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Cotton Welding Jacket

If you are looking for a cotton welding jacket, then there’s no better place to look at than Amazon. It’s a great place to purchase what you need since they have a wide variety of products, and the quality are really great. Well, most of the time. It really depends from who you purchase from. You will be able to avail of a free shipping if the total price of your purchases meet or exceed 49 US Dollars.


Let’s take a look at some of these jackets below.


  • MILLER ELECTRIC Welding Jacket Navy CottonThe original price of this jacket was at 25.24 US DOLLARS, before it was reduced to only 20.93 US DOLLARS. It’s not much but you will be able to save 4.31 US DOLLARS. Here is an image of the said jacket:

    The material of this welding jacket is 88 percent cotton and only 12 percent of it is made from Nylon. Because the amount of cotton is more, you can be sure that this welding jacket when worn is light and breathable for you. If you observe the neck line of the jacket, it has been extended with the purpose of also giving protect to your neck against stray sparks that can burn your skin.

    The closure type of this jacket is a snap button, while the cuff style is fold-in snaps. Despite being made from cotton material, the jacket is flame resistant. There’s no need to fear that in an event a stray spark lands on it, it will catch fire. That won’t happen.

    The jacket is easy to wash and clean.

    Here is a customer’s review about it:

    “Great product but just to make it clear this is more like a heavy weight shirt than a jacket. I’m 6′ tall and 230lbs, the XL fit me well and leaves room to move around although if you are doing lots of overhead work it may be a tiny bit short when you have two arms up over your head (depending on the size of your belly). I’ve done lots of grinding and welding in it and so far I have not managed to burn any holes through it. The snaps are nice quality and the velcro at the top collar is a nice touch. I would definitely buy another and I highly recommend it.” — Herb Nasti

    The jacket has been given an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars. It’s really a great quality jacket at an affordable price!

  • REVCO BSX B9C 9OZIf that first one was affordable, you may have to shell out a little bit of cash for this one. The original price of this jacket was at 46.06 US DOLLARS, but now you can purchase it for only 34.37 US DOLLARS. You may have to add8.66 US DOLLARS for the shipping. However, if you find yourself interested in this jacket, then you better add it to your cart now since there’s only 15 left in stock.

    Here is a picture of the jacket:

    The jacket is made from flame resistant cotton. Just like the first one, this jacket is also breathable and light. The chances of you feeling hot and suffocated are lesser compared to a jacket made from leather.

    The neck or collar of this jacket is also a bit extended to help protect your neck from sparks. There’s dual scribe and inside pockets, adjustable cuff, and waist straps.

    Here is a customer’s review about it:

    “Breathes better than leathers. Comfortable to wear all day. I wish it had a chest pocket but there is a pocket in the right arm for your soapstone.”  — J B P

    The jacket received a perfect rating of 5 stars out of 5 stars! Amazing!

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