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Justin Men’s 10″ Steel Toe Western Work Boots Review

Today we are going to do a review about Justin Men’s 10″ Steel Toe Western Work Boot! Choosing the correct work boot is important for a welder or a person who works at construction sites. The correct work boot will be able to protect you from the risks involved in the job. In welding, there are safety and healthy risks involved that a welder must protect himself from. Having your complete PPE – that’s short for Personal Protective Equipment – will help you a lot, and also it will make your claims legible to insurance companies too. There are some insurance companies who refuse to honor a claim if the welder didn’t have the complete and proper protective equipment while the injury happened.


The brand has been around for more than 130 years. Justin’s Boot company started handcrafting boots since the year 1897 when it’s founder H. J. Justin managed to master the craft of boot making. After this, he established their company of industry-leading western footwear. Throughout the years, the Justin brand became an icon in the western culture and the company’s heritage will always have a presence in the western character that lives and breathes until today. Justin makes sure that the boot makers only use the best and the finest leathers, and also quality materials. This company takes pride in their character of superior craftsmanship and the comfort their products bring. To further improve their boots, they have incorporated a new technology called the J-Flex Flexible Comfort System which is able to give the wearer an all day comfort.


Let’s take a look at this boot:



That is how the boot looks like. What do you think of it? Unlike the previous boots we have reviewed the past days, this boot looks really simple. There is not embroidery at the top and it just looks like a simple leather boot. The color of this boot is called the Briar. It looks like red wine to me, which makes it somehow stand out and a little classy to look at. The lack of intricate designs also add to the simplicity of the boot.


This boot has been made from genuine, fine quality leather that doesn’t peel off easily. It also won’t discolor so much. The simple design of the boot also makes it so much easier to clean compared to other boots. All you will need is a leather shine and a rug. The simple pull-on feature of the boot also allows the wearer or the owner to use the boot immediately. If you don’t enjoy the lacing up and the shoe ties, you will enjoy this boot.


In three words, I can sum up that this boot is efficient, simple, and functional. It is what you are looking for if you are the type of person who doesn’t like too many frills.


You can easily purchase this boot at Amazon. Have you heard of this famous online shop? Many people turn to Amazon when they need to do some quick online shopping. Finding the materials you need or want from Amazon is very easy. It is also very convenient to be able to look at the details of the product from behind the screen. You don’t have to go downtown. However, you have to know your size very well, or else you will risk getting the wrong size. You can pay for the product you have chosen online, and have it delivered to your home or work place. So easy and so convenient.


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