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Justin Men’s Steel Toe Work Boots Review

Today we are going to do a quick review about another product from Justin Men’s and that’s going to be their Steel Toe Work Boots! There’s so many brands that you can choose from when it comes to welding or working boots. People rarely give importance to finding the best quality when it comes to welding boot shopping because they are thinking that their feet aren’t faced with much risk. Sad to say but there are many risks involved in welding for your feet, both health and safety risks.  We shouldn’t take any part of our body for granted! It would be hard for us to work if our feet was injured right?


That also doesn’t mean that you have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars in purchasing an overly priced boot. You can get a good quality boot at a reasonable and affordable price. Amazon is a great place to shop online – especially if you are too busy to head to the mall. It’s also a great place to see if the product is really good. Just take time to read the honest costumer reviews at the bottom of the page at Amazon and you will find out a lot about the product. When you go to a shop, the seller or the sales agent will tell you great things about the product, but it’s rare to encounter a sales agent that is honest about a product. It’s best you do your own research before purchasing. At Amazon, you can zoom in on a product and have it delivered to the address that you desire. You can even leave a customer review after purchasing the case to help others make the right choice.


Let’s take a look at Justin’s Steel Toed Boots for men!


1.) Justin Original Two Steel Toe Work Boot For Men

This is a great choice of footwear for those who prefer a simple looking boot! Simplicity is beauty they say! What do you think about the boot above?  The price of this boot starts at 146.95 US DOLLARS until 162.72 US DOLLARS. Here’s some good news! This product is currently included in the sale that’s happening at Amazon which means that you can purchase it at the lowest price available on the select options.  I believe this product also comes with free shipping since it exceeds Amazon’s minimum worth of purchase of 49 US DOLLARS.


This boot is made from genuine high quality leather. It easily shines when cleaned! The shaft of this boot measures approximately 10.5 inches from the arch. It is made with Wyoming Waterproof construction! It won’t easily peel off. There’s no need to be anxious about using it in wet environments. This boot can take a lot. It comes with a J-Flex comfort system for that maximum energy return. The boot has also been equipped with a shock absorbing gel heel pad! Step comfortably! You will feel less foot pain while working for extended periods of time.


The boot also has a steel toe protection to keep your feet safe from being crushed by heavy objects and it is electrical hazard safe.


Here is a customer’s review about the case:


“I was skeptical about buying boots online. I’ve been wearing the non-insulated version of this boot for close to 10 years. I am surprised to find that the insulation provides an air cushion of sorts that help with ventilation even now that the outside temps are starting to climb. I wear these most every day for 10-12 hours/day. In the office or shop, on the farm doing chores in the muddy muck or as my favorite footwear. I’ve tried several brands but have enjoyed the tennis shoe feel of the Justin boot with the added benefit of a long lasting steel toed boot. Will buy again when these wear out!” —- Elijah



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