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Georgia Men’s Steel Toe Wedge 6″ Work Boots Review

Today we are going to be doing a short but complete review of Georgia Men’s Steel Toe 6″ Wedge Work Boot! I’m sure that you will love this boot! Have you heard of the brand Georgia? If you haven’t allow us to give you a little trip back in time! Georgia Shoe Manufacturing Co.,INC began in the year 1937 at Atlanta, Georgia. The purpose of the company was to manufacture dependable, low-priced work footwear for the people. Since then, Georgia has continued to deliver quality footwear to it’s consumers. Now, their boots range from the traditional work boots to industry-specific protective footwear, and also farm & ranch styles. I’m happy to say that Georgia Boot was the first brand to deliver true comfort in work boots with their Comfort Core Technology. This new technology introduced comfort, resilience, and energy to their athletic shoes to their work boots.


Have you heard of the Georgia Giant? It is a successful work boot that crossed over to the casual market and still remains popular up to now. You can count on Georgia work boots, in fact almost all of America does. They remain (and always have been) America’s Hardest Working Boot. Each Georgia boot has been proven to be reliable, comfortable, and have been built to last.



You can easily purchase the Georgia Work Boot at Amazon! Here is an image of the case:



The starting price of this work boot starts at 82.44 US DOLLARS to 159.95 US DOLLARS. This product is part of the sale that’s happening at Amazon so you can get this product at a lower price available on select options. The boot is made from leather and it comes with thick rubber sole. You can be sure that the boot will protect your foot sole from stepping on sharp objects. I must mention that the boot isn’t made from just any type of leather, it is made from a full grain SPR leather with a Goodyear Welt Construction. When you compare the SPR leather to just the traditional leather used by other brands, it is roughly 3 times stronger and is able to resist abrasion 2.5 times more. It also comes with a steel shank. I’m sure that you will feel comfortable while wearing this shoe since there is a cushioned covered insole inside.


The boot is available in Barracuda Gold, Barracuda, Gold, Tan, and Gold Coast Barracuda. The product dimension of this boot is 12 x 8 x 4 inches, while the shipping weight is at 3.2 pounds. Sadly, this boot is not eligible for shipment outside the United States.


Here is a customer’s review about the boot:


“I been using this boots this style and this color for many years, every year I buy one to two pairs depending how much work and wear and tear happens each year. I like that the sole is thick and that in special had saved my feet from pain because on several occasions I had steeped on sticking up 16d and I get to feel when the nails penetrates on time; this never allows my foot to be pierced. the color and the texture of this boot is perfect for construction.
I recommend buying it, this boots looks nice and beefy because they are, but the leather cut is soft to your feet. I plan to keep using them.
I add this item to my wish list and when it goes in sale the Amazon system alert me and that’s when I purchase it.” —- Oxnard California


The boot has been given a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars.


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