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JETech Case Review For iPhone 6s Plus

Today we are going to be reviewing a JETech case for your iPhone 6S Plus. In this review or article, you are going to be reading about a short yet informative history about the JETech company. You are also going to be reading about the pros and cons of buying a JETech case, the prices of the case, and hopefully you will come to realize if a JETech case is the case that you have long been in search for.

JETech iPhone 6S Plus case Review

Name: JETech Protective Case
Price: 9.98 US DOLLARS
Owners: JETech Global Corp

Overall Rank: 8.5 out of 10

JETech Protetive Case for your iPhone 6S Plus, Product Overview

JETech is a US-based company. They have been known to be dedicated to modern design, manufacturing, and in selling electronic products and accessories. Among these many products are the cases for your iPhone 6S Plus. All of their products have undergone a series of strict testing to ensure that they give their costumers the best in design, quality, and in price. If you check out Amazon, you will be able to find out that throughout the years JETech has grown to be one of the top ranking sales brand. They are mostly popular in the US, UK, and in Europe. Aside from having some of the best cases in the market, what would make you choose JETech? JETech wants to provide an easy and reliable service for their customers. This is why they also have a Transportation and Logistic system, which is great for ensuring that the product you ordered will arrive whether you live in a big metropolis or in a small town.

Here’s a case from JETech that might interest you.

This case is great for your new iPhone 6S Plus or even the iPhone 6 Plus model. It fits the 5.5 inch frame of the two mobile models. The case has been made with top quality Polycarbonate and TPU fusion that has the ability to offer a full protective case all around the phone. What more this case has air cushioned corners that is considered as an advanced shock absorption technology. With this, the impact if ever your phone falls to the ground, will not directly hit the phone but will be dispersed throughout the case to soften the blow.

With this case, you will still be able to have complete access to the the features of the phone and it’s ports and control buttons with no problems whatsoever.


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

Apart from the reasons I stated above, here are some other reasons why you should go for JETech.  Their products are trust worthy and have been strictly tested before being released into the market. Their products are also highly fashionable. The company keeps itself updated with the latest fashion trends. With a JETech case, you will never feel like you are still stuck in the past century. The company also has a strong customer support. They make sure that any inquiry will be responded quickly and completely. All their products also come with warranty.

Even if it’s not really what most would consider a phone case, since it is a bumper case, it is still able to protect your phone. Maybe even better than some other cases. The side bumpers help make the phone less slippery.  A lot of people say that even if it’s just a bumper case, it is able to provide much coverage and that it isn’t bulky to hold.  You can hardly tell that there’s a case, which is great if you are going for that minimalist feel. 

The Bad:

There’s a 3% number of people of who said that the case didn’t last very long until it began cracking down the side. Not sure about how true these reports are though, I guess it’s best for you to be wary but it’s only three percent. They might have handled the case wrong or had been too rough on it.

Who is JETech iPhone 6S Plus Case For?

This bumper case from JETech is great for those who prefer cases with less or no bulk at all, and yet are still able to offer the best protection to the phone. With this case, you can fully display the brilliance of the naked design of the iPhone 6S Plus while being carefree about it because you are sure that your phone is well-protected.

JETech iPhone 6S Plus Case Price

For such a great case, you can purchase it for only 9.98 US DOLLARS. Here’s a review from Amazon about it:

“Good service and getting it to me promptly. The case itself is minimalist but protects the back and sides from scratches and some small falls. My only negative remarks: 1) the edge of the “bumper” does not protrude at all on the screen side (as opposed to many others) so the phone screen is prone to potential scratches when on the screen when flipped upside down on a surface. 2) The plastic on the bumper is slick so it looks good but easily slips out of hand if you tend to hold your phone loosely. Otherwise good basic protection. – Fabien Cousteau

My Final Opinion of JETech iPhone 6S Plus Case

At such a cheap price, you get the protection provided by expensive cases in the market so who’s really winning here?  It’s a bumper case so it doesn’t add any bulk to the phone, and it gives you that barely there feeling. Aside from that, it also aids in the way you hold or your grip on the phone is enhanced which could lead to a lesser percentage of dropping the phone. So once again, if you want no bulk, more grip, and minimalistic design – this is the case that you should immediately go for. Plus, the customer service is really really good just in case you have problems or inquiries.

JETech iPhone 6S Case  at a Glance…

Owners: JETech
Price: 9.98 US DOLLARS
Overall Rank: 08.5 out of 10


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