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Good Winter Welding Clothes

Welding in the winter is definitely freezing and not an ideal environment, that is exactly the reason why you need to invest in some good winter welding clothes to keep you warm and toasty as you finish your task. There are a lot of welding clothes available but some of them are not really fitted for winter use. It may be a bit hard to find the right winter clothes, but it isn’t impossible. In fact, here are some winter welding clothes that you might want to check out:

1.) CarbonX NFPA 70E Compliant Arc-Rated Undershirt


Just in case you need something to keep you warmer on the inside. The fit of this shirt is perfect so you won’t have any fear that it will get in the way of your movements. It has been made from flame resistant material, and it has a single layer interlock knit. The mock turtle neck design will even keep your nape a little protected from the snow. The knit wrists are elastic so they won’t keep fall down to your wrist unless you pull them down there. They will stay where they are as you work.

It’s the best seller of Magid company, and it’s is being sold for only 74.55 US DOLLARS. I’m not sure if you can get it from Amazon, because I believe that only the Magid gloves and their coveralls are being sold there. You can get it at Magid’s official website though.


2.) Magid’s SparkGuard FR 9 oz. 2-layer winder hat liner

You might also need this as part of your winter welding style. This is to keep your head from being too cold. This product has been made from a hundred percent cotton outer shell so that it’s comfortable and breathable for you. It is also flame resistant so you don’t have to worry, and inside the hat liner is an inner fleece lining for additional warmth. You can purchase this for only 3.45 USD. It’s so affordable! Here is a picture of it:




3.) Tingley Job Sight High-Visibility Bomber Jacket

For those extra snowy nights when it’s hard to see. You don’t have to worry about being lost because with this jacket on you will always be visible to your co-workers, even if the blizzard is raging. The lime yellow color will keep you from getting lost. The coat is waterproof and it also has been equipped with an inner fleece body liner for additional warmth.

The jacket has 5 exterior pockets and 3 interior pockets. The cuffs and waist are elastic. You can get this product for only 38.45 USD. Here’s a photo of it:




What comprises  good winter welding clothes for you? Leave us a comment or send us a message. If you have questions, you can also ask us. We’d love to answer your questions. Also if you want more reads about welding and other things that are related to it, feel free to browse our website. See you! 🙂