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Double-H Men’s Square Steel Toe Western Boots Review

A new week means a new product to review so today we are going to focus on Double-H Men’s Square Steel Toe Western Boot. Are you worried that you still haven’t found the perfect steel toe boot? Don’t worry, in things like this, rushing is a no no. Most likely, you will be using the boot you have chosen for many days – maybe even everyday – so you must choose wisely. And to be able to choose wisely, you must be informed about the pros and cons of different boots. The more informed you are, the more you will be able to make a smarter decisions that you will be happy with.


Is a steel toe boot really necessary in working? Yes, because it provides the appropriate and much needed protection that an ordinary boot cannot. Work boots are made especially for working in crazy, unpredictable environments like a construction site or a welding site. There are healthy and safety risks involved when you are welding. You might not be paying that much attention to where you are walking about and accidentally step on something sharp… A normal boot may not be able to shield you from the puncture and you may end up getting injured, but a work boot usually has super hard rubber soles to prevent the penetration of sharp objects.


This Double-H Men’s Western work boots is something that you must check out if you still haven’t found the product for you. You can purchase this boot from Amazon.



i am not sure why but Amazon doesn’t post the price of this boot, so you may have to ask the seller. However, it is available at Amazon so I don’t know what’s up with that. The boot is made of synthetic leather that doesn’t peel easily or discolor easily. It is also very easy to clean. You will just need a little rug and a leather shine. For protection, this boot has been equipped with a steel toe to prevent your feet from getting squished just in case something heavy falls on top of it. The square toe boot design is also nice to look at and it works for people with big toes. You can trust on this boot’s quality since it is made in the United States of America – not China.


This boot is also a great companion for those who work in cold or icy environments.


Let’s read up on some customer reviews about the boot before you decide to purchase it:


“ran a little big. Hanks shipping was very fast.
Will probably buy another pair, for around the Farm. First pair is taking a beating in the oil field, so far it’s holding up very well, even with the oil based mud were using.” — Kindle Customer


“It took me three tries to get a set that fit properly. I finally went to TSC and tried on some Justin Boot brand they had in stock. The 11 in a Justin boot was significantly smaller than the 11 in Double H. A 10 in Justin boot hugged my foot a little too tight that my toes tingled, so I ordered that in the Double H brand and the boot fit, albeit a bit large still. With a pair of boot socks they seem to fit okay though. Aside from that the construction seems nice, though not as many features for comfort as some of the other brands like Justin Boots.” — Christian Riedel


Are you interested in this boot? Or is this not the boot for you?


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