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Dr. Marten’s Men’s Iron Bridge Safety Toe Boots Review

Today we are going to have to do a short yet very informative review about Dr. Martin’s Men’s Iron Bridge Safety Toe Boots! We have been doing a lot of boot reviews these past few weeks so we hope that somehow our articles have been helping your decide on the kind and type of boots that you will be buying. However, if you still haven’t found the boots for you, don’t worry, we have a lot of boot reviews that are still coming your way. It is our goal to help our readers find the right product for them by helping them be informed. If a person is informed, he or she will be able to make more sure and right decisions. Buying a boot is going to cost you money, that is a fact. Also buying the wrong boot is going to cost you more money, that too is a fact. If you purchase the right boot for you, you will be able to save since you won’t need to purchase a new boot right away. Plus it will be able to do it’s job like protect your feet from injury. Goodbye possible medical bills! If you purchase the wrong boot, you will have no other choice but to purchase a new one. That will cost you money too, and if you don’t want to purchase, you may still have to get your boot fixed.



A good boot will pay for itself in the long run, and a good boot doesn’t have to be expensive. There are some boots which are affordable but are of very good quality. Let’s take a look at this Dr. Marten’s boot! You can purchase this boot from Amazon! Have you heard of that online shop? Many people trust Amazon – all over the globe, not just in the United States. It is a very good website for purchasing online. You can really trust the quality of their materials.


Say hello to Dr. Marten’s Men’s Iron Bridge Wide ST (Safety Toe) Work Boot! Here is an image below!


The price of this boot starts at 97.92 US DOLLARS up to 145.00 US DOLLARS. It is available in two colors which are teak (the one in the photo) and black. The boot is made from genuine leather, which I think you an teel from the picture. It comes with a thick synthetic sole. I guarantee you that the sole is very hard so sharp objects will have a hard time penetrating it. The heel measures approximately 1.5 inches, the platform measures approximately 1 inches, and the boot opening measures approximately 6.5 inches around. For protection, the boot comes with a steel cap toe and a PVC outsole.


Don’t worry, you can trust the Dr. Marten’s brand. The story of this brand began in Munich, Germany. That’s a bit far from America, I know. It was founded by a man named Dr. Klaus Martens. He had injured his foot in a skiing accident in the Bavarian Alps one time. While healing, he kept himself busy by designing a shoe with an air-cushioned sole. He used old rubber tires. He trapped air in the closed compartments of the tires, and with the help of his engineer or inventor friend Dr. Herbert Funck, they developed and produced the shoes.


Here is a customer’s review about the boot:


“These are a replacement for some CAT seel toe work boots that were worn out. I normally wear a size 12 us but another pair of Doc martens were too small at that size for me so I got these as a size 13. I wear orthopedic inserts in them and there is plenty of room. I purchased these because of the material that the soles are made of making them good for slippery surfaces. The only thing that I do not like are the eyes at the top of the boot rather than hooks. I generally have to remove these each time I go indoors making them inconvenient to take off and put on, I am unable to get them off without taking the laces out of the top.” —- Barry Tegeler


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