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Double-H Men’s Steel Square Toe Western Boots Review

Today we are going to do a review about Double-H Men’s Steel Square Toe Western Boots! Many welders neglect the importance of buying a good quality welding boot for protection during their working areas, and this shouldn’t be. There are a lot of hazards or risks that can come to your feet while you are working, it is only reasonable that you have some kind of equipment or paraphernalia to keep yourself safe. Welding boots are underrated, but did you know that if you manage to purchase a good quality boot it will keep your feet safe from a lot of things and also last for a long period of time?  In the long run, a good quality boot is going to pay for itself.



It looks like a cowboy boot, yes! It is called a “Western” boot for a reason. The original price of this boot was for 219.00 US DOLLARS, but since it has been around the market for quite a while, it’s price has gone down a little. Now, you can purchase it for 189.75 US DOLLARS to 201.43 US DOLLARS. A little note to remember, be sure to have the correct size or measurement of your feet when purchasing this boot.

I personally like a long necked boot since it offers a wider scope of protection than just an ordinary boot. Not only is your feet protected but so are your ankles and lower leg from sparks than can burn you. A thing that customers noticed after they purchased this boot and used it on different environments is that is adapts to the environment that you are walking on. You will have no problem walking on rocks, rough terrain or asphalt. A welder goes where the work is, right? Sometimes the terrain is rough and hard to work in, but with this boot, you can be sure that someone will be there to help keep you on your feet.



Here are some customer reviews about the boot that you might appreciate:


“Okay, here’s my review based on one day of work wear. Construction is very good if you’ve got an eye for such things. I expected nothing less, because I had a US-made Double H hat for many years, lost in a flood, which was tough as nails and built for the long haul. Fit like a glove out of the box, even better when I slipped an insole in it, in my regular size.

Leather is substantial, thickened at the toe, but has a broken in feel. It’s oiled right from the factory. Texture is more pebbled or marbled than the picture. I got the “bison”, which is kind of a dark ox-blood color. Very nice.

I need a boot that I can meet with stakeholders in one minute and be framing a wall or down in a trench in the next, and these fit the bill. The wife keeps raving about them. The details are awesome from the stitching to the rubber-on-leather soul to the saddle on the top of the arch. A scuff on the toe from a curb actually made the boot look cooler, and a little mink oil buffed it right out to where it is just another detail in the nice leather. Two nicks in the heal revealed the un-dyed leather underneath, and I’ll be interested to see how this develops. I could recommend these boots. Buy USA!” — Rich Griffin



“Somewhat big fit but yet shallow toe box took some time to break in. They are very comfortable now but really took some painful walks to get them where they are. Solid build quality and very comfortable now. Had I reviewed them 6 months ago, I would have gave them a 2. Very durable, comfortable and quality materials. Very nice, soft leather and good stitching.” —- Jay77



The boot has been given a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars.



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