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Exodus Gods and Kings Review

If you want a clear Exodus Gods and Kings Review, you are going to want to read this from a person who actually watched it and reads The Bible! So I was thrilled about the movie when I first saw the preview and I thought “Wow” this movie is going to be very good. As many would say, preview makes or breaks the movie so it better be good or nobody is going to consider at first.


So as the movie starts I am at the edge of my sit awaiting for some action. It does not goes into the childhood of Moses and Ramses at all. I thought that it would of at least showed some of it to get a better understanding of the characters. It jumped right into when of the dying ruler was just about ready to hand over the throne to Ramses. Ramses was the son and was next in line to receive the throne. Ramses seems a little off in the movie as he plays with a cobra around is neck, I think he is kind of crazy.

Moses ends up saving Ramses life while fighting as it was told the leader would be saved. Moses also make a visit to the city of Pithom and learns his true past from a Jewish elder. He tells him that he is destined to lead his people out of bondage into the promise land. He did not want to believe it.


After the death of the previous ruler, Ramses raises to power. It wasn’t until Ramses threaten to cut Moses sister arm off that he admitted that she was his sister. Afterwards, he was taken out of the land to wander away or whatever was meant to happen. This is when he found his wife at the well gathering water. He sent the men who meant harm away and was taken care of by the women.

When 3 sheep roamed away up the forbidden hill, Moses was forced to climb to save them. He ended up breaking his legs. Suddenly a burning bush appears with blue flames, the a small boy. I thought obviously he was seeing things, but this is how they made the film so that the boy would appear as God. There were a lot of scenes that does not goes along with the Bible, but lets continue. Moses was told to go back and see about his people.


Lets skip forward to the part when he is back in Egypt, he sees that things have gotten worst for his people since he left. This makes him mad and he seeks to make things better. He helps his people make weapons to force them to let them go. Ramses refuses to do so. After all the plagues that comes his way, he stands firm on not letting them. It wasn’t until all the first born there was dead including Ramses son, that he lets them go finally.

After he does his sons burial he assembly an army to chase down the Hebrew slaves. All the Hebrew crosses the Sea and all men who were chasing them dies from the water. Ramses still lived after all that. Moses return home to his wife and son with all his people behind him. The End.

There were so many missing parts and also parts that were off. I do not agree fully with the film but I did enjoy watching Exodus God and Kings and I hope you liked my review. Feel free to comment below.

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