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Importance Of Welding Safety

Today we are going to be discussing about the importance of welding safety. I’m sure that most of us are aware that there are risks when you are working as a welder, but some of us choose to ignore it because we need the money. We understand this, but safety doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to spend on expensive protective gear or equipment.

welding overhead


So what are some of the dangers that a welder will be facing at work?

We are all aware that welding involves heat and electricity and if a welder isn’t careful, he or she might put himself at a dangerous situation. Let’s talk about Electric Shock since this is the most serious and immediate risk that a welder has to face. It can lead to severe injury or worse, death. It can be cause by the shock or from falling from the shock. To prevent this, welders have to be careful about touching two metal objects if there’s a voltage between them. The higher the voltage and current, the higher the risk. To prevent this, a welder must have gloves like this ones below:


  • Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding GloveThis product is being sold for 13.65 US DOLLARS, and it has been made from genuine cowhide leather. This glove is heat resistant and flame resistant, plus of course, it will be able to act as a shield between your skin and electric current. It looks stylish also.
  • Miller 263343 Arc Armor MIG/Stick Welding GloveThis glove is being sold for 29.89 US DOLLARS. It’s made from premium grade pigskin and with a cowhide combination. As you can see in the photo, it has a black back and blue palm design. You can have some peace of mind that this product will be able to provide you with protection and durability. It also comes with an insulated back and palm.

To prevent burns, you will also need a welding jacket to protect your skin from stray sparks. You will need sturdy and flame-resistant jackets that will also make sure that you are warm and comfortable inside. I prefer the jackets that come with a turtle neck like design so your neck also has some sort of protection. Take a quick look at these two:

  • REVCO BSX Welding JacketThis has been Amazon’s best selling welding jacket for a while now and it’s really good. Here is a picture of it:You can choose between sizes large, small, X-Large, XX-Large, and XXX-Large.

    It will be able to keep you protected from stray sparks that can land on your skin and burn you. This jacket is not flammable so there’s no need to worry that it will unexpectedly catch fire while you are in the middle of working. When it comes to style, this jacket is passable and classic in it’s black and red color combination.

    Here’s a short review about it:

    “Very comfortable and safe jacket used daily for welding. This jacket has kept me from welding burns daily in the shop. This a great jacket.” – Parkersvineyard

  • MILLER 244751 Welding JacketThis product is being sold for 21.88 US DOLLARS. It has been made from flame resistant cotton, and the fabric is pre-shrunk to eliminate the sleeve length shrinkage to give an optimal fit. The neck is protected due to the stand up collar, and it has five button snaps at the front for an added protection.Here’s a review about it:

    “A very good welding jacket and a good price too, it is very well made and worth it. I have used it many time and still holding up.” – Item Tester

However, if you don’t like jackets, you can also just choose to purchase sleeves like this one:

  • Lincoln Electric Black One Size Flame-Resistant Welding Sleeves
    This product is a lot cheaper than a welding jacket, but I believe that it would still be able to protect your arms from heat and being burned.You can purchase this at only 8.76 US DOLLARS.

    The cuffs are elastic (if you can look closely at the photo), and there are split leather panels in high wear areas to increase the product’s durability. The sleeve length is at 21 inches.

    Here is a review about it:

    “Delivered and packaged as expected. Good fit and since it is Lincoln you know quality is not an issue.
    The only thing that would have been better is if the wrist area had leather as my husband expected from other Lincoln welding sleeves he’s owned. Probably his fault for not reading the product details completely but it doesn’t make much sense to NOT put leather at the wrists for welding gloves. Sparking is too common to consider thinking fabric would be enough.” – Jen

There are other risks involved in welding aside from burning and electric shock like poisoning from fumes and gases, and also getting your eyes damaged because of the welding flashes, but we will safe those for next time so we can discuss them in detail. To end this, it is important to also keep yourself safe when you are welding. There’s a lot of health risks involved in welding so before working, make sure that you have the complete PPE or the Personal Protective Equipment.


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