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Chippewa Men’s Waterproof Steel Toe Logger Work Boots Review

it’s a new day for a new review and today we are going to talk about Chippewa Men’s Waterproof Steel Toe Logger Work Boots. How did Chippewa begin? It started out like any company in a small factory on River Street near the Chippewa Falls in Wisconsin. It’s an American brand that you can be proud of. Up until today, the Chippewa brand continues to produce top quality rugged boots and shoes for every purpose. You can be sure of this brand because it has been founded by loggers and engineers. It is more than just a pair of boots. Each boot is built with an uncompromising quality and standard. It is the finest made, most reliable, authentic and rich in heritage.


You can purchase this boot from Amazon to make things easier for you. At Amazon, you can browse through thousands of products and brands. You can order for the product that you want, pay for it online, and have it delivered to your house or work address. It’s very convenient for those who are busy or those who don’t have the product available in their area.


Let’s take a look at the boot. Here is a picture of it:



The price of this boot starts at 195.24 US DOLLARS to 304.45 US DOLLARS. At Amazon, you will be able to get free returns. I know that it’s a little pricey but the quality of the boot is really worth it. It is made from genuine leather that won’t easily peel or discolor. Doesn’t the boot look good in the picture? The leather is tough and it requires little maintenance. It also comes with a thick sole that will protect your feet from getting injured in case you step on something sharp. It’s very dependable. There are a lot of risks as a welder both in health and in safety. For more added protection, the boot also comes with steel toe caps to protect your feet from getting squished in case something heavy falls on top of your feet.


Now let’s see what other buyers has to say about the boot:


“Have 3 pairs of these boots ( MADE IN USA ) purchased outside of amazon . The reason i have three pairs?? When you recive the boots they come with a card to have them rebuilt . Everything is rebuilt on the boot for 80 $( i think ). YOu have a broken in boot with new laces , uppers , iners , sole , laces . and they re water proof them .

Theese boots have take a beating I work for the rail road we can be outside in all weather from – 10 to 105 i wear these year round. At work I use them for digging in balast ( wich sucks ) and snow removal i have had many boots while working for the railroad Ive hade redwings ( the heelpopped off in 2 weeks while shoveling balast ) timberland pro ( after 6 months the steel toe came through the inside and cut my toe and regula chippeawa ( wich held up pretty good considering made in china but after abouta year it lost its waterproof and laces broke )

If you buy these boots and are comfortable with the high heel ( takes some getting used to but i feel it sraighten out my back) and the high sides ( i think they are 8″ loggers ) you will not want another boot . Do not buy the made in china ones first allthough they held up pretty good they are no where near as comfortable. Buy MADE IN USA chippeawa original.” — A. Bilella


What do you think about the boot?


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