top instead of having the lace hooks go all the way up. That makes it difficult to keep the laces tight when putting them on. Otherwise, the material and build of the boots is high quality.” — Dad To 7


“I buy 2 pair of these at a time, about every 2-3 years. I wear them everyday, about 12-18+ hours a day, switching pairs every other day. I absolutely love them. I have high arches and need a lot of support. These are by far the most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned and the only ones I ever buy. I am currently on my 5th & 6th pair. If I try to wear sneakers for a trip to the store or out for dinner my feet are killing me within 2 hours, no matter what I put in for arch supports. I can’t say enough about these boots, from digging ditches, to framing, flooring, climbing ladders, driving equipment to roofing they’re all I wear.” — Clark’s Custom Carpentry & Repairs



What do you think of those reviews? What makes this boot good,you ask? First, you can easily purchase it from Amazon. A lot people purchase from Amazon because it is easier and hassle free compared to other online shopping websites. Plus, customer service from Amazon is really great. Next, the material that this boot has been made from is really good. It is made of genuine animal leather so you can be sure that it won’t peel or discolor easily. I’m sure you’d want a boot that looks good even after a few months or years. You just have to properly clean it and care for it. The shaft of this boot measures approximately 8 inches from the arch. For protection, the boot has been equipped with a steel toe cap to keep your feet protection in case something heavy falls on top of it. The boot is a 100% waterproof as well so you won’t have to worry about soaking your socks or your feet. This also means that there’s a lesser chance for bad odor to start in the boot.


I’m sure that you will find this boot light and ultra-supportive during your long days at work. These boots are the perfect companion for the job. You can really trust this boot since it’s from Carolina. Please take note that the boot is not thermally insulated.


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