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How To Prevent Weld Spatter On A Metal Part

Have you ever asked yourself: “How To Prevent Weld Spatter On A Metal Part?” As a welder, you’ve often encountered while welding, especially in MIG Welding since it is characterized by sparks and spatter flying all over the place. People who aren’t really that well versed in welding would say that the sparks look great and somehow, it makes the welding process exciting to look at. Sadly though, if you are a welder, you’d understand that having a lot of sparks or spatters means more work for you. When we talk about weld spatter, we are referring to the little droplets of molten metal or non-metallic material that are scattered or splashed around the place during the welding process. These are unintended. In other words, they aren’t supposed to be there! The welder will have to allot extra time to clean it up, plus it is also a waste of material and it can burn the welder if he or she isn’t wearing the proper personal protective equipment or PPE. It can be a little hard to totally eliminate the weld spatter, but you can reduce it. So how to prevent weld spatter especially on the metal parts?




You want to reduce spatter, right? I believe that to get rid of something, we have to investigate on what has caused it. There are more high end equipment in the market that can help in reducing spatter, but of course, those also cost a lot of money and sometimes we just don’t have that extra cash to spend for it. A great welder will know what he can do with what he already has. As I said, if you suddenly notice an increase in spatters, then there must be something wrong.


Take a look at your welding material or your metal to be welded. Sometimes the problems lies with something as simple as the metal isn’t clean enough. You won’t need to purchase any expensive gadgets for that! All you will be needing is a damp cloth to clean away the rust, oil, dust, paint, and other substances that are getting in the way of your welding. The substances I mentioned above have the tendency to get in the way thus because the surface isn’t smooth, clean, or purely metal thus it increases the amount of spatter. So a no-brainer solution to this would be to wipe your metal piece clean with a damp cloth or run it under flowing water to get rid of the dirt.


ra9t2wExample of a spatter once dried

You may also want to check out your shielding gas. This one rarely happens, but you will have to check everything to make sure that you aren’t leaving anything out. If you have purchase a low quality shielding gas, then you may discover that the spatter increased. You can take spatters as a sign that something is off. It could be that your gas supplier mislabeled the tank, but this doesn’t happen often. Just don’t be too quick to rule it out. If the Argon is high then the arc will be smooth, however if you use carbon dioxide (because it is cheaper and good when it comes to penetration), then expect a lot of spatter. As a solution, you could go for a mix between the two gasses and see what happens.

You may also want to take notice of your work angle if it’s too steep. It doesn’t really matter if you push or pull while you are welding, but make sure that your work angle will not exceed 15 degrees. Steep angles have been discovered to create a lot of spatters. So always keep a close eye on how you are holding the welding torch.

In conclusion, spatters often come from elements that a welder can control so yes, there is a cheaper way to decrease spatter and that only consists of the welder making a few changes that we informed you about here at Welding Steel Tips and Tricks. Knowing how weld spatter is caused is a great way to know how to reduce it as well. The reduction of spatter will not only be great for your end product, but this is also great for you – as a welder – since you won’t have to spend too much time cleaning up or wasting material that you could’ve used for something else. So it’s really a win win situation! Don’t forget to subscribe and let us know how what’s on your mind! Drop a comment or send us a message if you wish! Have a great day! Happy Welding, Welders!