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Double-H Men’s 12″ Steel Toe Western Boots Review Request

For today’s review, we are going to do a request from a reader to feature Double-H Men’s 12″ Steel Toe Western Boots! To start off, I must tell you that this certain brand is a little expensive, but is it worth the price? It certainly is! Let me give you a brief history about the Double-H brand. The boot has been around for more than 50 years and I can say that their boots are a little extraordinary. The design and style of the boots are perfect for the outdoor worker and the modern cowboy. I’m sure that welders, and all the hardworking men and women will find this boot satisfactory. A lot of people who work in farms go for this boot because of it’s performance, durability, style, and comfort. As a welder, you could also go for this boot since it meets the standards of a safety boot.


Let’s take a look at a picture of the boot:



The price of this boot may be high at 210.50 US DOLLARS to 234.50 US DOLLARS but the service and functionality of the boot also is. Those who have tried and learned to love this brand of boot says that there’s no boot in the market that can match it. Could that be true? Are you willing to test it out?


If yes, you can purchase this boot at Amazon. It’s as easy as one two three! I’m sure that you will enjoy online shopping at Amazon since it is easier to do it here compared to other online shops, not to mention that it is a reputable company so you can be sure that your purchases are in good hands. At Amazon, you will be able to purchase the product in a click, pay for it online, and have it delivered to your home address or work address. It’s so easy and so convenient! There’s no need for you to get out of your daily routine. And another plus of online shopping is that it makes the products which are originally unavailable to you, available!


Now, let’s get our focus back on the boot.


The boot is made from genuine leather from top to bottom. You can be confident that this boot will not peel off or discolor as time goes by. The quality of the boot is really good. Of course, since it is being sold at a high price compared to other boots. It’s not wrong for you to expect nothing but the best. Aside from that, the boot also comes with a lug sole sole. Americans can be proud of this product since it is made a hundred percent in America. 😉


Another plus points for this boot is that it comes with a Ultrawelt Gel Cell Heel Insert that absorbs shock and pampers the feet from the base. The boot is very comfy, especially with its inner lining which forms around your foot and helps keep the boot in shape. The boot also has excellent abrasion resistance, slip resistant, and oil resistant. For protection, the boot comes with a steel toe cap to keep heavy objects from squishing your feet in case they fall right on top of them. You also don’t have to worry about being punctured by sharp objects since the sole of the boot is hard rubber.


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