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Double-H Men’s Gel Ice Steel Toe Western Work Boots Review

When looking for a work boot, the quality of the boot shouldn’t be compromised and hopefully, today’s review about Double-H Men’s Gel Ice Steel Toe Western Work Boot will somehow give you an idea of what to look for in a boot. If after reading this review, you realize that the Double-H Work Boot is the one for you, then that’s great! We will be glad that we were able to help. You should always take time to get to know the boot that you are planning to buy, since you are going to spend money for it and will probably spend a lot of time with it.


In all honesty, the Double-H boot is a little pricey. In other retail stores or online shops, you can get this boot in no less than 229.00 US DOLLARS. Yes, as I said, it is a little pricey compared to other brands of boots like Caterpillar and Wolverine boots for example. If you really want this boot, you can buy it at a lesser price at Amazon. Have you heard of this online shop? I am sure that you have since it is a very popular online shop at America. So popular that it is sometimes featured in movies. At Amazon, you can get this boot at only 210.50 US DOLLARS up to 214.95 US DOLLARS. It’s still pricey but at least it is at a lesser price compared to the other shops. This boot is available from sizes 8 to 11.5. Sorry, our small-footed friends! It seems like this boot isn’t for you if your feet falls below size 7.


Interested in the boot? Take a look at it’s appearance.



It looks very dainty but it’s hard to deny that the boot has character when you look at it. The boot is made from genuine, high quality leather that you can trust to not peel off easily or discolor. It comes with a lug sole sole, and is a product of the United States of America. Let’s go back to the sole. For a work boot, it is very important that it is able to protect you from puncturing yourself. As a welder, you will be faced with a lot of safety and health risks because of the environment and nature of your work. That’s why it is important that you should have protective safety equipment that you trust and is really capable of protecting your self. This work boot will also be able to protect your feet from getting squashed because of the safety steel toe that this boot offers. As a sort of special feature, the boot comes with an Ultrawelt with Gel Cell Heel which offers a shock-absorbing, foot pampering base to start from. You can say good bye to achy feet!


I must also mention that the boot comes with excellent abrasion resistance and is also slip or oil resistant.


Let’s see what other customers had to say about the boots:


“I bought these boots almost two years ago… I have two more pairs of them, brand new, and I’m still wearing the first pair. I love these boits. The leather is still in great shape and the soles are still in one piece. I average 60-70 hours a week and these boots are still just as comfortable as the day I put them on… the heels are wore down, but it doesn’t affect anything…. still a fantastic pair of boots. And to top it off…. they are American made. Can’t beat that.” — Jeremy McMichael


What do you think of this boot? Are you interested in purchasing it?


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