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Chippewa Men’s Steel Toe Logger Work Boots Review

Today we are going to do a review about Chippewa Men’s Steel Toe Logger Work Boots. Choosing the right boot is important. You can’t just purchase any boot that you come across because there are boot which have different features and can serve you better in a specific environment. Whether we like it or not, our footwear also has an effect on how we feel all throughout the day. Just like wearing the right clothes do. With the right footwear, we will feel like we can do anything and finish the task at hand, but if we are wearing a boot/footwear that we do not like or enjoy, then most likely, we will feel bummed and can’t wait to just go home and change it. That affects our work productivity.


Choosing the right boot may be a small thing, but this simple act can actually go a long way. An easy and convenient way to find the perfect boot for you would be with the use of the internet. Since it’s creation, the internet has served many purposes and (until now) has made the lives of human beings better. Amazon is an online shop where you can use it to find different product and brands that would satisfy you. I like this website because it allows the user to see detailed (and actually zoom in on them) pictures of the products before purchasing. You will also be able to pay online – less hassle! – and have the product delivered to your house. It is so convenient!


Let’s take a look at this boot:



This is what Chippewa Men’s Steel Toe EH Logger boot looks like. What can you say about it? To be honest with you, this boot is a little pricey. The price of this boot starts at 207.32 US DOLLARS to 299.95 US DOLLARS. It is available in two colors which is black (the one in the photo) and Bay Apache (which looks like a coffee brown).


The boot is made from high quality genuine leather that will take years before it decides to crack and peel off. It’s not even a sure thing that that will happen. I am proud to say that this boot is a product of the United States of America. Not China so I guess you can trust it’s quality. The boot comes with a synthetic sole. And, more good news, the boot comes with a waterproof feature, with a Goodyear Leather Welt Construction. It is a Chip-A-Tex Waterproof Boot and a Ruby Dri Lex 2000 Lining.


The boot is an ATSM Electrical Hazard.


With this boot, you have a three in one boot – a steel toe boot (for protection), a waterproof boot (to keep your socks dry), and an insulated boot (to keep your feet warm and toasty despite the weather). This doesn’t mean though that the boot is not breathable. This lace-up boot has a 9″ oiled leather shaft over a matching leather foot. It is also has a tarnish resistant hardware.


The product dimensions of this boot is at 14 x 5 x 5 inches.


Here is a customer’s review about the boot after making the purchase:


“im ordering and getting my 2and pair in 4 years of these boots.i have had redwing,timberlind,and wolverine.and none of them ever stood up to the chippewa 25405 boots.also let me tell you i put my boots thru hell,i mean hell 7 days a week 365 a year.i wear them every day and night.i wear them from work in a machine shop to the ocean, in my boat, to the river, beach, mountains, in snow…you name it. keeps them warm in the winter, cool in the summer.again the best dam boot you can buy…” — Tim



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