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Huntsman Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Today, we are going to be exploring another brand of auto darkening welding helmet and that brand is Huntsman! It isn’t as popular as the other brands, but the few helmets that they have a worth looking at. They look a little boxy type though! Just a warning! You can purchase them at Amazon since it is more convenient there. You can browse with the use of your computer – no need to head down to the shopping centers. You can also get it delivered to your doorstep. Let’s take a look at them!


  • HUNTSMAN (HUN951P-VXL) Ultra Light Thermoplastic Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

    Sadly, this isn’t currently available at Amazon, but you can purchase it from other shopping websites. The helmet has an adjustable shade from 9 to 12 DARK and 2.75 for LIGHT. To work, the helmet requires 2 AAA batteries! You can wear this comfortably knowing that it has quick response change at 1/25,000 seconds, and once you have stopped using it, the helmet will shut down on it’s own automatically in 20 minutes. There is a big window that is vertically mounted to allow you to see more wider. 5 x 4 lens.

    The viewing area is a 24 square inch. This helmet has been proven to have the lightest weight, durable, washable, and has a thermoplastic shell.

    Here is an image of the welding helmet:


    Sadly, this product is also unavailable at Amazon at the present time.

    The helmet has a fixed shade from 4 to 10. It also requires two AAA batteries to functioned. The response time of the shade is at 1/25,000 second. And just like the first one, this helmet also has a automatic shut down feature after being idle for 20 minutes.

    No battery wasting for Huntsman.

    Here is an image of the welding helmet:

    You probably notice that the viewing lens of this second welding helmet is smaller than the first one.

  • HU 951P W/ 1105vXL 3000523

    This helmet is a little expensive at 401.75 US DOLLARS, and you will also have to add 5.99 US DOLLARS for the shipping. What do you think? Personally, I wouldn’t purchase this helmet. However, if you want to, you better add it to your cart immediately since there’s only 10 helmets left. The helmet is the original huntman shape. There is what they call as the contour comfort that double locks the head gear and a patented Zahnlok size adjustment system so that it will be easier for you to adjust it.

    It includes the Auto View 110VXL auto darkening filter.

    The item hasn’t received any ratings or reviews.

    Here is an image of it:

    It looks identical to the first one.

  • HUNTSMAN HLT ADF ELEMENT AIR 3023293 – 138- 23282

    You can purchase this helmet at only 159.19 US DOLLARS, but you will have to add 5.49 US DOLLARS for the shipping fee. If you like this welding helmet, you better add it to you cart as soon as you can because there’s only 4 left in stock. The helmet comes with two independent sensor that senses the change in the arc and adjusts the helmet shade accordingly. It also comes with an economical lens for the consumer welder. The helmet features a variable shade of 9 to 12 and sensitivity and as well as delay adjustments. The helmet is solar powered.

    Color is Silver.
    Material of this helmet is thermoplastic
    It comes with a non replaceable battery
    Size of Cartridge is 3 1/2 in x 4 in
    Lens coating or shade is green.

    Here is a picture of the welding helmet:

    There’s no review or rating yet.

What do you think of the Huntsman welding helmets? Personally, I’m not too hot for them. They’re okay, but there are better helmets out there that you can purchase at a lesser price.

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