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Caterpillar Work Boots Steel Toe

Today we are going to be exploring one of the most established brands when it comes to steel toe work boots and that is the Caterpillar brand. I guess it is safe to say that you are familiar with the brand of have heard of it somehow. For as long as I can remember, the Caterpillar brand has been around for quite a while and it is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to work boots. Now the boots are being used for fashion but the durability and toughness of the brand never got lost.

I’m going to show you a few examples of boots from their catalog. Who knows you might find the boot you like!


    The price of this boot ranges from 116.11 up to 155.00 US DOLLARS. If you purchase from Amazon, you may be able to get free returns on some of the sizes and colors. This boot is expected to fit you at around 75% so make sure you get the correct size for your feet.

    The color of this boot is Dark Beige. It has been made out of leather and it comes with a thick rubber sole that will be able to protect your feet from stepping on anything sharp that can cause injury to your feet. Aside from the rubber sole for protection, this boot has also been equipped with a steel toe that will act as a shield to protect your feet when something heavy accidentally falls on top of it. This can prevent pain and injury for you. However, that is not all, the boot will also be able to help keep your socks dry and warm even if you are working under the rain or in the snow. The boot has been equipped with a waterproof coating, and it is insulated, which means that your feet now have their own jacket to keep them warm.

    If we explore further inside the boot, you will notice a removable EVA foam that is inserted into the boot using gel technology. With this boot, there’s no need to sacrifice style and comfort in exchange for quality protection. Isn’t it amazing that you can get all three in one boot? Oh, I forgot to mention about the shock absorbing Poliyou that will work with a nylon mesh lining to ensure that you will be treading in comfort. The rubber sole will also help in keep your footing steady regardless of terrain.

    Here is a customer review about it:

    “Bought these boots for my bf earlier on this year and he absolutely loved them.They were much stronger than his previous caterpillar boots and not to mention much more appealing to the eye as compared to the previous uglier one.He loves them so much he’s actually ordering another pair.Had no issues with the supplier product arrived exactly on time.” – Tercel.

    This boot has an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars from 523 people who rated it.


    This boot is priced for 134-99 US DOLLARS up to 178.00 US DOLLARS. It also comes with free returns, and it is expected to fit at around 83%. It is made from quality leather and it comes with a thick rubber sole. Here take a look at it:

    It looks super tough like a hybrid boot. This boot is sure to offer you the super protection you need. It is made for rugged environments that will be able to withstand muddy places and even wet places. The boot is waterproof leather and it comes with a metal lacing hardware. However, this doesn’t make the boot heavy though. Despite all that, the boot is really comfortable and the breathable perforated collar really helps. The boot may look scary but the intimidation is not for you but for falling objects and sharp pieces of metal that can cause you injury.

    Unlike the first boot, this boot comes with an electrical hazard protection, so this is great for welders. What do you think of this boot? It is also great for the feet since it comes with what we call the OrthoLite odor-resistant cushion that will keep your feet comfortable and smelling fresh all day long. I also have to mention the slip resistant traction that can be found outside. This boot is just tough and amazing. It doesn’t look as stylish as the first boot, but I can’t say that it looks ugly either.

    Here is a review about it:

    “Can’t believe these 3 and 4 star reviews. I’ve been through every type of boot imaginable. These are at the top. I don’t work in a wharehouse, I don’t work on a road crew. I work in Alaska where the turrain is more rugged than any other spot in the world . I’ve hiked up and down mountains with these babies. I totally trust these boots to keep water out, feet warm. The steel toes are tough. They look great. Only get compliments on them. I’ve loosened more dirt and rocks with these boots by kicking than I have with shovels. And I’m a human backo with a shovel. They are also very easy to get on and off. If you order the correct size then you’ll love them. They were true to size as well. wish I could give it more stars.” – Alaskarider

    It has an average of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars from 252 people who rated it on Amazon.


    But of course, Caterpillar caters not only to men but also to women. This boot is being sold for 125.98 US DOLLARS up to 126.00 US DOLLARS. It is much cheaper because it is for women. Have you noticed that men’s shoes and clothes are priced a lot more compared to women’s clothing? Anyway, if you purchase this boot, double check that you have the correct size because this boot is only expected to fit at around 55%. So yeah, better get the right size.

    The shaft of this boot measures approximately 4.5″ from the arch, while the opening of the boot measures approximately 9″ around. This boot has been made from imported high quality leather that will surely last, and it comes with a rubber sole. What makes this boot different is the three blocked tones it has that features a rugged D-ring lacing hardware and embroidered logos. Unlike men’s boots, this boot looks more delicate and feminine yet it still has the same level of protection that can compare to men’s work boots.

    Here is a review about it:

    “#1 – Sizing: I usually wear a 8, rarely a 8.5. After reading other reviews (thank you ladies!) I bought these in a 7.5. I think I probably could have gotten a 7.
    #2 – The Fit: The top of the boot in the back rubs against the back of my ankle. The back of these boots have a dip with a seam in the middle and it’s just the right height to be a problem. It is very uncomfortable and giving me a blister. Hoping it will get better as I “wear them in”.
    #3 – The “slip-resistance”: In my work, the floor is often wet, soapy, and greasy, and I climb ladders. I have been wearing some men’s st boots from Wal-Mart for the past five months and never slipped once. I wore my new boots to work yesterday and slipped twice. At my other job, the floor is dry and I had no problems there.

    Over all, good boots, appear well-made, waterproof as long as the water doesn’t go near the lace & tongue area, pretty comfortable until after 12 hours.”  – Gin

    This boot was given an average of 4.1 stars out of 5 stars by 178 people who rated it. What do you think about these boots? When it comes to feminine style, I’d have to say that this boot is spot on. It looks really nice!


As we come to an end, there are still a lot of work boots that you may like that Caterpillar has to offer, but we will be talking about them next time here at Welding Steel Tips and Tricks! Better yet, you can check out some of the previous work boot brands that we have already reviewed and you might like them too. Hopefully, our article for today has helped you even just a little bit. You can share this post to your friends and family if you think they can learn from it as well. Did you know that you can also subscribe to us? Subscribing to us is a great way to never miss a post and you’ll always be the first one to know or read! We will be sending you alerts or notifications in your e-mail address every time we post something new. We don’t spam! No worries! If you have further additional questions or you just want to discuss the topic, you can send a message to us or better yet, leave a comment below so that we and other readers will be able to answer your question or discuss it further. The more the merrier, right? Thanks for reading! Hope to see you here again next time! Have a nice day!