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Cool Steel Toed Boots Men

Are you looking for some cool looking steel toed boots for men? Let us help you find them. We took the liberty of checking out the famous online shop, Amazon, and picked out two of their best products. There are hundreds – maybe even thousands – of products at Amazon so it will be a little time consuming browsing through each one. We understand that some of you may not have the pleasure of spending hours in front of a computer.

We’d like to help so take a look at these two selections and tell us what you think about them.



    I’m sure you’ve heard of the Caterpillar brand. They’ve been around for so long and have been one of the top producers of tough working boots worldwide. Here is a picture of the product:

    You can buy this boot in colors black (the one in the photo) and brown. The product is being sold starting at 49.99 US DOLLARS up to 127.50 US DOLLARS. You will be able to avail of the free returns from Amazon. The boot is expected to fit your size by 81 percent.

    The boot is made from genuine imported leather that comes with a synthetic sole. The thick sole will be able to protect your feet from being injured in case you step on something sharp. The shaft of this boot measures approximately 6″ from the arch, while the heel measures 1.25″. I also must mention that the platform of this boot measures 0.75″. It is an ankle-cut work boot with a steel toe. The ankle-cut will provide additional coverage of protection for your feet, and the steel toe will protect your feet from being injured in case something heavy falls right on top of it.

    The boot also comes with a padded ankle collar for that extra sense of comfort, and an oil resistant outsole. Lesser chances of slipping!

    Here is what a customer thought about it:

    “Update: 3/4/15 I was helping a friend work on his car (Honda S2000) while I had these boots on. We had to put the car in neutral and push it off the tire ramps. After we pushed it down I tried to take a step away but was stopped at my foot. I looked down and realized the tire was on my foot! It didn’t hurt at all and I barely felt it lol. It was at the toe area. There wasn’t really much pressure, it felt like it was reinforced. He had to drive the car forward off my foot for me to get free. That was another time I felt good about this purchase.

    My first legitimate pair of work boots. Got them at a good deal for about $40 when a promotion was going on. I can’t really compare them to other boots since it’s my first pair but generally it seems like CAT products are good and sturdy. I have been wearing these for about 2 months so far and it’s given me solid support. It looks nice too. If I had to change anything, it’d be the the metal pieces where you wrap the laces around near the top. But it only gives me a problem when I don’t lace it up all the way. Maybe it’s my jeans. Otherwise, when using all the slots, it’s great. Recommended.” —— Javed Uddin

    The boot received an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars.

  • WOLVERINE MEN’S W05680 McKay Steel-Toed Boot

    Have you heard of the Wolverine brand? It really is as tough as Wolverine from X-Men. Here is a picture of the boot:

    You may observe that the neck of this boot is longer than the first one so this is able to provide more coverage protection that the one above. You can own this boot at a starting price of 54.99 US DOLLARS to 160.00 US DOLLARS. You will also be able to get some free returns on sizes and colors.

    The boot has been made from imported genuine leather with a thick synthetic sole. The shaft of this boot measures approximately 9″ from the arch, while the heel measures approximately 2″. The opening of the boot measures approximately 13″ around.

    Inside, you will find a removable full cushion insole for an extra comfortable feel.

    Here is what a customer thought about after purchasing it:

    “got as a gift. wearer of the product said wolverine men’s mckay boots fit perfect like all other wolverine boots that have owned. wearer said that out of the whole foot wear market that only wolverine and one other maker of boots make the correct size for his extra wide size 13 feet. wearer all so stated that a lot of makers will sell what they claim to be wider foot wear for wider feet but the only people who would probably agree are probably not larger than normal size american’s. think about it.” —– Skip By Me

    The boot got an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.



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