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Justin Men’s 8″ Lace Up Steel Toe Work Boots Review

Today we are going to do a review about Justin Men’s 8″ Lace Up Steel Toe Work Boots. Finding the right and appropriate work boot for you is as important as finding the right welding helmet. Both the helmet and the work boot are important parts of a welder’s Personal Protective Equipment. Choosing what brands or what products to include as our Personal Protective Equipment is something that we shouldn’t take for granted. There are some insurance companies who won’t recognize your claim if you are lacking even one PPE. That’s how important having the complete protective equipment is.


What composes a welder’s PPE? As a welder, you must have protection from head to toe. There are a lot of safety and health risks involved in the art of welding that you must protect yourself from. You must have protection for your head, face, and eyes. That’s why a helmet is recommended, and not just any helmet but a welding helmet with a tinted eye shield. There are also some high end welding helmets which also provide respiratory protection as the helmet helps filter the air that you are breathing. Next, you must also protect your upper body, and your upper extremities are included here. A fire-resistant jacket with a neck cuff is preferable. If you don’t like jackets with long sleeves, you can opt for fire resistant sleeves instead. Let’s not forget your welding gloves to protect your hands while you hold the welding arc. The lower extremities may have a lesser chance of being injured (who knows really?) but you shouldn’t take them for granted as well. Fire resistant pants and steel toe boots are the way to go.


Amazon is a great place to find some welding boots online. You can browse through a lot of products and if you find a product that you are interested in getting, you can look at pictures of it in detail and then pay for it online. Depending on what you agreed upon, most likely you will be able to get your boot in 2 to 4 days. Convenient right?


Now, here is the boot that we are going to do a review for today:



This is Justin Men’s Stampede 8″ Lace Up Steel Toe Boot. It looks a little worn out in the photograph because this is their “rugged” model. That rugged look is part of the character of the rugged boot. Don’t worry, your constant usage won’t make it look anymore rugged. The purpose was to somehow give it character. Good news about this boot is that it has been included in a sale on selected products that is happening at Amazon. With this sale, you will be able to get this boot at the lowest price available. The price of this boot starts at 114.95 US DOLLARS to 143.79 US DOLLARS.


The boot is made with genuine leather that won’t be peeling off or having discolorations anytime soon. For added comfort, you will notice that the boot has a padded collar at the upper shaft of the boot for comfort. Let’s focus on the said shaft, it comes with durable metal eyelets and metal speed hooks for the laces.


Personally, I like the long shaft because it offers a longer scope of protection compared to other boots. What do you think of this boot? Check out what this customer said about it after making the purchase:


“These break in fast, which causes them to wear out fast as well. This is the second pair I have had, so I know the life span of them. They look great, I am using this pair as dress boots until my first ones wear out completely. The only reason I didn’t rate them 5 stars is durability. PS : I am a construction worker, so I am kinda hard on boots.” — SmashJones


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