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esab welding jacket

ESAB Welding Jacket

Welding is the art of joining pieces of metal or plastic together as a means of repairing or fabricating. Hammering and fusion are used in a medium of extreme heat. Laser lights, open flames or an electric arc may be used. Welding has a history dating back to the Middle Ages when Blacksmiths hammered bits of iron into their preferred shapes. How they avoided hurting themselves is debatable, but in today’s safety conscious world various protective options abound, not the least of which is the ESAB welding jacket.


It is said that back in the day welding was hard dirty work with little emphasis on safety and working conditions. With the best of intentions the technology available did not allow for the best quality workmanship and the process was slow and laborious. In the war years of World War two, as the men went off to fight many women took their place in the welding shops and today they still have held their own.

Fast forward to contemporary welding with the many different energy sources involved, namely laser, ultrasound, gas flames and electric arcs and the hazardous nature of this occupation is easily underscored. Whether underwater or on land the constant concern of the welder is the avoidance of harmful radiation, electric shock, gas and fume inhalation and damage to the eyes.

Thankfully, with the advent of new technology and enforcement of safety precautions, risks associated with this occupation have been systematically reduced. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is worn in an effort to literally cover the welder “from head to toe”. Ultra Violet filtering face protection in tandem with goggles and face shields form a barrier against radiation. Leather gloves protect the hands and long sleeve jackets enclose the entire body.

Welding jackets made from leather are designed for maximum comfort and safety. Leather is a material of choice for the sleeves and shoulders as it has been shown to exhibit strong burn protection and withstands exposure to Welding spatter. Flame retardant chemicals which are incorporated into the front and back of the jacket improve its burn protection capabilities.

Safety gear providers in addition to focusing on protective capabilities have tried to address the aspect of wearability. Here consideration is given to the needs of the wearer of the jacket. Consequently one will find concealed inner pockets which are handy for carrying tools. Stand up collars covering the entire neck area act as a guard against heat and radiation. There are shoulder jackets which enable easier movement than a standard jacket and are more suitable for warmer climates. Some even come with adjustable wrists.

Modern day welding attire while protecting the wearer actually makes a trend statement. With their array of colors, sleek designs and attractive looks they add a touch of elegance to a job which might otherwise be merely hot and steamy. For more details check out ESAB 0700010304 Esab Welding Jacket Comfort, 2X-Large.

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